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Encephalitis and the after effects
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I'm 35 and had viral meningitis and encephalitis when I was 18 years old. I was in a coma for a couple of weeks, had to learn how to walk again and control motor skills. The doctors never found out what virus caused my illness, in fact my blood was sent to the CDC. The Encephalitis attacked my brain stem, and my hormones were out of control as well....I lactated, had my period for two months, followed by no period for three months.....I had pretty severe depression, as having a near death experience can cause some heavy emotion....The thing is, I feel like my body has been out of balance ever since. I've been to all kinds of specialists...I've heard everything from fibromyalgia to it's all in your head(and well, maybe it literally is) I've had weird aches and pains, sometimes I get spacey, headaches, raynauds syndrome, asthma...the list goes on, and I was a healthy person before I had encephalitis. The only time I felt good, was when I was pregnant...of course, I have endometriosis as well, which could be the reason, but I can't help but think that maybe the Encephalitis damaged me in ways I don't understand.... Anybody out there feel just as lost?
Posted on 08/24/09, 11:45 am
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Reply #1 - 10/25/09  1:57am
" I feel the same way. I too had viral meningitis and encephalitis when I was 15, I am now 23. I am just beginning to notice my drastic shifts since I got sick. My balance is off, I studder my speech frequently, I am always tired and I am rarely ever up for doing anything. I feel lost. I have not gone to see a doctor about this yet but I now will.

Have you seen a neurologist? Have you gotten an MRI since being sick? "
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Reply #2 - 11/05/09  11:26pm
" I am 48. I had encephalitis when I was 10. At first I withdrew and had poor motor skills. I do ok these days. Believe it or not it wears off after awhile. I am a proffesional musician and my memory is very detailed. All you need is patience.You will come around eventually. It just takes time. "
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Reply #3 - 05/02/10  10:12pm
" I am 60. I'm diagnosed with post-encephalitic parkinsonism via Veterans Admin. I have St. Louis & LaCrosse Encephalitis. I served 7+ years in the U.S. Marine Corps, and discharged honorably. I have had body tremors (shakes) since contracting this disease at the age of 12. I lived in Albia,Iowa at the time. I was in/out of coma(s); convulsions; seizures. I've had 7 lumbar punctures. This all happened on 5 July 1962. The VA/Gov't is now "FINALLY" admitting that I should have never been accepted for military service because of my disease. I am taking Sinimet/Ativan to try and control my symptoms. They work for a little while, & then it's back to reg. routine. The meds have some bad side effects. To the best of my research (computer), there is NO known cure/anectdote/medicine to combat these diseases. I pray that someday something will be found to help all afflicted with these type(s) of diseases. Please, would some of you give me a reply. Thank you. Take care & God Bless! Patrick USMC--Semper Fi! "
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Reply #4 - 09/19/10  4:34pm
" I had this about 5yrs ago. Was in a coma for 4 days, had to learn how to walk again, lost my memory for for the 2 most recent years. My body is still out of balance and just feel tired all the time. I'm 40 now but feel like a 60yr old guy. They never figured out what caused it or how I may have gotten it. Been suffering from severe depression ever since. Along with a another trauma I was exposed to and this, my life is a living hell which no one understands except for my therapist.

Sunny "
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Reply #5 - 10/15/10  12:05am
" I had viral encephalitis many years ago also, over 20 years ago. I was a single Mother of 2 little girls and they were probably about 6 &7
at the time. It just hit me kinda out of the blue, as a matter of fact, I had taken my girls to the doctor to be checked for Strep throat and while I was there, I got very sick and I guess I was lucky in that because the doctor knew what it was and I was sent to the hospital for a spinal tap and it was encephalitis, viral. Honestly I've never been quite the same as before. I was so sick for so long and there was nothing they could do to help me, just time to run it's course. It seemed to me as though it would never get better, then on top of that I had a growth in one of my ears, had to have surgery for that. I have terrible Migraines since having Encephalitis, phobias, fears and severe Panic attacks. About 10 plus years ago I went to the hospital because I told my Husband I
believed I had it again and the doctor didn't listen or even care, I knew what I was talking about but once again I suffered about 3 weeks or more not hardly being able to hold my head up. I feel like I was not myself after having this either time and I kinda feel
cheated out of the parts of my life it took away and for the effects it left but on the other hand it could have been much worse. I have been blessed by being able to raise my Daughters and watch them grow up into beautiful young women and I now have 5 beautiful Grandchildren. "
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Reply #6 - 11/17/10  10:06am
" I am 70 years old and had encephalitis when I was 7, following measles. I woke up one night when my aunt was babysitting me and my sister and I had such a bad backache that she had to carry me to the bathroom. I don't remember anything after that because I went into a coma. Our pediatrician said that the only hospital he could put me in was a hospital for contagious diseases and he didn't want to do that, so I stayed home and my mother cared for me. I was in a coma for a week and when I woke up my legs were paralyzed. They remained that way for two months and gradually they began to get feeling again and I had to learn to walk all over again. As a result, I never learned to do any sport because whilel I was learning to walk and navigate around, my friends were learning to roller skate, ride a two-wheeler, etc. I don't recall having any side issues once I recovered but other things that happened to me could have been attributed to encephalitis, I just didn't know it. "
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Reply #7 - 02/01/12  6:00pm
" I had encephilitis about 30 years ago, when i was 19. The camp lifeguard and me were hospitalized, and one of the campers died, lot of people were sick, and the camp was quarenteened. There were news cameras from NYC all over the place, and it was my 15 minutes, you know? Anyway, i had all kinds of headaches afterwards, and depression, memory issues, etc. What made me respond to you, is that i developed RSD, a severe pain disease that operates thru the central nervous system. AND THE MAJOR SYMPTOM IS RYNAULDS DISEASE. (when you are in I think stage 2 of the disease. I'm past that.) People often think RSD is fibromyalgia. I'm on methadone, and other meds, and cant work. I cant do ANYTHING, really. I developed the RSD about 14 years ago. (I had pain following a lamenectomy at C5-6.) I'm not saying you have RSD, but it seems to me, that people have oversensitivity to pain, after getting Encephilitis. Check out RSD, aka complex chronic pain syndrome. (RSD=reflex sympathetic dystrophy.) BEst of you to you.---Tracy "
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Reply #8 - 05/16/12  2:06pm
" I think you should consider that you may possibly have lyme disease. I would start with a lyme disease checklist - they can be found everywhere on the web - and see how many symptoms you have that are lyme-related. I have had lyme disease for a while and your symptoms sound very familiar. "
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Reply #9 - 01/07/16  3:32am
" I am sorry to hear that and pray an early recovery for you,Mainly telling that encephalitis treatment is largely supportive and includes measures to prevent increase in brain pressure. Specific antiviral drugs, anti TB drugs may be required based on the organism suspected.

I hope this helpful for you "

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