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IUD Pain??
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I had a non hormonal IUD-Paragard put in about 6 weeks ago. It was painful, and Im still in pain. A lot of intestinal pain, and ive been going to the bathroom a lot (which is good but I dont understand the connection). Anyway, to me thats strange. Im also having relentless awful ovarian pain; like my ovary is gonna tear apart. Also lower back pain. I have an endometrioma on my left ovary, (endometriomas grow on my left ovary, ive had them removed there before), but the awful pain im having since the IUD is on my right ovary. Its actual very normal for me to have pain on my right ovary, as i very commonly have cysts that grow to just the point of almost having surgery, and then rupture. Ive also had surgery on my right ovary because the cysts grew to 9cm plus. Ive also had an appendectomy thanks to endo, so pain on my right side is normal. Its just that it increased 10 times since the IUD.

I went to my OB/GYN to check the IUD placement, and she gave me an ultrasound, and she stopped at this area on my right side...they're were 2 Dr's in there, and they stared at it for 30 min, could not figure out what it was. They called in another Dr for a 3rd opinion, and he also stared for like 20 more min, and had no idea what they were seeing. So OUCH, because it was transvaginal! But they sent me for an MRI immediately, and results were is was basically a full bowel or something? :-/

this was all so confusing. So the pain is not going away, which I do not need on top of my usual pelvic pain and migraines. Also, whats the connection with my bowel and this IUD? Why did i suddenly start going to the bathroom every day, and having very increased intestinal pain?
I have racked my brain, spoken to 2 Dr's, and as usual, they gave me the runaround. No answers. But im in pain, and i know thats the bodies response to something being wrong.

So the IUD is placed perfect. I do not understand. My body should be completely used to the IUD by now.

Any ideas or thoughts?
Thanks as always!
Posted on 01/26/13, 09:29 am
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Reply #1 - 01/26/13  10:27am
" Could you be having a reaction to the copper maybe?

This website:
mentioned some of the possible risks and side effects of Paragard (most of them were "rare" though).

The Mayco Clinic website:
mentioned some of the side effects as well.

I Googled "cooper IUD and problems" and quite a few blogs and message board posts popped up. Lots of people asking about bowel problems and abdominal pain, but no one seemed to be able to get an answer from their doctor.

Hope you find out what's going on soon! It sucks being in pain and then just having more pain piled on top of that. "
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Reply #2 - 01/26/13  11:26am
" Thanks! Thats really helpful! Maybe paragard isnt a good idea:-/ I cant get pregnant or safely carry a pregnancy due to a rare condition (besides endo), and I have awful issues with hormones; even low dose BC pills, and am allergic to progesterone. So for Birth Control a nonhormonal IUD seemed like a good option.
Maybe not so much? Ay yi yi! Theres always something!
I looked at the websites, theyre very helpful. Im gonna research the forums about paragard and bowel problems. I guess the bowel pain i seem to be having from paragard isnt an isolated incident...but then if theres such a high incident of bowel pain and paragard to the point where there are forums with women complaining of this, it has to be a real issue, and no ones looking into this. So frustrating!
I dont know what to do. I keep telling myself to wait and see if it gets better. "
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Reply #3 - 01/26/13  1:36pm
" Could also be an intestinal bug. I have been very sensitive this winter to the "stomach flus" going around. I have had 2 really bad bouts with it in a couple week's time.

Hope you start to feel better Yankee. "
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Reply #4 - 01/26/13  3:06pm
" Im pretty sure its not an instinal bug, but i appreciate the idea! Done a lot more research, and 99.9% sure its the IUD. Some women experience a form of what i am. The icreases bowel pain started right after they inserted the IUD. And I expect with me having endo, IC, IBS and ovarian cysts, it makes more sense i have pain; with all that trauma in my pelvis. Thanks for the help, and I hope you feel better! "

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