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In Category: Off Topic Posts
The F Word
Watch this 
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Just an observation,

Since all this talk of minors has popped up i've noticed people censoring themselves.

I for one have been filling up rude words with little *'s etc.

I've also been using words like "tom-foolery", and that's a good word to be using..
Posted on 02/24/08, 12:53 am
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Reply #6581 - 11/03/14  1:10pm
" two days...and I just gota do it

fuck there all is right with the world! "
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Reply #6582 - 11/04/14  11:05am
" Now do not read anything into this link or rather me because i posted it here....Ii just find it very funny as it pertains to a supposed current life of the natcies....I don't even know what this series is about......

And, while you might find what is portrayed in this link as repulsive I really think if you just focus on the subtitles you just might find it amusing also... "
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Reply #6583 - 11/04/14  10:27pm
" I'm very glad this Fucking post is still running. And it's immune to Ebola... Fucking Ebola... "
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Reply #6584 - 11/06/14  8:08pm
" I know it's great, fucking great.... "
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Reply #6585 - 11/09/14  12:47pm
" They probably know and use words that would shock most of us! "
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Reply #6586 - 11/09/14  7:29pm
" the only thing that shocks me is.......well I don't really know....guess I am shock proof....fucking awsum..... "
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Reply #6587 - 11/17/14  11:16am
" it a duck for a fuck, or a fuck for a duck, or is it 5 dollars for a fucked up duck that is the punch line to the traveling to market joke? "
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Reply #6588 - 11/18/14  7:53pm
" some day when the bottom falls out I most likely will float out with the rest of the shit.

I don't think I am special in any way though I would like to be, nope just another brick in the wall. It is too bad I know but that is my view of life...used to think I was or had the gift but much to my dismay I finally wised up to the fact that I had fucked myself with unrealistic views of life.

Oh well, just another day in paradise....! "
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Reply #6589 - 11/19/14  12:36pm
" I am out of sanity
I am out of will
I am out of ambition
staring out the window across my sill

I spy understanding
I conceive fortitude
I slay laziness
staring into the window of which I look out

K, totally fucking confused myself again..... "
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Reply #6590 - 11/21/14  5:44pm
" its a travesty I tell ya a fucking travesty....

so guy was speeding down the freeway
cop sees him and gives chase
guy speed up cop matches
on and on this goes till they are going 120

guy 's car quits so he has to pull over
cop come up and asks
You know I was behind you why did you not pull over?

"Why darn it there officer....My wife ran off with a state trooper
and I thought you were bringing her back"


Tooo bad we don't have smilely face's for our post's....its a fucking travesty I tell ya!!!!!!!! "

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