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Family & Friends of Bipolar Information

This community is dedicated to parents, siblings, grandparents, other relatives and friends of someone who is Bipolar. The purpose of this community is to help families and friends develop greater patience and understanding, as well as maintain a positive, caring relationships with those diagnosed as Bipolar. Being Bipolar can present significant challenges not just for the individual, but for family and friends, and an open dialogue can serve as a place to share tips, tools and techniques to increase communication, reduce stress, and bridge misunderstandings.

Health Blogs

Ways to take care of your emotional well-being are: Pay attention to what you think and feel. Identifying and understanding the sources of stress in your life is the first step towards coping. Eat well, get enough rest, and be physically active. These wellness strategies can help you feel calm and more resilient. Exercise and regular ... Read More »
Learning to accept and love ourselves in our bodies is an important ongoing struggle and a political statement. It can take time to embrace our own beauty, or even to recognize it. The self-loathing that many of us live with each day eats away at our well-being.
We’ve all heard of the runner’s high as that addictive “second-wind” that hits exercisers whose brains start to release brain-made opioids. But it seems there are other ways exercise can change the chemistry of your brain. A ... Read More »

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