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Scrotum eczema
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Does anyone have eczema on their scrotum?
My problem started back in May. I thought I had a case of jock itch, so I sprayed some anti fungal spay in the area. The following day it was worse. I then started using cream, again it got worse. I went to the doctor who gave me more potent creams.
This didn't do any thing either. I finally went to a Dermatologist and she didn't do any tests and only looked for a second. She said it was yeast and gave me some diflucan and more cream. This didn't work. My primary doctor gave me oral steroids, still no help. By now it is in July and I have what feels like a wire brush in my pants.
The symptoms come and go, the skin doesn't hurt or itch. The only time it bothers me is when I walk or it rubs against my underwear. I went back to a different Dermatologist. This time he said it was contact dermatitis. He told me to stop using all the creams and powders and to use a mild cortisone cream. He also told me to change my detergents and soaps. I did all this and it finally started getting better. The skin doesn't turn red anymore but it doesn't feel normal either. I asked him if it could be eczema, he said he was sure it was caused by a reaction to all the stuff I was using or my laundry soap.
My problem is, if that were the case wouldn't it be gone in a week or so. This was six weeks ago and even though it's better it still feels irritated, like I shaved down their and the hair is growing back.
This was the weirdest thing it would look perfectly normal but feel like a porcupine in my pants.
Does anyone have a problem in that area? Does it feel like this?
Posted on 08/10/07, 09:37 pm
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Reply #1 - 08/12/07  5:34pm
" Sometimes my son reacts in the same area...he is 6...so I am sure there are huge differences in what will work. The only thing that has helped him in that area is using Monistat. This is the cream that women use for yeast infections. It stops the itching immediately, does not irritate his skin and he is cleared up by the next morning. It makes me wonder now if I should use it on more areas of his body...I guess it was the mindset that it was for "female private areas"....I may try it. The active ingredient looks to be Miconazole Nitrate 2%. I have no idea what other products may have this in it. "
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Reply #2 - 08/12/07  9:53pm
" I actually used that along with diflucan.
The female Dermatologist thought it was yeast.
What concerns me is the possibility of this being adult onset eczema. I find that is rare, especially if the only symptom is redness and irritation.
I made an appointment with a university Dermatologist, I just don't have any confidence in my current doctor.
I expected him to do some type of test, not look at it and say that the soap and detergents I have been using for years are now causing problems. "
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Reply #3 - 10/01/07  9:44pm
" Wow. That is a harsh place to have it. That must be irritating. I have eczema on my hands. I have never had eczema before. It started to appear when I was 36 years old. I have only had it for a year. I was tested with an allergy strip with no results and then given steriod creams and then they went to injections. After the second injection I refuse to do steriods any more. They did help temporarily but they made me unbearable. My poor husband got the brunt of it I am afraid. I felt that the eczema was brought on by stress. The strange thing is, we went to the Bahamas this year for vacation and my hands cleared up within 24 hours while we were there. I was only home a day or two before it started back again. I found that it was the humidity of the Bahamas that helped. Since I can not move there....I have found that Aquaphor made by Eucerin works well when I apply it at night before I go to bed or after I take a shower. It helps to hold moisture into the skin and make it more supple. It might help to get rid of that porcupine feeling. Just a suggestion. By the way, you can get it at any drug store or grocery store. Good Luck I hope you find what works for you. "
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Reply #4 - 10/10/07  10:26pm
" I bathe my genitals in Dove soap; the sensitive skin bar/wash is excellent. I get a small patch above my pubis, and I find this keeps it away. They even have travel sizes if you have to be away from home. You may also want to try using a female lubricant such as K-Y; this helps and it's not greasy or gloppy. Hope this helps, it sure helps me during flare-ups. "
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Reply #5 - 10/11/07  11:21pm
" I also have another suggestion, something I do to prevent irritation and flare-ups "down below". I never use fabric softener or dryer sheets in with my underwear. I've also used Dreft (baby laundry detergent) when I've had flare-ups. It's made for the delicate skin of a baby, so it works very well. I hope this helps. "
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Reply #6 - 02/26/11  11:42pm
" had the same prob.....when to hospital...had no idea of eczema...so first when for sexual diseases and i was transferred to derma...had to take tabs called Tzine one at night applied cream called for fusidic acid for a week twice a day after washing with mild hot water....had progress..when to doc next week.suggested to continue tzine and use Apiderm-S instead od fusidic acid cream...walla 14 days and normal "
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Reply #7 - 03/10/11  3:14pm
" Ouch!

Even if you've never had a problem with a detergent in the past, you might try a change. The formula might have been altered, or another factor could increase your sensitivity.

Have you had a 'scratch' test? I haven't found them helpful - if you scratch my skin, it will react to anything. I find that reliable testing is up to me.

My dad missed a WEEK of work once because we used a fabric softener dryer sheet (Bounce). I'll never forget him waddling around the house in his bathrobe, trying to keep his legs as far apart as possible. He eventually gave up laundry soap altogether and now uses packets of powdered colloidal oatmeal (Aveeno) instead. Oh yeah, and he has his own SEPARATE personal washer and dryer! "
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Reply #8 - 03/20/11  7:53am
" man, that sounds pretty bad. uhmm. about the shaving part, i don't think shaving down there was a good idea. i think that's the reason why you still feel "irritated" in the are - especially with the hair growing back and all.

i agree with your doctor though. it must be something in your detergent or all those stuff you put under there. i suggest you avoid "overcleaning" the area because this will only dry up your skin and dry skin's more prone to irritation. also, maybe there's still something in your soap and others that's giving you irritation, that's why it's still there til now.

but, i'm looking more into the shaving part as the cause of the irritation for now. if the hair grows back long enough and you still feel irritated down there, then maybe that's the time you should look into EVERYTHING that comes in contact with them. urmm. this includes condoms. "
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Reply #9 - 03/20/11  1:34pm
" I have had this before and I used Betamethasone Dipropinate. It is a steroid cream but worked and I have never had it again there. My problem is my hands. Constant pain from the cracking and cuts. I use jar's of vaseline, that seems to sooth it the best. Try this cream it may help you too. I hope so this stuff is no fun. "

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