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Storage for supplies for peritoneal dialysis
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Hi, I am actually asking this for my mom. She has recently had the catheter inserted for peritoneal dialysis. She will probably start just after Thanksgiving.
My QUESTION: What type of furniture or storage container do you use to hold the the bags of liquid along with all the tubing and extra supplies/equipment that is required. Also...where did you purchase them at?? I have been looking at various storage systems/dressers/etc....but my feeling is that whatever we get would need to be very strong in order to hold the weight of the fluid to be used. This will be placed in my mom's if at all possible we are trying to keep from having the storage look like something for the garage. I would love to hear anyone's suggestions. Thanks...Rita
Posted on 10/26/09, 10:07 pm
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Reply #1 - 10/28/09  1:09am
" I used to be on PD dialysis. When I first started out they stuck a catheter in my abdomen. Baxter delivered my dialysis supplies they ussual start you off manuel doing four exchanges a day for six week then they might stick you on the nightly machine nine or more hours a night depending apon what the kidney doctor has ordered. Make sure to do the hand and finger washing all the time and make sure the room is clean. No dogs or cats or any animal is aloud in the room the person is doing the treatments in. Baxter ussaly deliver about 30 boxes, of bags etc. of supplies all at once. They deliver you a ploe that you can hang the bags on while your doing exchanges. Your suppose to write all your fluid volume down too. You call Baxter to shedule deliveries.
They give you a scale and a blood pressure cuff, and a binder you can keep to tabs on your treatments. PD dialysis does take up alot of room. When I was on it the Baxter boxes took up about half the garage. I hope that helps. You can also asked the dialysis social worker at the clinic any questions you may have. "
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Reply #2 - 11/16/09  11:49pm
" Hello, Im Sally, how are you. Well, I would suggest you get a nice hard drawer not too high or low from the height of your mommy's bed.(keep drawer couple inches away from bed but close enough so she can reach the buttons) B/c she would be connected to the machine for a couple of hrs. I suggest you buy a 3 tier plastic drawer from walmart so she can store her caps, meds, tapes, syrings...ect. Keep a large trash bin/bag in her room, for she will be having lots of trash everyday. Store most of the peritoneal bags in a large room away from heat. Keep a couple of boxes in her room. Also have a heating pad to warm her baggies before using, it will feel a lot better then letting it going in cold. (Dont worry about buying anything you will recieve them all by nurse or by her carrier) Lets see, uhm I keep the boxes that the peritoneal bags comes in to throw my used baggies in so, later during the week I can drain them out and then throw them away in the trash. You can do that or drain them everyday, but I like to do mines all at once during the weekend. I usually go outside and lay them down and cut them and just let them drain onto the grass. My nurse said its good fertilization for the grass. =p Yeah, you can even go and youtube about it, I did. Learned alot. Uhm, imppossible for your storage to not look like a garage. Those boxes will fill up space. Ok, well tell your mommy I said good luck I will pray for her and one day me and her will get a new KIDNEY! Oh, one more thing, she will get fusterated, please be patient and do really help her out ok? "
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Reply #3 - 11/17/09  12:35pm
" Hi Sally,
Thanks for all the good really is a big help. My mom had the catheter inserted on Oct.5th....only to find out..that the catheter would not work right!! She had to go in for a second surgery on Nov.9th....thanks be to God...this catheter is working like a charm!! She is just starting the "training" today. It's so helpful to have people who have gone thru this already give their advice...I understand what you say about it looking like a garage...but what are you going to do...most of us don't have a house big enough to give one room just to the dialysis supplies!! Hope you are doing well...Rita "
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Reply #4 - 11/17/09  11:57pm
" Yeap no problem....Oh goodness I can't believe she had go undergo that painful surgery again. So, I just had my done this past July and sometimes I have complications with the fluid going in. OMG, I was so fusterated with this new friend of mine. But anyways, I'm glad its working better for your mommy. Sorry to hear that you don't have that much space for the boxes, you could maybe try to donate or do a yard sale on some items in the house to make room. Or you can ask a neighbor/relative to lend some space. Well, hope these are some helpful ideas let me know how it goes. =) "
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Reply #5 - 12/11/09  3:48am
" My husband just received his first deliver of supplies for home PD. We were advised to keep solution in boxes they arrived in until needed. All other supplies I organized into plastic rolling storage drawers, purchased at Walmart, inexpensive and dust free. Steve's dialysis clinic placed the order for us and arranged deliver. We live in a very small two bedroom apt, which share with elderly mother. We have boxes in entry way, along one wall of the bedroom and behind the couch. What can you do? My advice, don't sweat the small stuff. "
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Reply #6 - 12/11/09  5:36pm
" Thanks stvswife...guess mom just got her delivery this am....she has requested to just get 1/2 month delivery at a time...which they said was fine. I was thinking on purchasing some of those 3 drawer carts from Walmart...we're trying to figure out what type of small piece of furniture(some kind of shelves) that we can put in mom's bedroom to store 1-2 days worth of bags, etc at a time...just so she doesn't have to go into the boxes 4 times a day. I do love your advice...and you are soooo right...after going thru all this...absolutely not worth sweating the small stuff...we'll figure this out as we go along...thanks and good luck to Steve and my mom!!! Rita "
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Reply #7 - 12/13/09  3:41pm
" When I was on PD, the PD nurse recommended a computer like cart with shelves. My husband and I developed a system. We never got the cart. I decided to start and see what we needed before purchasing things. Can you use a drain line. We couldnt. I miss PD. "
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Reply #8 - 09/03/12  11:24am
" Thanks all, for the advice given here :) I am probably going to get the cart I found here:http://www.showercommodechairsplus.... it was at another website for $330. and that was supposed to be the sale price! I know it's pricey, but it's something I'm going to be doing for a while, so I might as well make it as pleasant as possible. "

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