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Cyclobenzaprine for Fibromyalgia
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Tell us about your personal experience with Cyclobenzaprine as a treatment: Has it worked? Have you had any issues? Any recommendations or tips?
Posted on 10/12/06, 08:00 am
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Reminder: This is a support group for Fibromyalgia. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #11 - 03/14/07  7:45am
" i took this same pill, it didnt help me at all "
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Reply #12 - 03/14/07  9:44am
" I have used Flexeril in the past along with countless other meds...the only ones that seem to work for me are Lortab 10. I take 1-1/2 tablets in the morning and sometimes when I'm having a bad flare (which I am right now)I will take anohter 1/2 - a whole around 3:30 in the afternoon. At night I take Ambien so I can sleep. Lately, I wake up in the morning and really have to force myself out of bed and to the shower. I have worked a full time job and a part-time job for 30 years. Had to leave the part-time job recently as It was killing me. "
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Reply #13 - 03/14/07  9:22pm
" I have heard alot about flexeril lately. I have been on cyclobenzaprine before for different reasons and it never helped me. "
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Reply #14 - 03/17/07  9:50am
" I'm on Cyclobenzaphrine and it is alright...I take it at night to sleep...but it really isn't helping me sleep, I think I am going to ask for something else when I go back to my Rhummy... "
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Reply #15 - 03/18/07  6:27pm
" Yes, when it works, it is one of the greatest meds. would give up the narcs before this.Can take it twice a day for maximum benifit if you start while not working the first few early doses. the drowsiness wears off in a week at most, it is so worth perservering. Norflex is another option /c less drowsiness, but not as good in my experience. cj "
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Reply #16 - 03/18/07  6:34pm
" Tried Flexril but love my Valium. It was prescribed to stop my muscle spasms from the neck injury. My entire back locks, left arm & left leg. Other than that....Heck, I'm just peachy! So, really I guess I'm just 1/2 shot! LOL "
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Reply #17 - 03/24/07  5:56pm
" My doctor said Skelaxin makes most people sleepy but for some reason it didn't for me. "
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Reply #18 - 03/24/07  7:05pm
" I've been on Flexeril for a couple years. Right now I take one pill at night before bed and one in the morning. It does make me a little groggy, but it doesn't really help with sleep anymore. I guess my body had just got used to it. I started taking it during the day to fend off the morning stiffness. "
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Reply #19 - 03/24/07  7:33pm
" i am suppost to take three aday but normally just take two at nite and yes its helps some . not really sure how much with all the other stuff im taking. ive been on it i think about a year. "
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Reply #20 - 03/24/07  7:38pm
" I take cyclobenzaprine 20mg every night. It doesnt make me tired, though doesnt keep me awake either. But meds kind of do the opposite in me. If they are soposed to make you tired they keep me up and if they are soposed to keep you up they make me tired (except for precription sleep aids) its weird. It does help me i can tell a difference then when i wasnt on it. I do have occasional days where nothing helps by my dr refuses to prescribe pain meds for his patients so i just end up having to deal w/ the pain.. i was also on skalaxin but havent been on it since i have not had insurance. It is an expensive drug. "

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