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anyone take Xanax for fibro pain?
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I am on several medications but was put on Xanax in order to go have an MRI done last week. The Xanax made me drowsy but suprisingly helped my pain level tremendously. I was completely suprised. I go back to my dr. on the 11th of Jan and will def. talk to him about this. I just started Lyrica and also take Soma. Lyrica is not working at all. Soma helps me sleep some night.
Just curious if anyone takes Xanax for fibro pain? If not and you feel its not too personal anyone care to discuss with me what meds they take in order to get thru daily life with fibro pain?
Posted on 12/29/06, 07:33 pm
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Reply #1 - 12/29/06  11:53pm
" Hi! I've noticed that the more stress I was under, the more pain I had. The Xanax takes away the stress and yahoo! the pain goes down. But I don't think its recommended for any length of time. When I get really stressed out I take a half and it helps. Going thru my divorce I was like a ball of jittery, painful nerves. How do we remove stress from our lives? Hmmmm, don't take it too seriously? "
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Reply #2 - 12/30/06  4:43pm
" Hi Renee. So you take something else for pain other than Xanax? Is it a med that a person should not take over a period of time? I will talk to my rheumo about this on the 11th. It seems if I go to see him with a bit of knowledge and a bit of research it really helps as he does have a few fibro patients but so far im tough for him deal with. We have switched my meds so many times, my body becomes imnune to the meds i guess then stops working.
I felt so very good the day i took the xanax to be able to get the mri done i was almost afraid to move in fear i was dreaming. lol
thank-u "
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Reply #3 - 01/01/07  3:55am
" I have been taking Zanax on an as needed basis for 15 yrs. Some docs say that you should not, due to the possibility of addiciton. I know that teens love to get their hands on it, and I cannot figure out why because for me, it works as a sedative. If I cannot sleep, I pop one, and within 30 minutes I am out!! I only take, maybe 7-8 a week. I cannot take them like I'd like to due to the sedative affect.
Take Care of You "
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Reply #4 - 01/02/07  3:12am
" thank-u for responding. I cannot wait until the 11th to talk to my rheumo. I have been in a bad flare up for over a week now. 2 vicodin wont even do the trick. My rheumo did give me some desolving morphine tablets that are .10 mg. to take as i need them for excessive pain, they do work but only for an hour and i feel like i cant take them all day long. I feel that if they only work for about an hour what good are they. I just dont like the idea of taking them all day every day. Counting the hours until jan 11th for my apt. "
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Reply #5 - 01/03/07  12:34am
" Hi Cassandra. I learn so much, more and more every day when i visit here. I was put on cymbalta from the first rhumotologist i went to, was told the cymbalta is for diabetic patients but i had alot of bad side affects from the cymbalta and also did nothing for the pain. The neorontin is something ive not heard of. I have taken ultram and ultracet, neither worked. When it comes to any med, even over the counter my body reacts differently. Benedryl and Nyquil for example keeps me awake and makes me so hyper I could clean the entire block and not be tired. But boy do I get a nice headache the next day. I am allergic to Magnesium sulfate, so most antibiotics I cannot take bcause they contain mag sulfate. It is so frustrating to find a med that works, like the pain patches, then after a few months they stop working. Same with the ms contin, worked great at first, now i am in pain, and alot of pain daily. My rheumo is leary on giving me anything stronger than ms contin and will not up my dose. If he can no longer help me I do not know what i will do as i have seen just about every dr on our insurance plan that i can see.
Hope you had a good day. "
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Reply #6 - 01/03/07  3:08am
" I'm up to 1200mg of Neurontin, and have Ultram to take with Tylenol, PRN. The Ultram does absolutely nothing. I think next time I go I am going to ask for some of that dissolving morphine...:) I remember morphine from when I had my kids. Worked for me then. LOL
I don't think that there is any med(s) that will help with FMS totally. Seeing as how they don't know what it is, how could they know how to treat it? I know, sounds pessimistic, sorry.
Take Care of You "
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Reply #7 - 01/04/07  8:00am
" I have tried lots of meds for fibro pain also. I now take Ultram as needed during the day. It helps to calm the pain so I can get through the day. I only take it as needed when the pain is really intense. I take Ambien about once or twice a week for sleep. I have found stress to be my main factor for contributing to the pain. My husband and I went to the beach for several days last week and I felt better just getting away from the phone, tv and my bad eating habits. I decided to change my lifestyle when I got home. Well, not I'm home and I'm making little changes and they seem to be working. I am a very hyper person and always thinking of someone else and not myself. I have decided to eat better, exercise like I'm suppose to and not carry the phone around with me all day waiting on a call.LOL. I think we all let other things creep into our lives and take control of us instead of us taking control of our own lives. When I'm not on edge about everyone else's problems my pain is lots better. Sorry this message is so long but I love to write. That's another thing I need to get back into. I took several semesters of creative writing and loved it. It gave me an outlet for getting over my past and gaining confidence in writing, which is something I enjoy. I pray you will find something to help your pain and I'm here if you need to vent. Hugs to you, Marie "
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Reply #8 - 01/04/07  10:02am
" My rhuemotologist tried me on prednisone and it works well; about the only thing that has really worked. Unfortunately, he doesn't want me on it for long periods of time considering the side effects, so he keeps taking me off of it and when the pain gets to the point where I can't take it he puts me back on it. I'm now in the stage of lowering it to get off of it again and I feel like crap, sometimes my body gets so stiff I can hardly move. Have tried numerous muscle relaxers but nothing seems to work. When we find something that does it only works for a short amount of time until my body gets used to it then it's back downhill again. "
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Reply #9 - 01/04/07  5:46pm
" Hi Hope. I had my apt changed to today as i just couldnt tolerate the pain anymore. He put me on Xanax at night to sleep and i can also take a half a pill as needed for pain during the day. He upped my lyrica dose but said that after a month if its not working to call him and he will switch me from lyrica to neurontin. I have not had time to look this med up yet. Can you tell me what exactly neruontin is and if it helps? He also said that in 2 months if we do not see a good change he wants to switch me from the ms contin to oxycontin. He said the oxycontin and ms contin are similar but maybe the oxycontin is stronger?
I took ambian for a few years, did nothing, ultram and ultracet also did nothing for me.
chat with u soon
hope your day is going good with minimal to no pain. "

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