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In Category: Treatments
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Can anyone tell me of their experiences, good or bad, with ECT? I'm about to start my new adventure with ECT and would like to know what I'm about to get myself into. I've read the literature but it doesn't compare to the personal life experiences of someone.
Posted on 04/21/12, 03:22 pm
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Reply #31 - 05/23/12  2:49am
" i had 3 treatments a year ago while inpatient. after the first, my muscles were really sore,but with Ultram and a heating pad i was better that evening.

the treatments helped and my pdoc wanted me to have a minimum of 6 treatments, but i don't have anyone to take me and bring me home.

i'm hoping i can eventually have more. "
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Reply #32 - 05/23/12  6:57am
" I have had more than 50 treatments of ECT over the last nine years. The only side effect is memory loss. There are chunks of years that I have totally forgotten but it is worth it because it saved my life many times. I am treatment resistant and it really is a last resort treatment.

I didn't even have a headache any time after ECT and it was bilateral each time. They take you into theatre, give you a general anaesthetic and you know nothing until you come round in the recovery room.

By now you will have had some treatments of ECT if indeed you decided to go ahead with it.

I hope you are doing well. "

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