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Anyone Got Off Of Dialysis?
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I was wondering if there are those who were on dialysis and were able to get off of dialysis without having any kind of surgery such as transplant? Or if you know of anyone who was able to get off of dialysis? Some say that when a person is on dialysis they cannot get off. I believe that we have a God who can make a difference.
Posted on 10/09/07, 02:14 pm
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Reply #1 - 10/10/07  7:51am
" Its good to have faith in God,Once your kidneys go under 25% they slowly will fail.
You also need to be thankful that there is a treatment, even if you have to face reality
The Kidneys do not regenerate unfortunately.One thing if you are or know someone who is going on dialysis dont miss your treatments there is far worst things in life than haveing kidney Faliure. "
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Reply #2 - 10/10/07  12:35pm
" I agree with Rye. There is no known alternative to kidney failure other than dialysis, transplant or death.
Being on dialysis can be difficult and dangerous but there are thousands of people living perfectly normal lives on dialysis.
They live all around you but you do not know it because they look and act normal.
Just this morning I found a box that fell off the trash truck just up the street and it used to contact home dialysis supplies.
Someone down there is on home dialysis and I never knew it. "
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Reply #3 - 10/10/07  12:37pm
" Sorry there is no edit feature on this Forum
I mean to use the word "contain". "
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Reply #4 - 10/11/07  8:50pm
" Hello Anttea,

I am Gafferman. I saw your question about anyone getting off of dialysis and I wanted to comment on that. I have been off of dialysis for about 6 months now and I feel fine. Well, no perfect, but okay. I started dialysis about 2 years ago after suffering a heart attack and then a stroke about a month later. Long story short..I was on D for about a year. Then, one day about 6 months ago, I asked the doctor if I could trim down from 3 days a week to two. Doc said I could. Then I trimmed down to one day a week. About 6 months ago, I stopped completely. My last labs showed my Creatinine is still at just under 4 and BUN is about 32..but Im still urinating like mad...never really stopped that. My 24 urine collection shows that my Creatinine is right on the borderline, so for now I choose not to go to Dialysis. The last few months before I actually stopped going, after dialysis I started feeling worse than before I did a treatment, and I told the doctor and nurses this. You need to understand tho that I am NOT by any means recommending that anyone else stop treatments because as you know everyones case is different I am just telling you what my particular situation is. Everything that everyone is telling you about the kidneys not being able to heal themselves is true by all means. The nurses have told me recently that my body could just be in what they refer to as a "honeymoon" period. Well see how things go. The doc even told me the last time that I saw him a month or so that he has never ever seen anyone in his career go from 3 days a week down to none like I have but you have to remember that unless you ask questions and learn about your particular situation, the dialysis units around this country are HUGE million dollar businesses and they will surely not ask you if you want to either cut down your days a week or stop because they would lose lots of money. Maybe Im just lucky...dont kn for sure..I just know that the pain was killing me so I sort of weened myself of slowly to see how my body would react and I paid VERY close attn to my lab results and 24 hour urine collections...

I hope that this info gives you some hope...if you have anymore questions..then feel free to write.

Big hugs and hope sent out to you,

Gafferman :) "
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Reply #5 - 10/12/07  12:37pm
" I'm from Canada, and my dad is getting trained on a Nocturnal PD right now - I hope it goes well for him, and he is hoping to get off dialysis as well again someday -even though his doc says the damage has been too long in the making (20yrs of high blood pressure, and a heart attack 10yrs ago).
Gafferman talks about a creatine at under 4. My brother- who knows he has failing kidneys- was told his creatine in 175 - what does that mean? Do Canadian docs measure things differently? Mine is about 68-70 and he said it's fine. "
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Reply #6 - 01/12/09  9:45am
" I hope yall don't mind the input but I do have a little info that might help because my Mom was a dialysis patient and I learned so much during that time because it was up to the both of us if she was going to have any quality of life.

My husband became a Dialysis RN because of what he was able to see while we were taking her for treatments. ANd for a couple of years, we did home hemo dialysis.

On to the info here. They should do regular lab work on every patient to let the Dr know if the time of their treatment is adequate and if not they will adjust the time to more or less.

Sometimes, when a patient has kidney failure due to a big surgery or trauma, the kidneys can start to function again after some time. Sometimes, they do not. That is another reason why it is so important for the bloodwork to be done regularly. Most of our body parts will do their best to heal some and the kidneys are just as likely to mend as other parts. Sounds a little goofy but it does happen.

