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In Category: Off Topic Posts
The F Word
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Just an observation,

Since all this talk of minors has popped up i've noticed people censoring themselves.

I for one have been filling up rude words with little *'s etc.

I've also been using words like "tom-foolery", and that's a good word to be using..
Posted on 02/24/08, 12:53 am
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Reply #6631 - 02/19/15  10:58am

Now working on day six or is it seven? IDK? started on friday and don't know what day it is now....?

Pluming done, electrical done, floor done and pooper installed. I say installed because the throne sits there not connected to a water supply, the water is there but the hose from the tap will not fit the tank. Oh and yes the pluming for the effluence is done...just needs water...oh and some sheetrock is hung because toilet would block its installation otherwise.

Next is shower stall, finish sheet rock and install new door....have i missed anything? IDK, but I think I bit off more than I can chew and it has been alot....

I do have tractors to work on but this takes precedent...

Fuck.... just couldn't hit this thread with out doing it... ;) "
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Reply #6632 - 02/20/15  11:51pm
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Reply #6633 - 02/21/15  1:53pm
" I see both sides of the issue, but I use the fuck word a lot. Swearing is the only vise I have left, and I'm not willing to give it up just yet. "
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Reply #6634 - 02/24/15  10:41am
" daily fuck blog: Bath room is done and I took a shower, finally... fuck it was great...fucking out standing I say! "
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Reply #6635 - 03/04/15  10:39am
" Oh and you thought it was over???? Not so there... the insanity has just rearranged its self....

It came back in the form of the 1468(?)86 intersmashable tractor.

fucking thing is-has driven me insane I tell ya!!!!! So there I was thinking I had the 3-point hydraulic lift figured out. Broke a bolt so took it back off, had the special shouldered bolt made put it ALL back together, back on and have COMPLETELY different problems.... I am so fucking screwed.....hence the insanity!!! "

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