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Has anyone taken this for their dizziness and anxiety? Did it help or just make you drowsy?
Posted on 03/04/08, 04:03 pm
9 Replies Add Your Advice
Reminder: This is a support group for Dizziness & Vertigo. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 03/15/08  11:05am
" The docs originally gave me antivert which made me feel groggy. I went to a specialist who Rx'd valium and I was really taken back by the suggestion. I was afriad I would be really drugged. I wasn't at all. I don't think it had any 'calming' effects on me. However, I eventually had to increase the dose of valium when I would get an attack in order to 'control' the attack. I got to the point, again, where only IV meds would work. However, my case was severe and not your usual case. I did not become addicted to valium - it is a drug that you can become addicted to. I only took it when I needed it. While I was able to be on it, which was YEARS - it worked great for me. However, each person is different. Has your doctor suggested it for you? "
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Reply #2 - 03/26/08  5:27pm
" Valium is the only medication that helps my vertigo/dizziness at all. I am really sensitive to medications, and when I first started it, it knocked me out...even at really low doses. It took me a few weeks to get used to it. It does help though. I don't have anxiety symptoms - just vertigo. I'm taking a low dose everyday, and it helps me to be able to tolerate my vestibular therapy exercises. "
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Reply #3 - 03/27/08  10:10pm
" Ha.. valium....

I took antivert so I could sleep.
I took half a valium before getting my wisdom teeth out.. I was knocked out in less than 5 minutes- for the entire surgery, and woke up later.

Valium make me go bye bye from the awake world "
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Reply #4 - 12/02/08  3:39pm
" I have not tried valium, but xanax has worked pretty well for sudden onset attacks for me. I think it helps with the panic that comes from the vertigo more than the vertigo itself though.
I am very sensitive to meds as well and when I tried antivert I thought it was going to do me in, but the happy pink pills don't knock me out at all. I rarely take them and they are a very low dose, but they do help.

Kim :o) "
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Reply #5 - 12/03/08  1:24pm
" Valium has helped. My body adjusts quickly, thus more was needed. I needed to stop months inbetween, to detox ... so the meds. would work. Eventually, I learned to control without narcotics. If & when, this has helped me. "
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Reply #6 - 12/04/08  9:03am
" I have had vertigo for 5 years now. Valium was one of the first medications that my primary care physician suggested, and I rejected it because it seemed to me to imply mental health problems. However, after trying several other medications, some of which made me very sleepy, I have ended up using Valium for years. It helped significantly to relieve vertigo symptoms, but did not make the vertigo disappear. However, I was much better with it than without it. I have since switched to Ativan, which is similar to Valium. It doesn't really feel much different to me. With Valium, I needed to stop the medication at one point to have some tests done, and I needed to taper off slowly in order to avoid withdrawal type symptoms, per my doctor and pharmacist.

If your doctor is recommending it, I can tell you that it did help me. Best of luck to you! "
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Reply #7 - 12/04/08  2:09pm
" I went to a specialist for diagnosis of a Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) which causes dizziness and nausia caused by an inner ear problem. I was shopping, bent over and got so dizzy I fell on the floor and then started vomiting. Couldn't get under control for 2 hours. Felt like an idiot with everyone so worried. Doctor gave me physical therapy (special head manipulations), and medication: meclizine which is over the counter and cheap, and valium. The valium took the edge off the stress and helped me sleep without getting sick/dizzy. The meclizine worked on the dizzy spells really fast. Hope this helps. "
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Reply #8 - 12/10/08  9:49am
" it helps in dizziness. "
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Reply #9 - 12/11/08  11:14am
" I would not take Valium because It could mess up my recovery But steroids at a decreasing dose worked OK once "

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