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I wanted you to know what I do when I get hit with an attack. If you can find my first post here today under my messages, then you will see that I have been dealing with acute diver. around 3 times a year. For over 8 years.
After experimenting, I have found that I need to avoid popcorn, nuts, and seeds I am ok with strawberries. And tomatoes.

But I am experiencing the 3rd day of an attack now. Because I ate popcorn? Ate celery without cutting it up into little pieces (it is stringy)? because I lifted something heavy five days ago? Because I had eaten a few nuts a week ago? WHO KNOWS!!

So, now that I know what is wrong with me, I immediately go on a liquid diet. Water, tea, decaf. coffee, OJ with calcium and D (no pulp), grape juice, cranberry juice, broth.

BUT THE REAL TREATMENT THAT ALWAYS WORKS for me is raw garlic and Kyodophilus. I stay on the liquid diet until the pain is gone...2,3 or 4 days maybe. I chop up a clove of raw garlic into the broth. One or two cloves per day. When I can try food, I usually scramble an egg and eat the chopped garlic with it, and a little ketchup. It is delicious. If the pain comes back, I ease off and go back to liquids. See, the point is to heal the colon. Respect the body.

I have thought about surgery. But the above seems to work. Until I give in and have popcorn. Then I get an acute attack. I do not go to the doctor for the acute attack. I make sure the fever does not go over 102,and that I do not vomit. Then I would see the doctor. But once I start my home treatment, I immediately get better within a day. My fever this time only got to 100. Because I immeditaly started home treatment.

I am wondering if I truly have diverticulitis or is it diverticulosis?? I have never had blood. My Diagnosis was an educated guess by the doctor. The cat scan showed thickening of the sigmoid colon near the rectal area due to supposedly diverticula.. So, then I had a sigmoidoscopy which showed lots and lots and lots of HOLES! Which, I guess are the outpouchings. I was appalled...but the doctor said he had seen much worse. Hmmmmm.
I agree most doctors do not know much about this condition or how much diet can affect. My doctor said to eat anything I wanted...just increase the fiber when I had healed. But I KNOW popcorn flares mine up again.
Posted on 12/13/08, 01:39 pm
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Reply #1 - 12/14/08  12:21am
" I realize that my post was long. And I needed to add that I have found that raw garlic and Kyo Dophilus and a liquid diet works for me. But I do realize that for a more serious attack, you should go to a doctor and get antibiotics. Diver can be life threatening if not treated correctly.
I have learned to stop an attack with my home treatment. But I stop it in its very early stages.
This is my third full day on the above home treatment. Plus, I have been drinking aloe juice, juices, and other liquids. The pain is gone. The fever was gone on the 2nd day.
But I have learned something this time...I cannot have my beloved popcorn anymore. But at least I can still have pizza...my favorite food.
I was really shocked and worried when I saw all of those "holes" when I had my sigmoidoscopy. Did any of you see lots and lots of these outpouches??? Yikes! "
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Reply #2 - 12/14/08  12:42am
" Hi Pamrick -- I agree with your treatment, but I think that you may be able to avoid any attacks at all no matter what you eat if you start taking Odourless Garlic tables daily -- for the rest of your life. Like you, I ended up on antibiotics regularly and tried avoiding all types of foods that would get caught in those outpouches - similar ones to your list -- but I've found that the garlic tablets are a surefire cure and I don't ever have attacks anymore!! I've tried to go without taking them, like when I finished a bottle and thought that I was cured and therefore didn't have to take them, but I ended up with another attack. So now - for over 10 years, I stick to taking three tablets a day and I'll take them forever!! Garlic is natures 'antibiotic' and the cost is minimal - about $12.00 for 100 tablets, so why not? It took me about a month on the tablets to truly shake the Diver. but now life is fantastic-honestly!! Cath "
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Reply #3 - 12/14/08  8:14am
" Hi there, so you haven't had surgery yet? I got my first attack of diverticulitis years ago, and had I not had surgery I would have died (peritonitis). It really did fix things, but I still have to work hard to keep things from flaring. Popcorn is the worst. I am mostly a vegetarian, and my diet often causes problems. Have been using trial and error for awhile now. The things I love that are healthy (seeds, nuts, raw veggies) often cause mucho pain. Then I do what you do, go on the liquid diet and then the BRAT diet. People I know swear by the garlic thing, and the probiotics are always good. But please be careful with this condition. Diverticulosis is the condition of holes (pouches) in the colon, in the non-infected state. They say that if a person has more than a couple of diverticulitis attacks (infected form of diverticulosis), that surgery is needed. I believe this, as many people die from acute diverticulitis. Once the bowel perforates, it causes peritonitis and the infection spreads quickly. Like 24 hours quickly. Take those nasty antibiotics, because they will save your life. Glad you are taking probiotics, as they help fix the mess that the antibiotics cause in people. Hope you are feeling better. But please know how serious this condition is. "
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Reply #4 - 12/16/08  10:12pm
" Thank you both for your comments. Poppycath, what brand of garlic do you buy? I have heard that Gyolic is good. I like raw garlic, but it smells. So, I would like to try what you have been using. Do you take it with meals?

