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Wellbutrin XL??
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I am looking for someone who has been or is on Wellbutrin XL. i am 25 days into this drug and experiencing unwanted side effects. Iam hoping that they will leave.
Posted on 05/16/07, 01:04 pm
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Reply #21 - 10/30/07  11:20pm
" i was on welbutrin. worked fine until i took doses at the wrong times (like late in the afternoon when i shouldn't) but i'm happy to answer your questions if u'd like "
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Reply #22 - 10/31/07  3:19pm
" hi sorry about this but could some explain how i am to know if someone responded to my questions on wellbutrin xl? i have never done this before. Thank you. "
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Reply #23 - 10/31/07  4:28pm
" At the top of the disscusion you can click on watch this topic. "
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Reply #24 - 01/10/08  9:30am
" I am on day 13 of wellbutrin sr. I have dry mouth, decreased appetite and was feeling VERY anxious. Today I am finally better (although still dry mouth). I'm not sure what to expect yet - I put a call in to my doctor, so we'll see... "
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Reply #25 - 05/06/08  1:34am
" I just started taking Wellbutrin XL 2 weeks ago.

I already think it's helping my mood, but I have been having a lot of side effects. Last thursday, I actually thought the medication was making me impossibly sick. A 24 hour flu was going around however, and I believe I got that.

I normally experience stomach aches, dry mouth and headaches, but at one point, I just realized that this was dehydration. I started drinking more water, and it pretty much fixed all of my side effects. "
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Reply #26 - 08/20/08  5:53pm
" This is all good to know because I am starting on the SR and may move to the XL...depending upon how well SR does for my blue moods. So far I am an almost nauseating advocate for Wellbutrin over any other AD I have taken (and there have been a few, my friends!). I have sudden boundless energy which lasts pretty much thru the day, but I understand the XL could magnify this effect and may affect sleeping, anxiety, etc. Unless you are just getting knocked out by the side effects of Wellbutrin, perhaps talking to your doctor about SR would be an option? "
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Reply #27 - 08/20/08  8:26pm
" I took it and within 3 months I wanted to kill myself and I've never been suicidal in my adult life. It was scary. I take Zolfot now and feel FANTASTIC as far as that goes. It also pushed my brother over the edge. He spent 2 weeks in ICU due to his attempt that almost worked, mostly due to the Wellbutrin XL. Be careful. "
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Reply #28 - 08/20/08  8:39pm
" I have been on Wellbutrin XL for many years and it has caused almost no side effects for me,..It helps with my depression more than any other anti-depressant I was put on,..I take 300 MG every morning,..and at times I am allowed to take an extra 150 mg. in the afternoon,.if I feel I need to,... "
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Reply #29 - 08/20/08  8:47pm
" if the side effects are lasting that long, you may want to talk to your doctor about stopping it cause they typically only last a week or 2. i was wellbutrin, but it made me worse, so i had to stop taking it. "
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Reply #30 - 04/15/09  6:09pm
" I was on Prozac for 17 years and then it stopped working! I was started on Wellbutrin XL soon after (July '08) and did find my mood improved. I, however, ended up having ongoing sore throats which I connected to the Wellbutrin. Due to this and also due to the fact I ended up becoming quite depressed again, I recently stopped taking the Wellbutrin. I am now on Celexa and find my mood has improved significantly. Besides the sore throat I also noticed that I had ringing in my ears which has now also stopped. I do feel that the Wellbutrin did initially help my mood but eventually (besides the above side effects) worsened my mood quite a bit --- I noticed I was having a lot of crying jags the past couple of months. That said, I have a friend who has been on Wellbutrin for approx. 5 years and continues to do very well on it. Everybody reacts so differently..............hang in there.............. "

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