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Feels like bone bruising?
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Another question: My bones feel like I fell down a flight of stairs. They are so bruised feeling. This is not all the time thought thank God. Is this also a symptom? this is all so new to me. Also, how about the tingling in hands all the time. Like that fall asleep feeling? Thanks you all
Posted on 10/22/10, 09:54 pm
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Reply #1 - 10/22/10  10:40pm
" Hello! I just wanted to say i can Soooo....relate to that "bruised" feeling! I always say it feels as if i am bruised under my skin...EVERYWHERE!!! If someone grabs your upper arm or pokes you in the back or grabs your feels exactly as what you said, you feel bruised! Very strange feeling forsure and i believe most Fibro people can relate to this symptom forsure. I was told by my Rhuemy that the shealth of skin which covers all our muscles, tendons and bones is contantly inflammed. Almost as if our bodies do not like this shealth of skin!!! (kinda of like a auto-immune type thing in a way) These symptoms turn off and on like Xmas lights! LOL! I was told the tingling in hands and fingers is the pressure on our nerves??? I have had Fibro since 95' and my body now constantly has that brusied feeling....somedays worse then others, but ALWAYS there! So, just wanted to let you know it is very common for me. Hope this helps you and i hope you are doing well! Take care and God bless!~Tory "
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Reply #2 - 10/28/10  6:43pm
" Great post Tory! Sounds like you have a great Rheumy! I would have to concur as well! The older I get...the worse it gets! Also...stress & "other factors" (??) can cause it to wax & wane! I remember when I was younger...I seriously think I was too afraid to ask Dr'.s about it...or push it too far...cuz I thought they might tell me I had Leukemia...or something...bc my "bones" would ache so bad! Crazy Hugh??

Regarding the "inflammation pushing on the nerves" that you posted about Tory...that makes a lot of sense! I've been tested for MS...twice...& nothing shows up! So...guess it's severe inflammation that's wreaking havoc on my neurological I have numerous neurological problems!! ??
~tj "
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Reply #3 - 10/28/10  8:31pm
" Peripheral neuropathy (aka tingling and pinprick type pain in the extremities) is common with fibro from what my rheumy has told me.. The sheaths around our soft connective tissues are often inflamed with fibro, and that can put the pressure on the nerves. That is why I had great luck with COX-2 inhibitors (anti-inflammatories like Vioxx) back when those were still on the market, b/c they cut down the inflammation, which let the nerves calm down.

I am now trying acupuncture. It is helping so far. Dunno why or how, don't care.

And yep, it does feel like bone bruises. "
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Reply #4 - 10/28/10  9:29pm
" I was literally in the middle of reading the post when my mom walked in the room and said her legs were killing her - like she was bruised from her rear end all the way down to her calves. She has Fibro - thankfully it's not as 'advanced' as mine. I feel bad - she can't take Ultram (reaction) so she's using Tylenol Arthritis.

I feel that bruising sensation in my hips - on both sides - and on the top of my feet.

I also get the pins-and-needles sensation on my arms and legs when I feel like I'm running a Fibro fever (it's a low grade fever but, it feels like I'm burning up).

I'm praying for all of us that someone comes up with at least a valid treatment - if not a full cure- as soon as possible. This stupid illness has robbed me of quite a bit. As the months and years go by, I see more and more that I'm losing (I have 2 brothers, both are married, one has a baby, the other's wife is due in February; and my best friend is married and just had a baby 2 nights ago. And then there's me - I ended a 8 year relationship (that was headed towards marriage and then stalled out). Between the illness, the medications and the fact that I'm now 37 - the odds of me having a child are slim-to-none. There's no way I'd risk a baby's health. "
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Reply #5 - 10/28/10  10:42pm
" When I was first diagnosed I remember telling the doctor that I must have bone cancer because I felt the pain right down to the bone. "
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Reply #6 - 10/29/10  12:21am
" DITTOS. At first it seemed I was always looking for a bruise and couldn't remember doing anything to myself to cause one. Seems to go with the territory, it can last for days or just come and go, seems to be worse during weather changes too. Hope you feel better soon dear, it's the pits huh? "
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Reply #7 - 11/09/10  1:54pm
" YES!!!! That is exactly what I feel as well!!!

I don't know why I did not descibe it to my doc like that, but I find myself constantly rubbing the "bruise" on my legs, and my back. "
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Reply #8 - 11/09/10  2:35pm
" Hi i know how you feel i have lived with fibromyalgia for almost 8 years and it does feel like deep bruised pain like i was beat by a boxer or something,some days are worse than others and when the weather changes and if you get depressed it can seem like your going to die. When i hurt my body is really sensitive to the touch and it makes you wanna cry. "
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Reply #9 - 11/09/10  2:47pm
" My hands fall asleep if they are in one position for any length of time, for instance on the computer.

The bruised feeling, I don't know, Fibro feels like lots of different things at different times. That is the dangerous part of it. You could get another disease and blame the symptoms on Fibromyalgia. In my case, I was exposed to Black Mold for 6 years without realizing it - in my ex husband's home. I now have Chronic Kidney Disease as a result of the toxic atmosphere. Black mold caused me to get three urinary track infections that didn't hurt when I peed. Instead I would get an odor only. Or in one case, a funny taste in my mouth. The trouble was that by that time, the infection (which turned out to be e-coli) had spread throughout my whole body and I could smell it coming out of my skin! I was near death and the capillaries in my hands and feet started to die since they were farthest from my heart. I have nerves that go all the way to my waist that have died as a result. I was peeing dark brown for 5 days of intravenous antibiotics in the hospital. I later read that that means your muscles are disintegrating. It left me with a doozie of a case of Raynaud's Disease, which is where your hands and feet are always cold and in my case very painful and turn blue, purple and completely white in places. (My Daughter has a friend whose grandfather lost his entire foot from a urinary tract infection going septic last winter! Very dangerous things!) They're on you before you know it.

I am highly allergic to all molds, but since black mold can kill anyone, I was hurt worse than anyone else in the house. My daughter's health was compromised as well, but not as badly as mine. Of course when we discovered the problem, my daughter and I left immediately. The damage was done in my case and I am in much worse shape than ever before. I wondered why I had less energy as time went on. Fatigue is one of the main symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease. So you see how easily we fibromyalgics can get into trouble and how very dangerous it is when we blame every symptom on Fibromyalgia.

That is one reason you must have a really good doctor that you can trust over time. My doctor also helped me find out that I had sleep apnea on top of all the other sleep problems I had. So easy to miss things. Sleep especially being so bad among fibromyalgics, it would be easy to not look deeper into the issue. Meanwhile sleep apnea untreated is very hard on your heart in particular.

It's a thin line we walk and we must be very in tune with our bodies. I feel like I am more in tune with mine than most people, but still I found myself in some very dangerous waters.

Keep asking questions. Keep seeking advice. You never know what you will uncover. My best to you.

Mizroze "

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