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I have white spots and full out eczema. the spots are a mild form of eczema. I can live with eczema but these white spots are unbareable and nothing helps them. I'd rather have painful eczema that isnt real noticible than have non painfull white spots. I REFUSE to be pale but it's a waste of effort to tan because I look like a burn victim and the skin peels. I've tried endless amounts of stereroid creams and treatments etc. I am just so embarassed of my skin. I'm sick of goin to the dermatologist with a new solution that doesnt work. Any advice?
Posted on 03/30/08, 07:41 pm
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Reply #1 - 04/02/08  2:28pm
" I used to get them too... I always called them sun spots... They're so annoying and I love to tan and I couldnt because like you said you look like a burn victim!

Whenever I would tan and see those little white spots immediatly I put some of my cream (Fluticasone propionate) on it and it seemed to go away.

I've been white spot free now for a year... I don't know why they went away I guess I just grew out of it. It could have been because I started using 'Eucerin Calming' lotion and it really soothes your skin even if your not itchy. I've used eucerin everyday since about a year ago and my skin is a lot nicer now... I only get small flare-ups on my legs and it's usually in the winter time. just stay moisturized and maybe they'll go away!

But in the winter I remember instead of tanning I actually got a spray tan... The mystic tan and versa spa seem to turn me orange and fake looking but the custom spray tan is awesome and it covered the white spots! So I would try that! It could be fun lol "
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Reply #2 - 09/17/08  3:28pm
" try exfoliating without being too vicious with your skin and then going to tan. a mixture of olive oil and sea salts (without fragrance) helps you exfoliate and heal. Remember that you're not ugly (that's all in your head) - it only took me 27 years to accept that! "
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Reply #3 - 10/20/08  7:09am
" White spots like .. what?
I have white spots on my legs, where the pigment is gone.
It's kinda of strange looking. "
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Reply #4 - 10/25/08  10:18am
" Ok dancingxa.I suggest once must check about the skin condition due to the pigmentation problems like those which causes the white spots on the skin.
There are many skin condiiton like the disease look like vitiligo due to the white spots.
Read about the symptoms and the causes of these skin condition I think it would be helpfull to you. "
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Reply #5 - 10/25/08  10:19am
" I found more spots today.
One of them is surrounded with eczema. "
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Reply #6 - 11/13/08  11:09am
" I have white spots all over my feet and legs, which i think is the loss of pigmentation because i've had severe eczema since i was one. I'm dark skinned so its quite annoying! "

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