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Treatment for pelvic/vaginal trigger points
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This is painfully embarrassing,(blush, cringe) but do any of you have chronic pelvic/vaginal trigger points, and if so, what treatments have you found to be effective? Thank you, in advance, for any advice. C.M.
Posted on 09/16/07, 10:41 am
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Reply #1 - 09/16/07  10:57am
" Oooh yes, I do...My last doctor told me they have a vaginal therapist...Ummm yeah right, like I am going to go pay some stranger to finger me...HAHA, sorry for being crude...The other pain in my body does not effect my sex life...However the tension in my uterus does...Umm, I know it's kind of personal but I figure if we're going to help each other we might as well talk about it...No secrects...The doctor asked me a question that kind of blew me off guard...Oh yeah and the doctor that diagnosed me with FM was a gyno, because a lot of women were coming in with the same symptoms as me and they were about my age, 21 and they were giving them full historectomys (spelling)....Well, they had to figure out what the real problem was because once their uterus was removed they still had the same symptoms...So they realized it was FM...Weird I know...But Since that area is a muscle, it seems to flair up as well...I can tell you that, if I put icy hot on my lower stomach, where my ovaries seem to be, that helps the tension...Also midol helps me a too...I don't know if you're sexually active or you're married, but I know that being a young couple, mine and my husbands sex life is really important...Especially to me...So, I've noticed that thrusting will cause incredible pain, and different positions as well...The only position I've found that keeps from a flair up down there from intercourse is laying down sideways...Also if you're PMSying or on your period, warm foods such as soup and a hot beverage will help ease the pain...But believe me, I've had painful periods for a long time...Sorry about being so graphic...But I hope I helped. :) "
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Reply #2 - 09/16/07  1:10pm
" I'm not sure exactly what you're referring to, but my trigger point manual has a section on genital/pelvic pain and explains how to massage the trigger points. Might check and see if there's any info on their website, "
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Reply #3 - 09/16/07  1:24pm
" I know that I have a lot of pain in my "uterine" area. It is ALWAYS worse when my back hurts. I talked to the doc about this, and he said that since the muscles were all connected and such that back pain would refer to feel like uterine pain. But it was really from my back. It has been bothering me alot lately, but then again, I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago too.

I don't believe that the only time it hurts is when the back is down, as it hurts at other times as well. I think it may have alot to do with reference of pain tho. Think about it. Those are alot of muscles inside and out, around there and if our body is stressed from other pain, it makes sense that it is gonna hurt in that area.

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Reply #4 - 09/17/07  4:55pm
" I never thought about it before, but before I was ever diagnosed with fm I was having pain, especially during intercourse. The gyn could never figure out why I was having pain. That subsided, but now I have constant pain where my pubic bone is. I thought it might just be due to the pregnancy, but I have never had this pain with any of my other pregnancies. I too would love to know what could possibly ease this terrible pain. "
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Reply #5 - 09/17/07  5:26pm
" Hey, there's no reason to cringe and there's nothing crude about direct and to-the-point advice and exchange of inforamtion regarding personal girlie FM issues. We know the intent behind the answer is supportive and helpful and not naughty. No need to explain or blush, but then again, that's just MHO.

I've never heard of a vaginal therapist before. "
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Reply #6 - 09/17/07  6:24pm
" I think I have those...ugh...I didn't even know about this I have had abdominal pain for years and pain during sex at times...not to be graphic but I am limited in position choices...I just chalked up the pain to my cysts or the position or a stomach ache...I use heating pads, ibuprofen, baths with herbal ingredients specifically for muscle tension and inflammation, and I massage my abdominal muscles a lot. These things help to some degree but I found the best thing was to be honest with my boyfriend about the pain and work @ it so that I can relax and that helps a lot...jen "
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Reply #7 - 09/17/07  9:47pm
" Thank you, all of you, for replying & your willingness to share info. I appreciate the advice & support! "
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Reply #8 - 09/17/07  10:17pm
" Well I need to thank you all for educating me some more. At 44 I am still learning for all of you and I thank you all for that.
The only thing I don't understand is why were women at a very early age getting historectmonies(?) When I had mine at age 23 I already had 2 children. A boy and a girl. I also had endometerios(?) going into stage 2. I had very bad periods where I would just drop to the floor. Thank goodness I had one because I would proably had 15 kids by now. LOL

In my late 30's I started having painful intercourse too. I also wet myself when I cough,sneeze etc..... So, I had a bladder lift and something else I forgot. Ever since then I had no problems and knock on would I still don't.

Sorry, off the subject again.

But what is a vaginal therapist??? I never heard of that??

Boy, this FMS (which I had since 1994) knows no boundaries. I do know some days I get such a pain in my groin area that it paralizes me for a couple of minutes. I guess its back to the books for me. I need more learning. Thank you all. "
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Reply #9 - 09/18/07  10:28am
" I have no idea, I've never heard of a vaginal therapist before either..But I've looked them up and they have them...They massage out the tension I guess...It's kind of strange...I will try anything but that! Also my doc said they were having the historectumies because they could see the inflamation in the uterus and the pain the women were describing was the same pain the endometriosis patients were suffereing from...And she said in order to check for endo they use to cut people open or something....THIS IS WHAT I WAS TOLD...Who knows...She was a doctor at a Military hospital though...Sooo I dunno...But she knew to check for FM and I knew I had something wrong with my body and my aches and pains all over...So I know she was right. She also told me that no one should cut me open to see if I have endo...They don't do that anymore...They use your history to determine if you have it...and they examine your stuff :)...I'll share this, I have pain while having intercourse if the penitration is too deep...I find that laying on both of your sides is the easiest way to do it...I rarely ever have any pain in this position....The positions that seem to hurt the most are well...Ones I TRY to avoid are...Doggy, the man behind...LOL....That seems to be the worst, that is probably the position that allows the man to go in the deepest...Also the woman on bottom with her legs up....They are fine to do for a minute or so...If that is what your man is into...But i find that doing them for longer periods kills me...Just change it up a bit and you'll both be happy...:) Hope that helps some of you...I know sex can be a strain on a relationship...But it's a good thing to know! "
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Reply #10 - 09/18/07  2:28pm
" Wow this is very educational and means I have had FM for longer then I realized. I too went to the gyno for weird pain and he diagnosed me with something called vulvadinia, but after 2 years it subsided though not totally. I never quite believed the diagnosis was correct because with vulvadinia the pain was more local to the area and mine wasn't. I did indeed have painful intercourse and avoided it at the time. I am glad to know that what I experianced was part of this thing. I have had so many wrong diagnosis in my life including lupus which I do not have. But I do have antibodies for that and arthritis and a high sedimant rate. I often wondered if a bladdr lift would help intercourse but I was and still am unsure. To the person who mentioned the bladder helping, how has that helped? "

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