My sweet hubby has mentioned patients that were set up to start treatments and when the actual time came and the fistula or graft had healed enough to use, they would draw labs and sure enough, during that time, the kidneys had healed some and had actually started working again and they did not have to go on dialysis! I think its an amazing thing and it does happen.

You can still make a lot of urine and need dialysis. I do not always understand all that:) but its the filtering out the toxins that the kidneys are not doing. Usually, as the kidneys stop working, the urine output slows down to where you do not urinate anymore at all. But again, that is not always the case.

As much as I hate to say this, the dialysis business is a whole lot of money. I mean a lot of money and there are some Drs out there that have a goal of getting people on treatments. Is a horrible thing but it is true. That is why its so importatnt to check on your Dr and be sure he or she is directly concerned about your health and not how much time they can get you on the machine for each week.

We met some real "winners" when we first started looking into this for my Mom and I had no choice except to learn all I could. And I will tell you right now that I do get tired of medical info being my social life. But, it was necessary for us and thank God I have been able to help a few other people as well. We all get so bogged down with so much info and the medical field is always growing and changing.

So depending on what happened that caused your kidneys to stop working properly, your Dr should be able to talk to you about the possibility of (if any)cessation of treatments.

I believe in a powerful God too and while we do not always have the answers about why things happen the way they do, we are still blessed with the knowledge and ability to keep people alive for years now with this amazing procedure that has not been around all that long.

Sorry this was so long. Just remember to ask your Drs any questions you want answered and they should be willing to talk to you. I know that is not always the case but I would not give up asking over and over. I realize sometimes you are limited on your choice of Drs and that is not always a good thing. If you have one that flat out refuses to answer your questions, then I would consider changing. Ask around at other clinics about their Drs and how they deal with their patients. Don't be embarrassed to do so cause its your life and if you are spending that much time having to be in a clinic for treatments, you HAVE EVERY RIGHT to ask any questions you want.

My best to all of you. "
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Reply #7 - 01/12/09  6:11pm
" I want to thank Rev..., Orange..., gafferman, Sabina..., and gamgam for your comments on the question "getting off of dialysis". I believe in a healing God. Man (or woman) Dr or anyone can say "NO kidney failure is permanent" I do not believe them. Can kidneys regenerate? Yes, if God is in it. But I also wanted to share about one of the men that went to dialysis the same day and time I did. About a year or 2 ago this person had a stem cell transplant done. This was not an easy procedure and he almost died during the ordeal, he also had to stay in the hospital for a year. Anyway,he was urinating (which helps) and over time his creatinine improved to 2.0 or 1.0 which is excellent! He too felt worse after dialysis then he did before his treatment. From having to go to dialysis three times a week, he was cut down to two days then down to not having to come in at all. Let me tell you he was a Happy Camper. I say this I am so happy for anyone who is able to get off of dialysis and live a quality life. God bless all those who are "Off of dialysis". "
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Reply #8 - 01/13/09  10:56am
" Our bodies can heal themselves. I attended the healing services at my church and not only did my kidneys start working again after 3 years but the cause of the failure was also healed. Faith, Belief and turning to within will work as the Church of God as we understand HIm is within our hearts. Concentrate and pray for healing and see it happening. My doctor could only put on my insurance form " Spontaneous Recovery for unknown reasons". I said fine good enough for me. I am out of here for now. He is still flabergasted but states the mind is an amazing piece of machinery. Good luck and my prayers are with you. Never give up, Never give in. We can't go wrong with Him. "
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Reply #9 - 01/13/09  11:08am
" My husband has been on dialysis since May 2008. His kidneys have pretty much quit working by themselves. If he was to quit going to dialysis he would die within one week, and it may not take that long. Your kidneys are what filters most of the toxins out of your body. Since the kidneys don't work and can't do that, dialysis is needed to get out the toxins as well as excess fluid. Most dialysis patients no longer urinate either; so fluid continuously builds up. Dialysis removes all of this. Most people don't realize at first that dialysis is a type of life support. A person is only prolonging their life. The longest I have heard of someone living while on dialysis is 7 years and she is still alive. She goes to the same Clinic as my husband. But generally I have been told the average is 4-5 years. "
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Reply #10 - 01/13/09  1:56pm
" Okay, I've had kidney failure since 1991 and been on dialysis since 1995 so there goes the 3 to 5 year theory. I did pd for 8 years so I don't know if that counts. If your kidneys have failed - I mean due to chronic illness lupus, hyertension, etc. and not a truama (heart attack, accident, etc. most times they will not come back no matter what you do - pray, believe, etc. Believe me - I HATE dialysis and if there was anything I could have done to prevent having to do it I would have. "

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