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Gaping hole in my heart-son left for college
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My son was home all winter break and left a few weeks ago for the new semester. I was fine up until the day he left and then wham, I have a gaping hole in my heart and feel like I'm in mourning. I do have other children but my life feels so unbalanced without my older son at home. I went through a really hard time when he left for his first semester but eventually I got through it, not sure why this happened again. I just cry and think about him being away. I talk to him on a regular basis but don't share with him how my life just fell apart without him. I want him to enjoy his time away and to allow him to continue to grow into the great young man that he is. I feel so empty inside and sad. I am so happy for him and very proud of what he had done. I even have anxiety attacks because of my missing him.
Posted on 02/03/12, 09:15 pm
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Reply #1 - 02/04/12  6:03pm
" Hey,
We all feel your pain,I'm afraid that if your feeling like this now with your other kids at home of whats going to happen when they all leave.I had the luxury of my children leaving one at a time,but when my baby left last april I thought i would lose my mind! It didn't help that he wyas going to Japan for 2 years and doesn't know when he'll be home!you will get thru it skype helps if you can get them on it "
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Reply #2 - 02/05/12  7:48pm
" I am really reconnecting with my mom and that has helped with some of this. I also had the added thought that my middle son graduates from HS soon and he too will be leaving. It's funny how that when you get time to think about yourself, I realized that I really enjoy being a mom and that I did a good job with the kids. I truly miss my oldest so much but I don't ever want him to feel guilty about me being a mess without him. I need to allow him to spread his wings and continue to grow and live his own life. "
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Reply #3 - 02/13/12  5:24pm
" Mommie3, I have been there! It does get better! Allow yourself to cry....I cried for 3 years! It is definitely a grieving process. My son has since graduated from college and is now working and living back at home. He will be getting married in three months. He told me one day that he was so happy I allowed him to leave home and experience the "big university", and that he learned so much and wouldn't trade it for anything! So, you are doing the right thing...hang in there! "
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Reply #4 - 02/13/12  5:47pm
" I've been dealing with the same things but letting them know wouldn't help anyone.I'm a firm believer that until they start having kids of their own their never going to understand the undying love a parent has for their child.You will get thru this enjoy still having the ones at home as we all know they grow up and leave too fast. "
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Reply #5 - 03/25/12  10:54pm
" Dearest Mommie3-
We wouldnt be Moms if we didn't ache about missing our kids-my thought was after I read your post that I want to do something to make my kids proud of me like volunteering at a hospital or soup kitchen...going back to school for a class or two,work at fulfilling a dream. We put so much into our kids to give them the best start in life, lets continue to show them what its like to take these steps also.
We are not done setting examples or parenting its just done a little more....casual!! "
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Reply #6 - 03/28/12  4:46am
" I'm awake, again, at 4 a.m. thinking about all the changes that are happening and wondering how I'll get through 3 more days of work. I'm supposed to work Wednesday evening and Thursday evening as well. I'm overloaded and soooo aware that my kids really are moving up and moving on and that things will never be like they were. "
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Reply #7 - 03/30/12  8:15am
" O my that sound just like me. I understand just wha you are going through. I am in the same spot. My son is so excited about going off to college. I took him this week and just teared up 3 or 4 times. I am so very sad he is leaveing hime and so happy about it. He told me today that he would take everything he wants with him, anything left... I can just toss it. I was crushed. Just toss it. You come back... ? God just throw away your presents. I will be so alone. My husband died 10 years ago and he is my life. "
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Reply #8 - 04/20/12  3:55pm
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Reply #9 - 06/03/12  5:12pm
" My son moved away almost 3 years ago, but I had a daughter still at home. She just graduated from high school on Thursday, and I am sooo very sad. She's going to live at home and go to school, but I am still so very sad. I can't stop crying. Next summer she wants to go to Colorado and be a white water rafting guide, and she's talking about maybe going away to a university in Austin, Texas. We live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. My life for the last 21 years has been wrapped around my kids. I'm so depressed at the thought of her going away. My husband travels a lot for work. In fact, he's going to Europe for over a month starting on Thursday of this coming week. I don't know what to do. I just feel like my life is ending. I'm not ready for all this change:( "

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