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Hi All,

Tomorrow I see my Gastro to discuss my colonoscopy and then surgery to remove my sigmoid colon. I hope to do this by the end of January,

Any thoughts, suggestions or anything from anyone who has had the surgery?

I have a bout in Sept that put me in the hospital for two weeks. Narrowly escaped surgery. I've had issues ever since. So this must come out. I grues I'm starting to worry!!

Posted on 12/03/13, 04:59 pm
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Reply #11 - 05/02/14  3:17pm
" Just found out that I have diverticulitis. Went to the emergency room on Monday and was admitted to the hospital. They said I had a tear in the wall of my bowel. After being starved and on an IV for maybe 15 hrs. I left the hospital as I felt they were putting me on a fast track for surgery. Went to a gastro specialist on Thursday who now has me on heavy antibiotics. The thought of surgery scares me to death. Would like to know how many of you were helped with just antibiotics & change in diet. "
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Reply #12 - 05/06/14  4:11pm
" Sorry to hear that you have diverticulitis!

When I had my ER visit last year, I tried the antibiotics at home and was so ill that I couldn't keep them down. I ended up back in the ER 2 days later with a perforated bowel. They decided to watch me rather than do surgery. I had NOTHING to drink for 7 days!!!! They hydrated me through an IV. It sucked. I was so thirsty. But by not putting anything through my gut, helped my bowel heal.

Glad you went to the Gastro. Yes, you should change to a very high fiber diet. However, I think that if you perforated the wall of your bowel, you will never feel well until you have that diseased part removed. But you can make those decisions once you are feeling better. I had no choice. My Gastro wouldn't even do a colonoscopy because she was afraid of breaking through the weakened diseased tissue that was my colon.

Like I said I had no choice but to do surgery. It went VERY well. I have no more symptoms, no more anything except feeling great. I'm surprised that the gastro didn't warn you that if you perforate again that surgery is a must. And that once you perforate, it's very likely that you will perforate again. Emergency surgery is much worst than planned surgery. If you have emergency surgery, you have a colostomy. With a planned surgery, chances are good no colostomy - and it's done laporoscopically.

Good luck to you!! "
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Reply #13 - 05/28/14  3:50pm
" Hi - I'm new to the site and hope that my question gets out to the rest of the support group. I've suffered repeated bouts (4) of Diverticulitis over the last year and in each instance antibiotics (flagly/cipro/levo etc.) werere unable to fully clear the infection. Each time, within 60 days or so i was under full attack again. This past April after 2 weeks on flagyl/cipro a CT scan showed that I was actually worse! So they put in a pic line and my wife administered IV antibiotics for 2 weeks at which point I felt "mostly" better. unfortunately, 10 days later and I began to feel the symptoms, am back on antibiotics and I'm going to have the surgery on June 23rd. Can anyone please give me a run down on the recovery process from this as well as any long term side effects they've suffered? I'd have to imagine that not having a section of your colon must create some side effects but have no idea how much they impapct ones dfaily life. Thanks for any and all responses "

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