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shins hurt
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Once again my shins are so painful. The whole front of my lower legs. The bones hurt and the muscles are tight surrounding them. I have noticed times when I am forced to be even less active than usual it gets worse. I have been battling my stomach problems for close to 3 weeks and have had extreme nausea, stomach pain, trouble eating which causes weakness - the usual symptoms from my gastric dysmotility when it is triggered.

Anyway, does anyone else get this horrible shin pain and what do you do to ease it? I do leg stretches and simple leg, foot/ ankle exercises while I am lying around trying not to puke or sitting in the recliner.
Posted on 05/12/12, 11:01 pm
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Reply #1 - 05/13/12  4:59am
" Shins are keeping me awake. I have put biofreeze on them twice tonight. They feel better if I get up and walk around but when I lay back down to try to sleep the are so painful. "
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Reply #2 - 05/13/12  11:19am
" Milily,

I get that shin pain from time to time. It is like someone took a bat and hit me over and over.
I am a true beliver in biofreeze, would like to take a bath in it on some days.
Might what to get the pukey thing checked out, hope you feel better soon "
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Reply #3 - 05/13/12  2:19pm
" may i ask if you have any respirtory problems.once when i had pneumonia,my pd told me my shins hurt because of the pneumonia.i have since had pain in my shins.iseally does feel like it is a deep bone pain to me.should say really.much love many prayers.maddie. "
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Reply #4 - 05/13/12  2:50pm
" I was awake until 5:30 am from the shin pain. The biofreeze didnt help much.

Dually - my stomach problems go back to 2005 - many tests - diagnosed with gastric dysmotility that when triggered is a nightmare. I think the spinal shots triggered it, because I got sick after the one in February and then in March also . It does feel like someone is hitting my legs over and over again with a bat.

Grammie - no respiratory problems - thank goodness "
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Reply #5 - 05/13/12  11:00pm
" I too have terrific shin pain, that started a year of so ago. I think it comes from unstable pelvic structure, but haven't discussed this with my Dr. yet. Just found it online. I have had sciatica for awhile now and it does improve if I go to bed for 30-45 minutes and find a comfortable position without lying on my back. Stuff pillows around me. I have had fibro since 2005 and am also diabetic. I have quite a bit of leg and ankle, feet nerve pain. Standing and walking cause low back pain and shin pain. Lidocaine patches help lower back pain so I can sleep, but need RX and they are expensive. I am 62, can't work, no insurance. Turned down for SSD five times, two times by judges and both appeals turned down. I wish they had my pain for one day. "
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Reply #6 - 05/13/12  11:35pm
" Absolutely! Just one of a multitude of symptoms "
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Reply #7 - 05/13/12  11:45pm
" My legs hurt badly when I am on them too much. It's a double edged sword-supposed to exercise, but it makes me hurt and sick. I also get bad swollen ankles and I think that makes the pain worse. I'm 54 and I think aI have to start using the riding at the stores from now on. "
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Reply #8 - 05/14/12  11:48am
" I have this everyday. I sleep with a heating pad on my shins, but have not found any relief during the day. I am going to try the bio freeze that you mentioned. Where can I find this? "
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Reply #9 - 05/14/12  1:39pm
" Milily - Oh the deep pain and sharp pain at of my doctors said it was caused by varicose veins that a new one forming...ok that was a year ago nothing to see yet none at all on my left leg and why on the shin and not behind?

They'll blame it on anything it seems these days...all I know it feels like I am being kicked in the shins... "
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Reply #10 - 05/14/12  3:29pm
" D- I buy my biofreeze at a physical therapy place for 12 dollars. Around here you can also buy it at some medical supply companies and massage therapists. They didnt use to sell it online but now they do - I just checked their website. is the website. There is a spot on the website where you can find out locally where to buy it.

I have found greater relief from the gel - but everyone is different. Also, it doesnt always help my shins. I started using it in 2009 for costochondritis and use it on other areas as needed. "

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