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Quick version: i am making connections between chronic pain, auto-immune diseases and exposure to Radon Gas. There are several scientist studying this, but not enough awareness is out there. If you or ANYONE you know has: chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatique, unusual eye or skin problems that doctors can't diagnose or tell you it's just you "getting older", chronic cough or chest pain, heart palpitations (the list really does go on but i need to stop it here). please conduct a home Radon Gas test. the cost averages about $16 (that includes the lab fee!!). you can get the test at major hardware stores or on line for less. please send me your results so i may compile more info. i am attempting to get a government grant to study this more. IF you have radon in your home - YOU HAVE NATURALLY OCCURRING URANIUM AND IT'S DECAY PRODUCTS IN YOUR YARD, this is where exposure to the dirt/dust is causing problems for us by damaging (amongst other things) your blood - which then does not allow your body to heal properly and conditions begin... please contact me if you'd like to know more and if you'd like to know some simple ways to fix the problem by finding a home radon mitigator and adding dirt to cover the soil! this is not a sales gimmick. i only need information like what ailments you are having, the town you live in and what your radon result was. The government is requiring i have this info from 500 people in order to qualify for the grant and i so far have 30 (it is a start!) as of the beginning of November, 2007. thank you for reading this - and ... be well!
Posted on 11/03/07, 05:34 pm
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Reply #1 - 11/03/07  5:50pm
" interesting. good luck! marilyn "
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Reply #2 - 11/03/07  6:07pm
" it gets worse, i am also making connections with the high cancer areas and the areas that have naturally occurring uranium and it's decay products and i'm right in the middle of it here in southern maryland :( crazy thing is, i feel the CDC knows about this connection yet don't inform the public! "
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Reply #3 - 11/03/07  6:30pm
" Hi Raindance you are in Maryland? That's where Dr. Shoemaker, MD is. He is a mover and shaker and I'll bet he would be interested in what you are doing. His website is and I think you are right we are exposed to some alful toxin and bang we get FM. I think there is a link between toxin exposure and biotoxin disease. I believe that I was exposed to nickel in my body and it caused mold to grow in my body hense a biotoxin disease. Nickel carbonyl is a known carcinogen and why they would put it in a woman who has an 82% chance of getting breast cancer I'll never know. Anyway I'm also highly allergic to nickel. I support your research. "
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Reply #4 - 11/03/07  6:47pm
" yes, southern maryland, st. mary's county - i'll check out that web-site, thank you. my diagnosis, aside from FM, was toxic heavy metal exposure. after John Swett with Radon Abatement Services fixed our house, he told me to have my well checked (very glad he told me to do that - i was drinking eight glasses of water a day from it!!!!). i contacted my doctor who sent a list of toxins to the Health Department (that made the tests free!) our well water has radon, uranium, thorium, thallium, arsenic, nickel, lead and a small amount of mercury! i am curious, why would they put nickel carbonyl in you? have you considered a heavy metal detox? it helped me a lot but you have to have someone close to you around for three months while you go through it to make sure you eat and drink like you should. i didn't and ended up partially re-poisoning myself, yuck :-( but i am still better than i was before! "
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Reply #5 - 11/03/07  6:54pm
" Actually raindance I am working with a doctor out of Atlanta who has worked with Dr. Shoemaker. She is an MD and a Naturopath and she knows breasts like no other doctor as she has treated hundreds of women who have had problems with their implants. Guess what? Platium can be found in silicone breast implants and black mold. I am being treated for a biotoxin disease which included getting rid of heavy metals from your body. My first month was hell but I'm slowing climbing out of my hole. Stainless steel is the metal they put in me and it's 13% nickel and of that 13% 3% is nickel carbonyl. Go figure. "
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Reply #6 - 11/03/07  7:17pm
" wow, 24 years ago, i got hit by a drunk driver and they put steel rods in me, a year later i had them take them out or i was gonna go bye-byes in a bad way, so they took them out! bet you that was some of my nickel poisoning! thanks for the info, hope you are doing well now?! would you be up to conducting a home radon test? i would love to have some out-of state info (already know most of PA and sections of DE are VERY bad) and it may end up helping you. as radon gas dissipates (in 3.8 days) it becomes polonium 210 and bismuth 214 which never go away and continue to emit radiation forever, damaging your cells from the inside out! "
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Reply #7 - 11/03/07  9:50pm
" My husband and I did one awhile back and it was okay upstairs and downstairs. Does the radon level change? "
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Reply #8 - 11/04/07  1:52pm
" Yes, radon fluctuates daily. some people have had their home tested for radon for a real estate transaction and unfortunately, the realtor is allowed to tell them it is "negative" if the results came in at 3.9pc or less. as your home is heated, it draws the cold air from the ground - which increases your radon levels. you should test again. we purchased an electronic radon detector on line for $115 and watch our levels daily (we have also loaned it to several friends who found radon in their home with it so it has more than paid for itself!). with mitigation, our levels are still higher than i would prefer - averaging about 2.6pc (outdoor averages between 0.5pc and 1.5pc just about everywhere in the world), we are considering moving and leaving this incredible $65,000 inground pool that we just put in. this past summer i only used it about a dozen times cause i was to sick from the heavy metal poisoning from digging up the source of our radon! do you remember what your levels were when you tested? "
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Reply #9 - 11/04/07  2:00pm
" No I don't but my husband use to be an inspector - very short lived because he couldn't live with himself if he didn't catch something he should have so we has a bunch of the tests and did it at the time. I know the downstairs was worse than the upstairs but I think that is normal. Do you check for mold? Mold is a huge problems in Maryland and pfiesteria. Did you here about the pfiesteria outbreak? "
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Reply #10 - 11/04/07  3:17pm
" yes, we tested for mold. we bought this fixer upper in 2001 and i was sick about six months later. first thing we checked for was a new roof, new plumbing, new floors, new walls, new siding and a half gutted basement, we have gotten almost all of it. waiting for an estimate from the drywall guy to finish gutting the basement... getting rid of the mold helped but the main problem has been exposure to what is creating the radon. our radon was just as bad in our daughter's room over the crawl space as it was in the basement on the other side of the house. it really depends on how much uranium & decay of uranium is in the ground in relation to your home. there is more under our daughter's room :( i have heard about pfiesteria but not sure i know about an outbreak that you mentioned, please tell... "

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