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We were just diagnosed with endo last Thursday. I'm still recovering from surgery and have a lot of questions to ask our doctor.

OB wants to put us on 6 months of Lupron. I'm scared it won't work. He said we'd get pregnant after the six months.

Our RE wants us to move forward to IVF, but my husband has some issues and concerns.

Anyone's advice/experience/or help is welcome!

Posted on 07/02/07, 10:46 am
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Reply #1 - 07/02/07  6:55pm
" It's funny, my RE wants me to go on Lupron for 3 months and then the fourth month get my cycle straightened out and then start trying to conceive again. I have been doing A LOT of reading and research and it seems Lupron really may not help fertility. I personally am not ready to go there yet. I really want to see how this lap helps my body (I also had one last Thursday). I have had spotting for the last few years every month 3-4 days prior to AF. My RE thinks it could be from a polyp he removed. I just am soooooo curious what's going to happen to my cycle now- how my body will heal on it's own. My RE said I have mild-moderate endo and no scarring yet. However one of my tubes seems to be compromised because of it. So... I am right here with ya girl- it's so hard to decide- GO WITH YOUR GUT!!! That's what I keep telling myself. Take care, sorry I'm not more help. Good luck with whatever decision you make. "
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Reply #2 - 07/02/07  7:53pm
" Thanks! After doing some research I'm curious as to whether Lupron is right for us. I have a lot of concerns. My periods are very regular, and my egg quality appears good. I had "moderate" endo with about 10 lesions. I will talk to my DR. more on Thursday at our appointment. I just don't want to wait 6 months only to be told we have to wait an additional 3-6 months for it to get out of our system and then have no luck.

Any advice on diet changes or meds to help calm endo? I'm so new to this. "
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Reply #3 - 07/02/07  8:15pm
" The other day I checked out a book- view it on this site: http://www.makingbabies.com/book.html
It's very interesting. A friend of mine found it for me when she heard my diagnosis. I am lucky to have such support! I have another friend (who is out of town now) that is a nutritionist. Here's her website: http://www.myintuitivehealth.com/
I plan to contact her and make a nutritional plan for myself as well. I would rather take many things out of my diet, and add good in then go on Lupron right now. The book above also gave several suggestions on viatmins, and minerals and supplements that help. It seems as though people who really eat the suggested foods and, go on the suppplements right for their bodies dramatically decrease the effects of endo. I went to a health food store today and started myself on some supplements to help with healing- viatmin E, Vitamin B complex, and Evening Primrose Oil. I will also go on others when I talk to my friend, Suzanne about it. Hope this helps you. It can't hurt to try. From what the book says, you can see posistive results in the first few months... not as much pms, pain, heavy periods etc. We'll see... "
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Reply #4 - 07/02/07  8:19pm
" One more site that has helped-lifespa.com "
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Reply #5 - 07/02/07  8:23pm
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Reply #6 - 07/18/07  5:16pm
" I had surgery last year and the doc put me on Lupron for 6 months. I experienced really bad side effects while i was getting these shots. I gained about 40lbs, couldn't sleep, terrible hot flashes and bad mood swings(my husband hated it!) I felt like i wasn't attractive b/c of the weight gain. Now i have been off the shot for 8 months and still haven't got pregnant. Just don't get your hopes up when they tell you that you will get pregnant right away. But i guess everyone is different. I always got excited and took a test every month and i got tired of being let down with the big NEGATIVE!! Then it got very stressful. I didn't even want to have sex anymore. I am so frustrated and ready to give up. I wish you luck! "
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Reply #7 - 07/20/07  11:50am
" Hi all! I am writing to inform you of an NIH Sponsored Endometriosis Treatment Study that we are currently conducting. If you have active endometriosis diagnosed by surgery with menstrual cramps (period pain) you may be eligible to participate in this study. If you enroll in the study all treatment study procedures and office visits will be free. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We can be reached at 718-270-1364 or 718-270-2101 or e-mail us at reproendo@downstate.edu "

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