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Topics Replies Last Post
Healthy calorie intake? (Venting) 
1 By wildflowers44
5:28 pm
weight gain issues 
1 By wildflowers44
5:16 pm
Life w/o Ed 
1 By wildflowers44
5:06 pm
Threat 4 Hosptial by Parent 
4 By kmw
2:54 pm
taste buds make food taste bad? 
1 By kmw
9:21 am
ED is ruining my life 
0 By kmw
3:08 am
Chewing and spitting food 
23 By Cassie1972
Menstrual Cycle 
2 By kmw
think im losing wieght 
6 By kmw
Binge Eating 
8 By milo91
i'm back 
4 By zopta3
1 By kmw
I've come back 
4 By brooksville
My family dies from Obesity 
3 By mizcasanova
Binge eating anyone? 
1 By TinaBurry

Eating Disorders Information

Eating disorders are marked by an obsessive need to control the intake and/or purging of food. Chat with others and find support in the Eating Disorders Support Group.

Health Blogs

As the saying goes, “age is just a number.” So true! Because when it comes to your health, your calendar age doesn’t mean as much as your RealAge® – the biological age of your body. Find out your RealAge – and make that number even ... Read More »
Recovery is a journey. It starts, but doesn’t end the moment an individual enters residential or inpatient treatment. Actually, most people do a lot of important recovery work even before coming to intensive treatment—such as hitting bottom with their disease and heeding the advice of others to seek more help. Time spent in treatment is ... Read More »
With summer beginning to slow down and everyone trying to get into the office for a back-to-school well-child-care exam (AKA physical), I am finding so many parents unsure on how best to approach the topic of their child’s weight. It can be such a sensitive area to discuss and, well, if the wrong words are shared or the wrong tone is used, it ... Read More »

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