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Depression Information

  • Depression is a mental state marked by profound sadness and the inability to experience pleasure, known clinically as anhedonia. Although sometimes used informally to mean just a passing period of melancholy, depression can refer to a mental illness with specific symptoms that warrant a medical diagnosis and professional support...
  • Causes of Depression

    A large group of factors, including biology, environment, and internal psychology, can help lead to clinical depression. Biological factors include heredity, hormonal imbalances, brain chemical imbalances, and various physical illnesses. Environmental factors include any event usually associated with sadness, such as the death of a friend, career troubles, marital problems, financial hardships, social isolation, as well as climate-related events such as prolonged rains or lack of sunlight. Internal psychological factors include mental illnesses such as dementia or psychosis, or general personality factors such as a bleak outlook, helplessness, or a diminished sense of self worth.

    Depression Treatments

    Although there is no standard treatment for clinical depression that is right for everyone, sufferers do have many options that can be used in combination. Medication and professional therapy are two mainstays of depression treatment. DailyStrength users have personal experience with many prescription drugs and have reviewed them all, including Prozac, Effexor, Zoloft and Lexapro. They've also cited lifestyle-oriented activities such as self-help and meditation that offer relief. Interestingly, many of the non-medical treatments have very high reported success rates, although they often do take place in combination with prescription treatments.

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Health Blogs

When the northern hemisphere is far from the sun during the winter months, some of us experience chemical changes in our brains that lead to depression. It’s called seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, and it affects 10% of Americans. Fortunately, there is an innovative solution to combat it. High-powered light-makers (not sun lamps, which ... Read More »
Posted in Depression by Doctor Oz on Jul 03, 2014
We still don't know for sure. Prolactin could be a key. This major hormone increases with stress and is associated with crying. Levels of prolactin in the body correlate positively with frequency of emotional crying. A tantalizing bit of evidence? As a whole, women cry more often than men (perhaps four times as often, according to one study), and ... Read More »
Yes, they can. Traditionally, men in North America, at least, have been raised to see themselves as providers, protectors, leaders and pillars of the community. Since WWII and women's entry into the labor force that perspective has slowly been eroded.

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