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Rash after a seizure?
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My husband seems to get full body rashes following his grand mal seizures. He's been tested for all the meds the allergist could think of related to seizures, mri contrast, etc and he's not allergic to any of them. These rashes are so bad he often ends up peeling as if he had a terrible sunburn and a few times he's been hospitalized for them. I can't find any info on others doing so, and the dr's are stumped. Help!
Posted on 12/13/10, 11:44 am
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Reply #1 - 12/14/10  5:35am
" Hello Katrina,

I apologize for not answering sooner. I did some 'homework'. But, the only rash associated w/ Ep is due to meds. So, your hubby's reaction is 'Unique' or he has an allergy to something else. Do you keep a Journal? More info under Recommendations Tab, above, as to Everything to include. This may Help you & DRS determine what causes the rash. I'm thinking 'foods/additives'. But, soaps, detergents are possibilities, too. Why he would be more sensitive after a seizure is still going to be a mystery till you can find a pattern &/or other allergic reaction.

Have you considered seeing a 'Homeopathic MD? When DRS are clueless, these guys can, usually, find Answers. :)

I do have a solution. :) If you haven't tried this, consider Aveeno Oatmeal Bath. Or similar product. :) (I have unexplained rashes, at times, also. Can't remember if they followed a seizure, though) Supervised Bath, Please! :) And maybe some Calamine lotion or an Oatmeal based lotion. Try this as soon as he has Recovered from seizure. It may help in keeping it from becoming soo severe.

Keep Learning. :) Merry Christmas.

Love Candi "
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Reply #2 - 12/14/10  9:07am
" We are pretty sure it's caused by the seizure, maybe from the stress on his body. His seizures are bad, he's broken his shoulders 4 times from them. It's not a detergent, soap, etc or he'd have them other times. He had a seizure last week, first one in almost 3 years and bingo...rash showed up. He usually ends up in the er from them, so the dr prescribed prednisone as soon as it showed up. It's not so bad this time. We do use the aveeno products for him regualarly just to keep things calm just in case. Still though, we just don't know. The allergist tested him for products, meds, foods, animals...something like 75 things and all he was ever so slighlty allergic to was rabbits, which he's never around, so that's not the source.
Thanks Candi for the suggestions. We'll look into a homeopathic md after he recovers from today's shoulder surgery (he broke it again last week). Sigh. "
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Reply #3 - 12/14/10  11:40am
" Hi Katrina,

Mine are 'bad' too. But, fortunately, I haven't broken anything. Banged up, chewed up, is enough for me. :)

I'm glad the DR gave him the prednisone. Something is messing w/ his metabolism during his seizures. No fever? No Sweats? You think the stress of his seizures is the source of rash, but, Were the Seizures triggered by Stress?

Love Candi "
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Reply #4 - 12/14/10  5:08pm
" Hello Katrina,
Has your husband always had seizures and full body rashes? The reason I ask is because the two things might be unrelated, but come from the same source. My husband took a medication from his dentist and he was clearly allergic to it as he broke out in a rash over the top half of his body, and then he peeled completely like you're describing. (4 years later, only his face is affected about half of the time. He has no seizures, but the other part sounds similar.) I'm suggesting you not just get the seizure medications tested for allergies, but ALL PILLS your husband is taking. You might find a surprising result. Seizures sensitize the nervous system for some people and that might be influencing the rash. Good Luck, Dimmie "
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Reply #5 - 12/16/10  9:27am
" He never had a rash until he had the first seizure. The seizure happenend because he had a menengioma on his front left lobe. It was successfuly removed, but he still has seizures. They believe from scar tissue. He has since had a rash after every seizure and a few times when he was super stressed out over something (i.e. loss of my dad). That's why we are wondering if it's a body stress thing and since his seizure are severe it might make sense. He was tested for several general meds too, ie vitamins, tylenol, etc...things he might take, and they were all fine too. Maybe we need to have the allergist come up with even more things to test, who knows. He's a mystery for sure, lol. "
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Reply #6 - 12/16/10  1:20pm
" Katrina,
Oh! Seizures from scars in the brain are a bad scene. That's what mine are from... One thing that is worth looking into is Upper Cervical Chiropractic (basically adjusting the nerves as they exit the brain and go to the spinal cord). When your brain has been surgically worked on, it's normal for the neck bones to be misaligned. This treatment did not work 100% for me, but I know of others who have been helped completely. It's not average Chiropractic, and very few DC's knows how to do it, but you might check out the website www.upcspine.com for a doctor in your area. It's certainly woth a try.
Dimmie "
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Reply #7 - 12/20/10  3:15pm
" Thanks, I'll take a look at the chiro info. "
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Reply #8 - 12/22/10  4:21pm
" Katrina,
Good luck. I hope it provides the answer for which you are looking!!!!
Dimmie "
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Reply #9 - 12/28/10  2:21am
" Hi Katrina..! take care of a young eplileptic girl....for 21 yrs...She too sometimes breaks out in rash on chest & torso after a seizure...Not sure about other parts of body... ..although Not as Severe as your Husbands sounds...Good Luck finding the Answer.....
Have a Happy New Year:) "
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Reply #10 - 12/28/10  10:04am
" Stardust...is it only after a seizure? Does she take anything to help with the rash? "

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