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Weekly Weigh-In ~ Oct 13 to 19
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Please join us in our weekly weigh-in. Whether you post your actual weight or prefer to post by how much you're up or down, please join us.

Don't forget the FOUR S's of Weighing Yourself:

Same TIME of day, on the
Same DAY each week, wearing the
Same CLOTHING, and using the

Measure yourself - Sometimes your scale won’t budge but your waistline will.


Being conscious of your actions and in tune with your body and mind. Being aware of how your decisions impact your health and how you feel. Being aware of what your body needs nutritionally and physically, and what your mind needs to be emotionally happy.

Understanding that there will be times where you choose to indulge or take a day off from exercising. Not being obsessive compulsive of your weight or your health. Enjoying what you eat and enjoying the activities you do.

Embracing yourself and respecting you for who you are. Loving your body, loving your talents, appreciating your whole package. Believing in yourself and what you stand for.

Leaving the quick fixes behind and understanding that healthy living is a mindset, not a week or two of extreme behaviors. Embracing a lifestyle that reflects a longer term approach to health.

Getting enough sleep and resting when you need to. Not burning the candle at both ends. Building in the ‘you time’ that you need and so deserve.

Entire article:
Posted on 10/13/13, 11:16 am
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Reminder: This is a support group for Diets & Weight Maintenance. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

You may also create your own Member Groups where you can moderate the discussion.
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Reply #11 - 10/16/13  9:40pm
" SjMd
your doing good. I personal would decress cal. intake to resit metobtic rate.

Nothing new. I failed again. I gained 4 lb.'s.
I'm thinking about having chat w Dr to c if there might be possibility that I may be depressed. That is the only thing that I know reason for months of binging. I don't feel depressed nor know of any reason for possibility of depression. something going on. I'm will past men-o-pause.
Food has proven to be stronger than I am.

Pie in sky. I want to lose 1 lb. a day. I have what. hum, 15 more days left to lose 20 lb.'s.

Again I was doing real good today but of course I came face to face w chocolate ice cream. My neighbor just had to send me pc of cake n ice cream. I had my fill of cake yesterday so I was able not to dive into cake.
Intentionally I have nothing eatable in my house. I toss out everything but dog stuff.
Maybe I will be left alone tomarrow. "
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Reply #12 - 10/16/13  9:58pm
" Admiral,

Please rethink your goal. Losing a pound a day is a very aggressive pace, and to my mind should only be attempted under the care and advice of a doctor trained in rapid weight loss.

Also, starvation is not a good way to lose weight. Again, please reconsider this. "
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Reply #13 - 10/16/13  10:08pm
" We should treat ourselves well. We only have 1 body and it must last a lifetime, so abuse should not be an option.
Most of us lose wt on 1200 cal a day, so we should have at least that much.
Our goal should be eating healthy for life to feel our very best, and with excercise the wt will come off. We should be patient. We did not gain overnight, so can't expect it to just melt off.
Just my opinion....... "
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Reply #14 - 10/16/13  10:45pm
" For months I have had n still have a 2014 white bemmer setting in my garage. I'm to reach an agreed upon weight. So ya I half to lose 20 lbs by Nov. I want the darn car keys. I could never afford to buy this car.
I can't afford some of shoes that papa brought n gave me. Ya I had to lose weight to get shoes that I selected. example I lose 10 lb.'s I get pr of red bottoms.
I half to lose 20 ty lb.'s

During this time I have n will still have protein drinks, n muti vitamin juice coffee
I just can't have solids. easier said than done.
I now have what 14 days left. I failed today. "
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Reply #15 - 10/16/13  11:30pm
" The scale doesn't seem to be moving...but then neither am I! I haven't really been exercising and see that I need to get machine that is my body in motion.

RetiredRose, I'm a total believer in what you've said. Yes, I want to drop some lbs. More than that though, i need to totally reset the way I eat and eat in a healthy and nutritious way I can sustain for the rest of my life. "
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Reply #16 - 10/17/13  5:48pm
" For me, if I withhold too many calories, I will go on a binge for sure. I like what one of the professors at school has done. He brings a scale to class and encourages people to use it, with shoes, wallets, purses in place. The needle will settle on a message, might say "you're beautiful" or "you're awesome" encouraging words, those self talk inspirations we don't say nearly enough.

I think it's important to remind ourselves that we are keeping on track of a healthy existence because we are worth it, which is why we had a plan for the week, exercise and meals.

Admiral, I admire your perseverance and I also hope that you stay on a steady course. You might do better with the slower and steadier than cutting everything off to such a degree that you get overly hungry or get these insatiable cravings. Just a thought. I know you have a very cool goal but sometimes slow and steady does win the race too. :) "
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Reply #17 - 10/18/13  4:59pm
" not sure where I left off, I think 3 pounds since Oct 6th??? Total
45 pounds... "
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Reply #18 - 10/19/13  8:42pm
" Holding strong - not up but not down - still under the 170 mark - next paycheck I should be able to get on track. I'm so looking forward to losing weight and physically feeling better. "

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