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Eating Disorders Information

Eating disorders are marked by an obsessive need to control the intake and/or purging of food. Chat with others and find support in the Eating Disorders Support Group.

Health Blogs

Addiction is complicated and often misunderstood. If a poll was conducted today and people were asked to define addiction, or what constitutes addiction, the answers would be somewhat predictable. Undoubtedly, the consensus would be that addiction involves substances like heroin, nicotine, alcohol and cocaine. Here is what would probably not be ... Read More »
Binge eating disorder (BED) is the fastest growing eating disorder in the United States today, especially in the male population. BED is similar to bulimia in that enormous quantities of food are consumed, often in an out-of-control fashion. However, unlike bulimia, this consumption is not followed by a compensatory behavior such as vomiting. ... Read More »
Throughout our country, treatment centers and programs are filled to capacity with people struggling with addictions and psychiatric disorders. Regardless of what drove them to seek treatment, the goal for all is recovery. How this end is achieved varies depending on the individual, as well as the intensity and longevity of the disease, and ... Read More »

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Dr. Kimberly Dennis
Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center
Aaron Snyder
Nutrition and Diabetes Blogger
Julie Hanks, LCSW
Licensed Psychotherapist

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