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In Category: Off Topic Posts
The F Word
Watch this 
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Just an observation,

Since all this talk of minors has popped up i've noticed people censoring themselves.

I for one have been filling up rude words with little *'s etc.

I've also been using words like "tom-foolery", and that's a good word to be using..
Posted on 02/24/08, 12:53 am
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Reply #6641 - 03/23/15  2:33pm
" Fuck me! It's still running! I'm so proud. "
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Reply #6642 - 03/30/15  10:36am
" hahah I am so fucked, fucked because it is Gardening time.....yep I am as busy as a one legged man in an asskicking contest... "
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Reply #6643 - 04/01/15  11:27am
" yep here is another brick in the fucking wall...someday this wall might be completed..... "
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Reply #6644 - 04/02/15  12:13am
" hard to do but trying "
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Reply #6645 - 04/02/15  6:27pm
" Yea...I'm all who I am..if I get a warning for my swears..than maybe I would curbtale them...but minors..know more swear words and more slang than me..If I want to say F*ck...or Sh*t...ass...if it pertains to my topic at the moment..I can not censor...because I would be unable to get the emotional context of my feelings across. "
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Reply #6646 - 04/05/15  4:15pm
" I do so and do so proudly...

there ya fucking have it.... "
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Reply #6647 - 04/06/15  11:09am
" Me and the powers that be.

I am putting you on notice a notice of fuck you, i will circumvent your powers of control.!.

Oh You might have thought I was inferencing a government bureaucracy as the powers that be?

Oh no, haha... the powers that be over clutch packs for cars and such... I just pulled a clutch out of a Legacy '95 model and found they only sell the replacement as a kit for $160. I only need the friction plate which some how tore its self in half? Yeah i am confused also as I have never seen the round friction part separated from the spring/spline part.

BUT I see new and confusing things every day and that is one among many I hope to never see again. So, so I am not bitching or crying here I am circumventing the PTB at the parts house...hahah suckers I am going to a place that actually repairs these things....

Oh and we bought this su-ba-roo just a month ago and the kid said he had just put a clutch in it, we went through his records and he has put 3 of them in...? yeah your reading that right 3, that's more than I have ever put in a car, ever.... must be something ammis?

Oh well have a nice fucking day every one ;-) "
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Reply #6648 - 04/07/15  10:21am
" HA picked up the friction plate for 40 buck-a-fuck-a-roos....

Eat that PTB mo-foes.... "
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Reply #6649 - 04/16/15  10:32am
" You know it has been getting very buzzie around here, I f'n swear its all assholes and elbows... well me just elbowing the assholes out of the way.

But darn between breakdowns and planting and home repairs I don't seem to have enough time to drink beer anymore :-(

I mean what's a guy to fucking do I only have two hands? "

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