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dialysis rash extreme itching
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dialysis rash extreme itching this has been going on for about 3 months. Has anyone had this and found something for the itching
Posted on 03/06/08, 04:30 pm
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Reply #31 - 06/24/09  4:02pm
" Do you get bumps all over like they are scabs? For itching my doctor prescribed me HYDROXYZINE and i also go out to the store an buy Hydrocortisone 1% cream with aloe it works great. "
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Reply #32 - 09/26/09  7:21pm
" I had a rash and alot of itching it was from high phosphrous. When I took my binders and followed my diet it went away.

Have you tried Aveeno antic-itch lotion and cortaid to help relieve the itching it helped me.

Also my kidney doctor gave me a steriod to help with this problem. "
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Reply #33 - 10/01/09  8:00am
" I know that some clinics reuse filters (or at least they did) for several treatments. They are cleaned and have a low level of formaldehyde in them and that can cause some itching.

I had a friend that did treatments and both her and her Mother had the horrible itching. Once they convinced the Dr to order new filters for each treatment, it got better.

So, it won't hurt a bit to ask your Clinic Director is they reuse or use new filters for each treatment.

I always thought they would ALWAYS use a new filter when we first got into the dialysis stuff with my Mom and I learned a lot. When she went on home hemo, the rules for them were different and they never reused filters and my Mom did not have as much itching, etc. as she did when they were reusing at the clinic.

I am not sure what all changes are made but where my husband works, they use to reuse but do not any longer and have not for several years now. I hope its that way everywhere because the less chemicals they have to put into you, the better! "
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Reply #34 - 10/22/09  4:41pm
" I had the "itch" for the last two years before dialysis. After about 4 months of there was a lot of relief. I still get it occasionally and when it arrives it takes time to go away again. I would suggest you keep a food diary because I think what you eat can be the cause. A diary would allow you to notice what foods seems to bring it on or make it worse. Take your binders - there were a lot of good ideas in the answers on here. Find what works for you. good luck "
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Reply #35 - 11/29/09  6:30pm
" I have kidney disease and my doctor recommended both Benadryl which does work and hydroxyzine in a small dose which also helps but makes me very drowsy because it relaxes the nerves and the rashes are sometimes caused from the kidney affecting the nerves.
Without the drug=rash and severe itching. With the drugs=drowsy but not scratching myself to death. Which is the lesser evil? "
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Reply #36 - 03/04/10  9:10pm
" I had some itchy bumps on my back which they said was from dialysis and high phosphorus, but I was sent to a dermatologist and they prescribed hydroxyine for the itching. It helped and it eventually went away, thank goodness! "

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