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Wellbutrin XL??
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I am looking for someone who has been or is on Wellbutrin XL. i am 25 days into this drug and experiencing unwanted side effects. Iam hoping that they will leave.
Posted on 05/16/07, 01:04 pm
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Reply #41 - 06/02/10  2:28pm
" I take Wellbutrin XL 300mg. before that I took Prozac. I really liked Prozac, but suffered side effects.
My Dr. prescribed Wellbutrin to avoid the side effects. Wellbutrin doesn't have as dramatic of an effect, but it does seem to keep me on an even keel. "
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Reply #42 - 06/02/10  3:28pm
" It made me dizzy, edgy and, very irritable and confrontational. I had to get a Meds. change. Dr.s sometime have to switch from one kind to another till they find out which antidepressant works best for you. All of us react different ways so don't get discouraged or give up. "
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Reply #43 - 08/09/10  2:07pm
" It is no working for me up to 300 mg. Feel Anxious, very depressed, and having tingling in my legs. "
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Reply #44 - 10/05/10  9:14am
" I take srwellbutrim 150, seems to work for me, dizziness sometimes, but only when getting up to standing position, a little anxious, but also helps adult attention disorder in me, more organized, a little zapped at times, but do have allergies, which tire me out. "
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Reply #45 - 02/01/11  5:37pm
" I was just put on this for the third time. I used to take 300 mgs with no issues. I will add that I have Bipolar Disorder so I am also taking Zoloft, Litihium and Seroquel. But I have been on those for months.

I started back on Wellbutrin XL at 150 mgs. Since I started it last week I have had the shakes and zero appetite. I talked to my doctor today and he said to stop taking it. Hopefully these side effects will go away when I stop. "
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Reply #46 - 03/31/11  2:24pm
" I took Wellbutrin XL 150 mg for several weeks on top of Cymbalta 60 mg. The cymbalta seemed to be making me lethargic and unmotivated, so the Dr. thought the Wellbutrin would help. It ended up making me anxious & crazy feeling, made me talk too much, gave me dry mouth, and make me restless. It was like drinking way too much espresso. I stopped taking it and don't feel as wired. I might have to increase the Cymbalta because I feel weepy a lot. I used to be on Effexor XR 150, which helped me get through a lot of everyday life. I moved, and this is a new doctor and a new situation in my life. It's hard to compare effects. Maybe Wellbutrin just has speedy effects on certain people, and not on others. "
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Reply #47 - 05/13/11  6:31pm
" I was on Wellbutrin for about four or five years and I noticed it was starting to make me feel emotionless and I was unable to be creative, there was also a point where it made me feel even more down. I think it did work but now I may need something different. "
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Reply #48 - 10/02/11  7:41pm
" I have been on wellbutrin for a couple of months now and it seems to be working. I was on 150mg then had headaches and they reduced it to 100mg. I became depressed again then went back to 150mg and thought maybe if I take an asprin with it I wont get the headaches and it worked. I also get leg cramps, vivid dreams, insomina, but I would not trade all that for depression again. "

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