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In Category: Off Topic Posts
The F Word
Watch this 
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Just an observation,

Since all this talk of minors has popped up i've noticed people censoring themselves.

I for one have been filling up rude words with little *'s etc.

I've also been using words like "tom-foolery", and that's a good word to be using..
Posted on 02/24/08, 12:53 am
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Reply #6571 - 10/16/14  10:17am
" yep we b fucked...we be screwed when they let sick people fly the airways when they know that they have been exposed to ebola

I just don't fucking know what the hell they are thinking, just way beyond me. "
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Reply #6572 - 10/18/14  10:14am
" things 2do 2day.....

fix gate
cut wire and put in gate
drink to do this while doing gates
go check on mexican who I gave hob-an-air-o's to....these are really hot ones
get beer while there...mexican runs a mexican restaurant.
pick pop corn and sting up 2 dry
pick beans
pick tomatillios
cut red hob-an-air-o's pull seeds cut in2 chunks and roast
get more beer and cry when i touch picking my nose or scratching my eyes or peeing....yep cry every time i do it for at least three days, because that is how ling it takes the oil to just quit being hot.

So as I look over the list I realize I will never get none of this done except the drinking of beer. you know fuck it a list is a list and baby steps are baby steps..... "
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Reply #6573 - 10/21/14  9:51am
" yep gates and beer need I say more? I ask what are priorities and why does that word have 3 i's in it?

prioritize my ass .... darn just forgot what I was going to say.....

Fuck oh dear....I think I have some-timers..... "
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Reply #6574 - 10/29/14  12:20pm
" HI! oh and fuck U 2... :) "
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Reply #6575 - 10/30/14  8:45am
" I think the time has come to just fuck off...and be done with it... "
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Reply #6576 - 10/30/14  4:30pm
" I'm an intelligent, classy, well educated woman who says FUCK a lot. "
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Reply #6577 - 10/31/14  12:18am
" Haha, this thread is over 6 1/2 years old. It was posted in February 2008. "
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Reply #6578 - 10/31/14  8:44am
" Oh come on liz...has it been that long?

holy fuck it has...damm the torpedoes full speed ahead!!!! "
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Reply #6579 - 10/31/14  3:12pm
" K, pay attention now I know some of you actually read my stupidity but this is not about being stupid or using the fword...this is about dementia and depression,,,...they are saying there is a link between the two....|main5|dl9|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D554085

I don't know if the link will post but it should....I will pm this to the vet and he can disseminate it also... "
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Reply #6580 - 10/31/14  3:15pm
" K, the vet was not around but Pepper is so he has it....

fuck me running open my mouth and just change feet.... "

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