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I feel like I'm on fire
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The last week has been one huge pain flare for me. Every muscle in my body feels like it is on fire. It started with arms and legs and now it is everything down to my fingertips. Even my nose feels like it is on fire. I really wish I could find something to make it stop. Pain pills aren't helping, my fibro med isn't helping, diet changes aren't helping, nothing seems to help. :( The only way I am not is excruciating pain is cuddle up with my heating pad and not move. I HATE this. Sorry everyone just having a really bad day. I just need somewhere to vent as my family is trying to be supportive but doesn't understand.
Posted on 11/06/11, 09:41 am
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Reply #1 - 11/06/11  9:53am
" Well..When you say on Fire...My First Thought is "Nerve Pain". Did you Know Our Nerves and Vascular System Hate Heat..This is Why our Bodies Ache so bad when we have a Fever..cause Heat Irritates the Nerves...So, Applying More Heat may be prolonging Your Pain..

I did not Know this until I started having Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain...I was Applying Heat to the Side of my Face..cause it "Seemed" to Least Momentarily....but what it was Actually doing was opening the Blood Supply Full Stream to an Already Pissed off Nerve..Once I Applied a Cool Cloth I Started to Find Real Relief..

Achy Muscles Love heat..15-20 Minutes at a Time Only as to Not Piss off the Nerves..

If it is a Burning Pain..Travel Back to Find the Source..and Hold a Cool (Not Iced) Cloth to the Area..15 Minutes, several times a day...I Hate Anything Cold...but I Hate Nerve pain even More..

I Get Inflamed Ribs every So often..and I Apply a Cool Cloth...Sweeeet Relief...

Remember...Inflammation Needs Cool...whether it is an Inflamed Muscle or Nerve, or Tendons...whatever it is...Dr.s may Tell you to Use Ice...but that was To Strong for me, and Stiffened up my Muscles...Cool Cloths do the trick.

Hugs Girl.. "
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Reply #2 - 11/06/11  11:02am
" Have you been checked for lupus or diabetes? Have you been to a rheumy or neurologist? I wish I knew an answer to help you.

Maybe you have an infection somewhere in your body that is causing the inflammation. Probably need to have some blood test "
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Reply #3 - 11/06/11  11:17am
" With it threw out your entire body, I tend to consider a allergy. Look at side effects of medications or a newly introduced object or pet in the house. Even perfume or men after shave is a setter off of such symptoms..

The burning I experience is more like the feeling of frost bite on really cold feet or hands. That tingling and burning feeling that comes as they start to defrost.
I was not outside and it is a mid summer day of 90 and it will still hit, so room temp or out door tem is not the cause.
I also have just one spot on my left back shoulder blade that does this same kind of burning itching, oh my gosh it hurts thing, all the time with varing intensity.

You know, there is nothing wrong with being bold< not rude, with your doctor and tell him that you believe he is off base on this. As DakotaRose said, Neuropathic pain like that is an indication of several disorders. Suggest to dr that these are checked. Simple blood test is the question to be answered on this one.
. "
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Reply #4 - 11/06/11  12:15pm
" Hang in there Tacckky - I hope the flare up passes quickly.

@Mehlisue I also have a pain in my back left shoulder - it's been sore for over five years now and no-one can find anything wrong (MRI, X-Rays all clear), yet the pain persists. Have you found anything that could perhaps help me? Thank you. "
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Reply #5 - 11/06/11  9:22pm
" Thanks ladies. I plan on seeing the doctor this week. I thought about both a virus and allergies, but nothing has changed. My normal pain flair is muscle tenderness and stiffness, but this is above and beyond what is normal. The pain has gotten so bad that being touch leads to the burning sensation. I am really hoping we can find something. I hate this. It has taken everything this weekend just to function. I am really hoping it pass while I sleep tonight. "
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Reply #6 - 11/07/11  8:20am
" Hi Tacckky,

I've had that kind of flare up that you are describing. Had them on and off for years. The two main things that brought them on for me were overdoing it (to the extreme - like the time I tried rafting); and stress... but usually after whatever the stress was was over. It was almost like a rebound... like a week after the funeral rather than in the middle of the crisis. I understand how incredibly painful they are, and it's a very different pain than the usual every day pain I live with.

The one thing that worked for me for that kind of "nerves on fire" pain was Lyrica. It's the only thing it worked for, for me, but it did help immensely for that. I hope your doctors can find something that will help you. "
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Reply #7 - 11/07/11  11:47am
" Do you use products with Aspartame in them?
Aspartame is like a poison to anyone with FM, get off it.
You have to do a lot of label reading when you are ill like we are.

Another thought is: Did you eat a lot of that Halloween candy?
Too much sugar can make you hurt like this.

AuntieM 1 "
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Reply #8 - 11/07/11  11:50am
" all i can say is i so understand an feel for you. I pray that your feeling better soon "
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Reply #9 - 11/07/11  12:19pm
" I too have experienced this, just as tonirexx described...after some stressful event or from overdoing it to the extreme. It lasted almost a week then went away, but that week was H E double L. I could hardly stand clothes, water, touch, anywhere on my skin. The pressure of laying on a bed hurt so bad on my skin. I just laid there using the breathing techniques they tell you to use while in labor. Deep breathing does help a little. "
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Reply #10 - 11/07/11  1:54pm
" been there, done that. So sorry. I hope your doctor can help you. I have never experienced it all over my body, but the vast maority has been affected. I feel it deep inside e sometimes, like my whole person is affected down to my spirit. I'm sorry you are struggeling, and pray you find relief. "

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