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Pain on right side
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I have just been diagnosed with left sided diverticulosis though the pain (mainly dull) was on the right side as my sigmoid must have slipped over to the right. Does anyone else have this?

I think I have had IBS for years so read that the symptoms I have had are called symptomatic Diverticulosis. Does this sound familiar. I am also taking Aloe Vera and Slippery Elm. Have people found these supplements helpful
Posted on 12/11/08, 01:49 pm
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Reply #1 - 12/12/08  10:08am
" The right side is called ascending colon diverticulosis or if infection diverticulitis. I had both. I had Sigmoid colectomy 12/06 and right side or ascending colon colectomy 10/08. It is rare and unusual to have right side DD-much more common in Asian community. I am not Asian, however. I'd really keep an eye on the right side pain and much more problematic then left side. Good luck! Joanne "
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Reply #2 - 12/12/08  10:59am
" Thanks BluMoon. I should have added that I had ascending colon colectomony in 1994 but this right side pain is new. The specialist said it was left sided diverticulosis but the sigmoid colon flips onto the right side "
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Reply #3 - 12/12/08  5:55pm
" I also thought that I had IBS for years. Now I believe that it was the DD instead. I think IBS is like Fibromyalgia. When they don't know what to say you get labeled with one of these... "
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Reply #4 - 12/12/08  7:25pm
" I have had right sided, lower quadrant pain for over a year. I have been through alot of testing and was finaly put into the hospital with full blown DD in October. I have 5 pockets on the left and 1 pocket on the right. Was home for over 6 weeks, and even though the DD infection is gone, I still have right sided pain. I had a follow up CT Scan this week, DD has calmed down. I have an appointment next week with a surgeon for a consultation. The surgeon saw me in the hospital and does not think the DD is related to my right sided pain. So at this point I am very frustrated and actually looking forward to what the surgeon may have to say. "
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Reply #5 - 12/13/08  8:28am
" Thanks Road Warrier - hope you get cleared up soon. Is the pain on right side acute or just a dull low swelling "
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Reply #6 - 12/13/08  9:29am
" It has pretty much been there every waking moment, although it's intensity does come and go some. Hurts more if I over eat, if I ride my bike to long, if I lift heavy objects, if I need to take a good BM - it's just fricken annoying. "
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Reply #7 - 12/13/08  10:02pm
" i have been diagnosed also with pain also in upper right quadrent,its driving me nuts no matter what i eat or gastro sending me to pain clinic?...i personally say its my gall bladder but gastro and tests says no ?yet i have this divertilculosis through out my bowel?and have chronic diarheh and losing weight..ive found a website site called www. says gall bladder maybe disfunctunal..and wont show up on scans? taking this to my gastro next ive had enough of it all..
hugs lozzy "
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Reply #8 - 12/14/08  12:36am
" I also have both right sided and left sided diverticular pouches. It is uncommon and I have to tell the ER doctor when I go in that it is not appendicits, that it is right sided diverticular disease. I stayed in the hospital for a week this year due to right sided diverticulitis which was almost operated on. "
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Reply #9 - 12/16/08  2:35am
" I have a dull achey crampy pain almost every day intermittently.
Sometimes its gets quite sharp and also get pains in my
lower back and the belt line . "
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Reply #10 - 12/16/08  10:26am
" Does DD show itself in its developing stages as lower back pain? I was confused a bit -- I've had lower back pain for years without any overt bowel symptoms. When I didn't eat for nearly a week right after my attack (and diagnosis), it seemed as if my lower back pain disappeared, briefly. It was confusing though, because I also laid in bed all that time so if doing desk work all day had caused the back pain, lying down would have had the same effect. "

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