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Depresssed about turning 24
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My birthday is tomorrow and I am not happy about it at all. I feel like I haven't even come close to enjoying my 18th-23rd years the way most people do and I feel like I am not at the same "life stage" as people my age. When I see 20-21 year olds, I feel like I can relate to them like they are my age. I am nowhere near the point where I will look at 20 year old girls and think "oh they're too young for me, they're just kids".

I think I would give almost anything to be 21 or 22 again. I really feel like I'm over the hill.
Posted on 04/14/12, 08:34 pm
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Reply #31 - 04/15/12  3:05pm
" Really? Come on now.

Reply #28 (yours): "This idea that you're supposed to be a certain way when you're at a certain age."

Nobody is telling you that except for YOU.

"I wish people would just let everyone live however they want to live and not judge."

Nobody is judging you but YOU.

Reply #29: The whole post...This is just ridiculous. Do you not see all the men on this board reaching out for support?????? Stop twisting the world to fit your own preconceived notions. Because they're bullshit, pure and simple.

People have been very supportive of you here, and you crap on every bit of advice, and every suggestion, that does not allow you to keep up your current outlook on life.

I understand that none of us want to be depressed. I do. But really, you are trying so hard to STAY that way, that it's a bit frustrating.

Have you considered acting as if none of these stereotypes exist? I'm not saying they don't, but they are nowhere near as prevalent as you think they are.

Act like you want. Talk to whoever the fuck you want. It's not like the cops are gonna come and arrest you!!! The worst...absolute very worst...thing that would happen is that you are talked to in an unfriendly manner. Is that really so horrible?

No. It's not. Especially when the alternative is that you spend your life alone, wishing and hoping for something that YOU YOURSELF have denied yourself.

Get out there and fucken live. Nobody's stopping you but you. If a girl isn't interested, fuck her. You dont' want her anyway. If somebody has the balls to call you old at 24, they are out of their minds. If somebody says that a man can't ask for support, they are living in the past and they are flat-out wrong.

That's the clearest I can put this...please try to take some of it in...because it's the truth. Something in your mind is lying to you, Ameer, but we are not. "
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Reply #32 - 04/15/12  3:06pm
" Oh and happy birthday. Please do something to celebrate :) "
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Reply #33 - 04/15/12  4:52pm
" Thanks for the birthday wish.

I am not crapping on anyone's advice, I listen to everything. y depressed and don't want to keep a negative outlook on life. I would like be to see things differently. But it's not that simple.

Yeah I know I can technically go out and talk to whoever I want, but the problem is I am very sensitive to what people think of me and I get this feeling of shame when I am doing something that I am not "supposed to be doing" according to society.

But yeah, I understand what you are saying and I am trying to force myself to put myself out there more. It would help if I could get into therapy and do something about this social anxiety though. "
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Reply #34 - 04/15/12  4:53pm
" *typo I am not trying to stay depressed "
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Reply #35 - 04/15/12  5:00pm
" Okay that last one came off a little harsh...didn't mean it that way.

What I should have said is that the way you respond to advice makes it SOUND like you're not taking it (or crapping on it lol).

Of course none of us want to stay this way. It just seems that these beliefs are so firmly entrenched in your mind that...i don't know...I suppose that was my way of trying to shake you up a bit. Stupid, I know lol.

Do you really know, like or love yourself? That sounds weird but for me it's what's given me the confidence to say "fuck society." I know who I am, what I value and what I don't. It's definitely not a cure (I mean look at some of my posts LMAO) but for your might be an important step, you know?

Sorry my responses are so remind me of somebody I know, very very simillar issues, so I suppose it hits close to home. But I really do wish you the best. And I hope that therapy is available very quickly for you, so you can start living the awesome life that's out there :) "
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Reply #36 - 04/15/12  5:11pm
" Thanks. I appreciate your posts a lot. "

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