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How's your Christmas Shopping going?
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I know how well distraction can work when I'm really low, so please forgive me. I owe it to my friends here to pull myself up out the pit again, and one thing that's playing on my mind is Christmas shopping. I'm getting there, but the cost is breathtaking, and it feels like a LOT of effort.

So, anyone got any tough people to buy for and need ideas? Anyone got them all and wrapped them already? (I remember someone on here two years back already had their tree up because he hadn't taken it down from the last year.)

So far the sickest gift I found is a Titanic Ice-cube tray, along with an inceberg.
Posted on 11/26/12, 08:38 pm
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Reply #11 - 11/27/12  5:59pm
" I don 't have anyone to buy for except my birds.
I try and get them something from Santa each year....
This year it will be hard to do.
(I 'd like the new wii....hope your son said thanks Abraxas) "
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Reply #12 - 11/27/12  6:33pm
" Christmas shopping? B-PHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! That's a new one.

My family is just getting together to enjoy a meal, maybe throw a few bucks at the little kids, so they can get whatever they want. "
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Reply #13 - 11/27/12  7:45pm
" Late last night I tried to take advantage of the "Cyber-Monday" deal and got a few things on Amazon. I don't have many people to buy presents for, which is good since I have no money to speak of. ;)

Went to a mall today but was so spaced-out and unmotivated, I came back with nothing but a few protein bars for myself. "
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Reply #14 - 11/27/12  11:33pm
" Hahahahahaahaaaaaaah LOL I love your sense of humor.

I now only have my niece and my husband to shop for. They are ultra-easy, and so I am spoiled.

But I clearly remember the pressure at Christmastime----uuuggghhhhh, you should have seen me dragging myself out looking for something for The Horrids---the jerks in my life---had to keep up appearances and pretend everything was great. WHATANIGHTMARE. (They were always the ones I put off 'til last---and that was kind of a mistake. Do not do what I did---)

For the rest, once I got going, it was fairly easy to throw myself into it. I stuck to lists and budgets, and was much happier for it.

I went out on quieter mornings (Mon, Tues, Weds.) and later at night, that way I avoided the dreaded crowds and elevated panic.

The only advice I can give is, to have as much fun with it as possible. The boys ARE older, so maybe it's time for fewer presents, but more meaningful ones (joke knickers and the like!).

I used to find some non-irritating Christmas music, usually of a classical or Celtic airs nature, and start to mellow out and make my lists.

I also had to revert to gift baskets full of gourmet stuff for my Dad because he was so impossible to buy for (but was a dear, and appreciated any effort we made). Food presents were a hit with most people on my list, and can be fun.

Sometimes you gotta scale back and be realistic; it's another good chance to teach the boys money lessons, but in a gentle and fun way. "
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Reply #15 - 11/27/12  11:38pm
" PS---I know I'm rambling and apt to sound kooky---

----but if anyone's in the mood for getting me something really cool, I'm kind of thinking of a small farm and a goat for Christmas---that would be so excellent!

:D "
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Reply #16 - 11/28/12  12:28am
" Almost finished, just one left and I'm waiting because it's food (candy, but still) so I want it to get here fresh and they don't do that send-ahead thing. I think this is the most ahead I've ever been! "

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