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In Category: Treatments
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Has anyone here used Benadryl to treat anxiety? My husband was told that it is very effective to decrease his anxiety level and it was suggested that he take 25 mg four times a day. I'd like to hear from others who have tried this and if it worked or not.
Posted on 03/12/08, 06:05 pm
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Reply #1 - 03/12/08  6:15pm
" yes i do, and it work wonderful but, i dont have a clue what a dr would say and my only caution is that my sister got a bit carried away and poisoned herself and was barely saved at ER, no she was not trying to OD, just trying to get anxiety to go away, i only take 2 tabs twice a day, im scared to add any more, but maybe someone else will know more hon good luck and be careful
xoxox lisa "
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Reply #2 - 03/12/08  6:53pm
" How did she poison herself?? She must have taken too much!! "
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Reply #3 - 03/12/08  7:02pm
" I used to do that, then I got in trouble from the doc for self medicating. If you can I'd talk to your doc. They might be able to give you something different (and cheaper too!) "
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Reply #4 - 03/12/08  7:03pm
" wowzers...i've never heard of that before "
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Reply #5 - 03/12/08  10:25pm
" I haven't used Benadryl for anxiety necessarily, but had gone through multiple Rx's for sleep aids-trazadone, klonopin- even tried stuff on my own - smoking pot, drinking, taking nyquil. Trazadone is pretty strong so my doc said if that wasn't working forget about anything like ambien. He suggested Benadryl. So I take 2 Benadryl every night with my nightly 2mg dose of klonopin and I sleep like a baby. I imagine the effect of the drowsiness could contribute to the decrease in anxiety. I know that most of my troubles sleeping are because my mind can't stop racing running my anxieties over and over in my head. The klonopin alone didn't work, but yeah the Benadryl seemed to relax me that little extra bit that will let me sleep. "
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Reply #6 - 09/03/10  3:37am
" what we like to know - has it helped?? "
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Reply #7 - 09/03/10  1:29pm
" I once took Visteral for anxiety, which is also an antihistamine like Benadryl. It didn't work for me, but that may be due to other factors.
There's a lot of info on the web about Benadryl as an anti-anxiety drug, some people definitely have benefitted.
But, as has been suggested above, tell your dr or pharmacist what you plan on doing to be safe. "
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Reply #8 - 09/06/10  7:23pm
" benadryl is an older antihistamine and so sedates but the effect varies a lot from person to person

it is often abused, such a packet being taken all together
as with all antihistamines, there can be the 'next day hangover'
that is feeling very tired and almost drunk the next day "

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