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Review of Myosure Surgery
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Since I couldn't find much info online about the Myosure I thought I'd share a little about my surgery with it so others can read about it. So if anyone's looking up "Myosure" here's the skinny on my surgery:

I had 3 endometrial polyps removed by operative hysteroscopy yesterday (10/11/2012). I had general anesthesia. The procedure took a total of about thirty minutes (from when I walked into the OR to when I was wheeled back to recovery).

Even though my surgeon said no pain and minimal bleeding I was prepared for the opposite and I was right (I mean they cut something off! No pain? No blood? pfft, yeah right lol). I had minor pain (like a 3 on a scale of 1-10), but I bled a lot. TMI WARNING I bled so much I was like the human faucet. I woke up and they already had a chux pad and a sanitary pad under me and they were bright red. The nurse told me I could bleed like that for 1-2 weeks. My cervix was also dilated quite a bit so I was a little sore from that.

So the first day I bled a lot and the pain was like a 3, but if I moved too fast it did skyrocketed up to a 7 (so I stopped moving so much lol). I took OTC Ibuprofen as advised. I was not prescribed antibiotics.

I'm on day 2 now and the pain is just a soreness. I mean I don't really notice it even when I move around. The bleeding is still there though, but it's already slowing down. My abdomen is slightly swollen and my cervix is still sore.

So far I'm happy with it :) My pain from the polyps is gone. I have gained quite a bit of water weight though since yesterday (yikes!) but I'm sure it's from the endometrium being irritated and they did inflate my uterus with (I think) saline.

Hopes this helps someone who's researching/thinking about a hysteroscopy with a morcellator tool! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about it.
Posted on 10/12/12, 03:17 pm
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Reply #1 - 10/12/12  6:38pm
" Glad to hear it went well! "
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Reply #2 - 07/01/13  11:27pm
" I had the myosure procedure done on May 1st. I too was told just light spotting and no pain. I hurt for a few days and bled badly for over 2 weeks. If I moved too much or stood for too long I would gush. I have been spotting since then, sometimes bright red, sometimes brownish. I have my follow up appointment tomorrow so looking to see what they have to say about this spotting problem. I still have pain but seems to be where ovaries are located. I was I could say this procedure helped me but I haven't seen a difference from before the procedure. "

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