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Lunch Ideas?
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I find it hard to find lunch ideas. I'm not really a sandwich or soup person, so I get sick of that stuff really fast. I can't really think of any ideas for lunch. Some that are quick and easy too, on days where I have to run from school to work to kickboxing and so on would help also. Anyone have any ideas?
Posted on 11/15/12, 08:51 pm
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Reply #1 - 11/16/12  8:06am
" What about a small tuna sald? But don't put cucumber in or it will go watery. Nuts are another great small meal or lunch might be a good time to eat fruit or what about yoghurt?. Or when you make food at night make an extra portion you can have for lunch the next day. "
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Reply #2 - 11/16/12  9:33am
" What about spaghetti hoops? Or waffles? "
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Reply #3 - 11/16/12  9:50am
" Hard boiled egg, string cheese, greek yogurt, baby carrots, apple, almonds- all portable and good for you. "
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Reply #4 - 11/16/12  1:44pm
" Hmmm, how about breakfast food or dinner food? Casserole planned overs (no left overs!) can make a wonderful lunch as can a bowl of cereal. "
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Reply #5 - 11/17/12  10:53am
" crouck pot time.
I like left overs.
what ever you don't eat for dinner have for lunch the following day.

I love meatless chili. I will have chili for dinner n following day ( I have rice cooker ) I will put chili over top small bed of rice,.. another day I will layer corn chips, cheese n chili n top w swiss cheese n re heated n bake so top chesse will melt n slightly brown.Another day I will add white beans n/or corn.
I will also use chili as hotdog topping on open face bun. Also put in ontop of 1/2 of baked potatoe.

I pre make bake potatoe ( white n sweet potatoes ) I leave then in foil n toss int freezer n use 1 by 1 when I wish.
same w corn on cob.
I do not shuck the corn nor pre cook it. I toss cobs in plastic bag n freeze.
1 frozen corn on cob w husk still on, toss in micowave for 10 minutes are longer. shuck hull after it's cooked n has cooled down.

There's nothing that can't be pre cooked or left raw n frozen. simple put single serving or 2 or more serveings into zip lock frezzer type plactic bag n frezze. n micowave as much as what ever you wish when you wish.

When I use to work I would pre make salad n place serving into zip lock type placstic bag & salad dressing in another bag & bread sticks in anothet bag.
I still keep alrg bowl of pre made salad in refg w small contaiors w lids of vegs. I can use vegs as grab food or add some to pre made salad.

Yep you could even do a chicken in crock pot.
1 dy have oh lets say chicken breast w a vegs.use meat to add to pizza. ( I like the in store frzen pizza's). for another day,pre add chicken in leaf salad. For another day make chicken salad ( instead of sandw. lay ontop of small bed cut up lettuce n cottage chesse n pinapple.
for another day, pre make BBQ. don't half to use as sandw. BBQ is good w corn on cob/green beans/vegs.

Banana n fruity Fiber One cereal is portable n filling.

Ya I recall school n work n crock pot.
I still make lrg pot of pasta salad to have for the following wk.
Pasta. cook n rinse w hot water.
2 cans of chicken breast
1 bag of frozen peas n sliced carrots.
1 bottle of creamy salad dressing.
Mix together n enjoy.
I like meatless pasta dish's so I always make 1 pan w n 1 w/o.
I have couple of freinds who mico the pasta salad that I wrote of. I perfer cold pasta.

There r tons of meals n grab foods n grab meals.
I'v share a few of the simple dishes.

Oh my, so sorry I guess I had morming attact of gabbing. "
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Reply #6 - 11/19/12  11:45am
" I make tons of stuff in the crock pot sometimes not even to eat for that day. Then I put it in a rubbermaid container and freeze it. They have new ones with compartments. For my hubby once I put brats in one space, kraut in another and then put buns in baggie and put it on top then I took saran wrap and wrapped it all up so no one would accidently eat the buns. Of course that's not a good diet thing but it works. Then I make soup and freeze it. apparantly glass freezed well so I have been saving my glass jars. Defrost in the fridge though cause it might break in mic. "
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Reply #7 - 11/19/12  3:03pm
" Wow - I have never even thought of these ideas - I definitely will be trying some out. "
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Reply #8 - 11/20/12  8:49am
" I make huge salads...and change them up. Lots of protein and veggies and on the run I usually grab a sandwich...whole grains..protein and veggies are the most filling. I also grab just a slice of lunch meat and cheese when I'm running somewhere or package of nuts if I don't have time so Im not tempted by a drive through;) A lot of people like fruit or yogurt too..not me. I dont find them filling at all. "

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