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Choking and gagging
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Does anyone's child choke and gag while eating?
If yes, what was the cause of it?

Freyja had a Barium swallow so we ruled out some things and know that it isn't reflux. I am ready for it to end now! It has gotten too scary!

Posted on 04/13/07, 01:53 pm
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Reply #1 - 04/13/07  6:26pm
" Daniel had that problem when he was a baby. We did the barium swallow at 5 months, and they found nothing wrong.
At 8 months he wasn't able to eat baby food yet, so I brought him to a speech pathologist who did feeding therapy on him. She taught him how to get the food to the back of his tongue so he could swallow. One thing, he didn't have a gag reflex which can cause a baby to choke easily.As Daniel got older the choking got better. If you are working with a speech therapist, you might ask about the gag reflex.
Also, Downs kids have small ear passages, narrow sinus passages,and probably the esophagus is also narrow. narrow esophagus and small throat would cause choking too......just an idea.\
I hope you can figure it out soon, I know how scary it was for me. If you want to talk more about this, just message me.\
Susan "
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Reply #2 - 04/14/07  3:01am
" Does she chew her food properly? My daughter is three in August and has been diagnosed with a narrow oesophagus right down near the stomach after a barium xray. At least we have a diagnosis but after three dilitations it hasn't made much difference as she still gags on food vomits the big chunks then carried on eating, so has to have soft foods till she learns to chew properly. Hope it gets better for you as she gets older too. Do you have any good snack recipies for soft foods as we are getting sick of the same old vege and fruit puree and rice cakes! Message me anytime.
Katrina "
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Reply #3 - 01/01/08  5:16pm
" this is exactly why brooke wasrushed to hospital three times in the first three weeks of being born it was awful very scary my poor neighbours and friends were terrified ambulances sirens going lights flashing but after lots of tests its stopped "
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Reply #4 - 01/01/08  10:34pm
" Kimber does gag when she drinks water cause I guess the speach therapist say that she is not swallowing right so they are working on that. She still does it on and off but not as much. Like the others say might want to check with the speach therapist on this one.. "
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Reply #5 - 02/21/08  10:56am
" Be careful of big pasta ambulance had to come once because of it and another time my dad did the Heimlich. Even pasta we think is normal size is pretty big for the mouths of DS children. This wasn't when my sister was a baby, she was 12-13 at the time. Its scary. "
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Reply #6 - 02/22/08  4:50pm
" Yup, my daughters now 25 and still on occasion chokeds on things, cut things up really small, have them take a sip of liquid after a bite of food and have them sit up after eating. Hope that helps some. "
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Reply #7 - 09/18/08  11:36am
" My daughter had a similar problem. Birth to 3 in our county brought in a speech pathologist and he evaluated her and showed me some oral stim exercises. Some where done inside her mouth with a funny toothbrush type thing and then her brothers helped out by doing "tapping" exercises around her mouth, chin, and cheeks. After a couple of weeks she was actually keeping food down and started gaining weight. "
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Reply #8 - 09/19/08  7:27pm
" Mikey still has trouble swallowing he is 52. He only eats small pasta. like little shells, or one called redi-cut spaghetti or spaghetti-os. If he eats regualar spaghetti or noodles we cut it up small for him.He also drinks alot with his meal. Otherwise he may gag and sometimes even throw up.
I think this is something he has slways struggled with. The strange thing is he can swallow a pill with no water? I can't even do that myself. "

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