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Intense Bloating
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For about the past month or so I am experiencing intense bloating every day that starts to come on around mid morning and gets much worse as the day/evening go on. When its at its worse (every evening) I look 6 months pregnant easy. I do have pain with the bloating. I suppose it is pushing on everything in there?

Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas of what I might change or try to decrease the bloating? I eat super healthy and do my best to follow an "endo diet" but no change.

The only thing that has changed for me was that I quit smoking about a month and a half ago. Could that have anything to do with it?

Any help, suggestions etc would really be appreciated!

Thanks so much!

Posted on 01/25/13, 11:21 pm
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Reply #1 - 01/26/13  8:00pm
" Omg I used to ALWAYS have that problem it was TERRIBLE. Overall, that (mostly) went away after fully recovering from my laparoscopy. I started drinking a lot of green tea at that point and drastically cut down on sodium, which helped control some of the bloating. And I seem to recall that when I switched pills for the third time that this problem went away (I am now on generic "zarah" for yasmin). "
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Reply #2 - 01/27/13  5:34pm
" Congrats on quitting smoking...I'm not there yet :)

When you say you eat super healthy, what do you mean?

I was getting super bloated, changed my eathing habits, took everything out of my diet that had hormones in it. No GMO's in my meat, eggs, milk, cheese, and the list goes on...!

I Also noticed changes when I started doing a castor oil pack (look it up). I believe this to be one of the best things I have committed to. Not only have I lost 8 pounds, and I'm not a big person, it was all bloat, and I'm feeling so much better. "
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Reply #3 - 01/27/13  5:35pm
" ..dang forgot to tell you...drink water and a lot of it! Estrogen builds up in the liver, so drink a lot of water, helps flush it out, and maybe a B6 vitamin on top of that. :) "
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Reply #4 - 01/27/13  10:53pm
" Thank you both so much for the advice. I will try the green tea and the castor oil....
I eat a gluten free diet, occasional meat, and lots of veggies. I try to eat organic as much as I can. I do drink lots of water but will occasionally have soda and alcohol.

I've been on loestrin for a few years now. It's always worked pretty well for me..

Thank you again for the info ladies! "
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Reply #5 - 01/28/13  1:54am
" Wow congrats on quitting smoking!! I hope to do the same soon =D

I have that problem sometimes too, but when I was taking viamins everyday (B6 like BrehnPetry said, Iron & Calcimum) & drank a ton of water it definatly helped. I have found water is the key to pretty much anything! & I wish I ate as healthy as you, I just have no time to cook like that lol. "
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Reply #6 - 01/28/13  2:31pm
" Quitting smoking is not at all easy especially when it serves as a little relief from chronic pain (it did for me at least). It was much easier to stick with after the first two weeks passed. Do it when you are ready otherwise it's just torture!

Thank you for the vitamin info. I will start taking those as well. And water, water, water!

Janine "

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