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Families & Friends of Gays & Lesbians Information

This community is dedicated to parents, siblings, grandparents, other relatives and friends of someone who is either gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning their sexual orientation. Like PFLAG, the purpose of this community is to help families and friendships grow and maintain positive relationships with gay sons, daughters, family or friends. Being gay can present significant challenges not just for the individual, but for the family as a whole, and an open dialogue can serve to bridge misunderstandings.

This community is a place to get support, ask or give advice or just hang out. While we encourage an open flow of conversation, please respect and understand that attacks on individuals or homosexuality will be deleted and users will be banned. Thanks!

Health Blogs

The airports and train stations are bustling at this time of the year. People travel far and wide to reunite with family members during the holidays and emotions often run high once everyone arrives and gets past the initial greetings. In a perfect case scenario the family scene is one of love, support and excitement about the reunion. But ... Read More »
This week Jason Collins announced to his team and to the world that he is gay. He is a 12-year NBA veteran playing this past year for major teams such as the Wizards and the Celtics. He is well known and well liked and has reached a high level of success in the world of professional sports. He is also now a free agent with a great deal to offer a ... Read More »
In light of the current debate about gay marriage and the surrounding controversy I found the recent study regarding gay parenting to be particularly interesting. Gay couples, and by extension, gay parents face greater judgment in just about all areas than their straight counterparts. A study out of the University of Binghamton highlights just ... Read More »

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