Tinderhart, yes I know how serious this can be. It truly scares me. I know I have been very foolish in eating popcorn. No more of that. Thank God you did not die from peritonitis. I am not sure if this attack I am having is actually diverticulitis or diverticulosis. I had a fever of 100. Flu like symptoms (tired and nauseated). Bad cramps like gas pains that would come and go. After a liquid diet, the fever and pain are now gone. 3-4 days of liquid diet. Now I am on soft foods. No pain..no fever. But my stools are not normal yet. Yes, it really scares me. I plan to go in for a colonoscopy in the next few months and see what the doctor thinks. This last time I went 7 months without a diver. attack. And I think it was because I ate popcorn.
Poppycath, what have the doctors said to you about surgery?
I am afraid of the surgery, too. Because, tinderhart, you said you STILL have some problems. So, in your case it DID save your life. But it was not a cure. I imagine that it would not be a cure for me, either. So, if I can treat it with garlic and acidophilus and commonsense, maybe that is what I should try to do first.
Thank you , both of you , for all of your help. Right now, I feel pretty good. Just dealing with the diahrrhea and the hunger.... "
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Reply #5 - 12/16/08  10:15pm
" BRAT: Banana, rice, applesause, ???? "
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Reply #6 - 12/17/08  2:43am
" Hi Pamrick-- I use a national brand by the name of Blackmores and it is just plain Odourless Garlic - no added horseradish or parsley. I started on 8 talets a day, 4 in the morning and 4 at night. As the attacks grew further and further apart, I reduced the amount of tablets until I now (10 years later) only take 3 every morning. I know that I am not 'cured' because if I forget to take the tablets I get another attack within 2 weeks, so I don't even 'test' this anymore!! It doesn't cost much, I hate the gut pain, and I don't have to modify my diet and avoid any foods so what's wrong with taking the tablets every day. I also think it has other spin off effects, like I don't get colds/flu and even though I am neutropenic from having cancer and I do use protective behaviours to avoid getting close to anyone who is sick, I rarely catch anything!! I hope Pamrick that this will work for you too, because surgery without a surity of complete cure, would be far too dicey! I always go for the least invasive way of dealing with medical problems, and just taking a couple of tablets to stop ALL diver. problems is certainly the way to go for me!! Cheers, Cath "
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Reply #7 - 12/18/08  12:39am
" hi poppycath
thanks for the garlic info. makes complete sense given the natural antibiotic qualities of garlic! can you tell us the specific dosage amounts of the garlic pill that work for you? (that is, the per pill dosage, in case we cant find the same brand that you use...) thanks again "
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Reply #8 - 12/18/08  11:10am
" Hi, all. Poppycath, I have questions, also, about when you take the garlic pills. Do you take them all together at one time? Do you take them with food?
I was always leery of garlic pills being effective because most articles state that the garlic must be RAW. But it works for you...so I am willing to try this. Thank you! I agree surgery is pretty invasive. Also, do you use acididophilus or eat a lot of yogurt that has this friendly bacteria in it? And do you refrigerate the garlic pills? "
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Reply #9 - 12/18/08  5:29pm
" Toast? "
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Reply #10 - 12/19/08  11:22pm
" Poppycath,
where can we buy Blackmores? What store? I went to GNC. But all they had were their own brand of odorless garlic and Gyolic aged garlic. Please let us know where we can find Blackmores. And also, Please let us know what dose you take...the strength of each pill. Sorry we all have so many questions...but we are excited to try using this brand. I do have to say, though, that raw garlic has ALWAYS worked for me. But it is now very "social". During an acute attack, I would still use raw garlic. But on a daily basis I want to try what you do. :)

Well, I am MUCH better. I am able to eat food now...low fiber. I am slowly introducing fiber again. I have a tendency to get gout after a diver attack. Probably because I am on a low calorie diet. So, to prevent gout THIS time, I am drinking cherry juice and lemon juice daily and lots of water. Hope this prevents it.

I will never eat popcorn again...(never say never). But I will use all of my will power NOT to! My brother said there is some brand of popcorn by the potato chips at the grocery store that has no hulls and no kernals. Ever heard of it? When I go to the movies with my husband, I will really miss it. There used to be a product called Bugles. It tastes just like popcorn. I will look around for it.

Bye for now. Healthy holidays to all of you! "

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