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In Category: Off Topic Posts
The F Word
Watch this 
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Just an observation,

Since all this talk of minors has popped up i've noticed people censoring themselves.

I for one have been filling up rude words with little *'s etc.

I've also been using words like "tom-foolery", and that's a good word to be using..
Posted on 02/24/08, 12:53 am
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Reply #6541 - 07/24/14  7:59am
" K, I am going to plagiarize what follows, because I am not this ????UMmm? cute?...OH NO quick witted...yeah that fits better....

So sad.....Please put this on your status if you have dated, known, work with, or are married to related to (divorced from) or have children with, someone who sufferers from being a fucking idiot.

We all need to understand that being a fucking idiot is real and must be taken seriously. You could be sitting right next to a fucking idiot right now. There is still no known cure for being a fucking idiot, and sympathy does not help. Sometimes a 2x4 or a big wrench to the back of the head helps, but not a lot. But we can raise awareness!

53 percent will not pass this message on because they do not know how to cut and paste.... "
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Reply #6542 - 07/24/14  11:26am
" Well, doghunter, you've hit the fuckin' nail on the head, I am married to one and you're right on the money.
Sympathy is in the dictionary but of no use in the real world.

I've told the idiot he can find sympathy between shit and syphilis in the fuckin' dictionary because I'm plumb out of it!!!!
Using a 2x4 or wrench would only have me a permanent resident in the local looney bin!!!!

BTW, I do know how to cut and paste but who'd give a flip anyway???

Some days you're the hammer, other days you're the nail!!!! "
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Reply #6543 - 08/03/14  11:06pm
" fuck me running immarcie....shit I laughed so much if laughing could B construed as sex..BY GOLLY ...I could be the queen bee and just be full of IT...awwwhhhh damm...still f'n giggling,,,,:) "
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Reply #6544 - 08/08/14  11:04am
" Haven't been posting much because

I have been busier that a one legged man in an ass kicking contest

yep been f'n busy... "
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Reply #6545 - 08/08/14  6:10pm
" Hii doghunter hope your gardening
Is going well :) "
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Reply #6546 - 08/15/14  11:04am
" If I had the time I would go into a raging rant,,,...BUT... suffice it to say....

The fucking rats found my corn, I f'n swear there must have been a whole fucking rattatouie of them little fuckers cuz yesterday they chewed up at least 60 big ears. No they can't go f4 the lil ones, oh fuck NO.

So I harvested......hope i didn't kill my horsie and the three stooges (goats) by throwing in all of the imature ears....


I might have thrown too many stalks and lil ears along with them.....OH well now that I think about it all they will get is a belly ake....oh hell with how you spell that word... "
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Reply #6547 - 08/16/14  9:42am
" As an addendum to my previous rant.

I did forget to put up the rats could have accomplices, and most likely are in cahoots with their flying friends.....

Fucking grumble, grumbling, grumbler I am and for the most part i had scheduled my day so i could not do anything yesterday BUT to day is different, 2day I fight back..... "
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Reply #6548 - 08/21/14  10:34am
" Yep, some people want to feed the children, some people want to feed the world, but I, yes I feed the rats!

So there I was wondering around in my garden and I went to pick peas that i had left hanging. I was oblivious to the fact that rats unlike some humans do actually love vegetables. So my seed crop for a cool weather garden just hit the skids as far as the peas go.....f'n rats! I suppose the beans are next BUT I am hoping that their placement will scare the rats off. You see the beans were burnt up by the sun so they are sporadic and as rats like to work at night they are in competition with the owls...hahaha, no place to hide! DEATH from above to you rats! "
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Reply #6549 - 08/22/14  6:27pm
" Aww im so sorry i too hate rats, i love animals, but rats. slugs and moths, don't get me started on moths, fly in sending me fucking dizzy, then land on my clothes next thing i know i go to iron holey clothes, :( my hate for moth is actually ott i think i need help for it.

i'm sorry, but the way you worded that give me a giggle you're too funny. i hope i didn't offend you and them bastard rats tried rat poisoning or traps? scarecrows never work never.. ive never seen a scary scarecrow always reminds me of wizard of oz lol.

don't give up on ya planting, show them bastard rats!!

pidepiper springs to mind

:) "
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Reply #6550 - 08/28/14  1:10pm
" Yes unique the poison has been disturbed but the garden is where they are eating, I must admit I have set an inviting table for them. Yesterday evening I was going to set some legholds but fell asleep before the chickens roosted so far there are five ears chewed up but the corn is young yet.....Wish I was younger i would stay out and .22 them, BUT, alas I can't see good enough to define what I am shooting at anymore especially at night then there is my hearing...

I'll say this except for the retained smarts it sure sucks getting old. But I know the only other choice is death so me thinks I will chose life with bad eye sight as well as hearing.....

Oh, the reason I am particular about this stand of corn is I have pop-corn planted in the middle of the stand.

obligatory fuck inserted here as apposed to there... :) "

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