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Sleep issues
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How does one sleep when they are at their wits end with anxiety and sadness. I close my eyes and I feel panicky and my heart beating rapidly. I can't go on like this, then I start crying. Any suggestions?
Posted on 04/12/12, 06:18 pm
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Reply #1 - 04/12/12  6:31pm
" Have you tried an herbal tea that helps with relaxation and sleep. There are a few. Are you on any anti-anxiety meds? Reading before bed? Listening to music? Breathing exercises? I wish I had a miracle answer for you that would help you sleep and wake rested and renewed. I feel what you're saying. There are nights I pray someone will whack me with a 2x4 and knock me out cold. But I can offer my compassion, and I truly hope you one day soon get the good night rest you seek.

Roxie "
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Reply #2 - 04/12/12  6:36pm
" Do you drink coffee? "
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Reply #3 - 04/12/12  6:37pm
" :( I'm sorry you are having a hard time!!! I have struggled with sleep problems off and on for several years so I understand your frustration!

Things that have worked for me in the past:
1. journaling right before bed- don't pick a topic just write whatever is on your mind... HOWEVER, this has the potential to make you more upset if you "think" about what you are writing. This should be pure free writing, without thinking about what you are writing.

2. I am very visual, so I made a "worry box" out of a yogurt tub. I write things that I feel I "need" to worry about on a piece of paper and put them in the worry box. I set aside a particular time each day to "worry" about those things, but put a time limit on it. Allow yourself to feel those emotions at that time, then visualize yourself putting those worries back in the worry box. ***I got really lazy and quit doing this when my depression got really bad.

3. Reading before bed is helpful for me (some people say different). If I catch myself thinking about my troubles, I go back to the page that I remember reading. I just keep refocusing.

4. warm bath with candles and classical music has helped before

5. listening to guided meditation is really relaxing for me, especially ones where you are at the beach! you can get these on iTunes for free :)

I wish you luck in this struggle to sleep! I feel quality sleep is essential to recovery! "
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Reply #4 - 04/12/12  6:39pm
" There are lots of relaxation techniques. But a routine for preparing yourself to sleep including a nice warm bath and maybe a nice cup of caffeine free herbal tea could be helpful in lessening the anxiety. Also if necessary let your doctor know about your sleep issues. There may be some meds that can help you too.

I'm no expert. I am sensitive to sleep issues because of my very odd rotating shift work schedule. I work during the day one week and at night the next week. I sometimes just have to get so exhausted that sleep becomes inevitable. Please be careful , just a couple of weeks ago I was caught dozing off behind the wheel. My son alerted me and we narrowly avoided an accident. He drove the rest of the way home. Sleep deprivation can lead to accidents and in some cases a pronounced deterioration of ones mental health. Please get help if you start to doze off at odd times or if you feel very " out of sorts."
All the best to you. "
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Reply #5 - 04/12/12  6:46pm
" Exercising a few hours before your bed-time; it will release stress levels..can you also try medications (otc or prescribed)? Do not go to bed until you are sleepy.. "
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Reply #6 - 04/12/12  8:38pm
" youtube has many many many many many different guided meditations and relaxation videos that I sometimes find very helpful in relaxing and relieving stress/anxiety. There are some great ones to help you relax before sleep.

That's my suggestion! "
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Reply #7 - 04/12/12  9:02pm
" I know it's cheating but when I can't handle it I take phenergan an antihistamine, but it really isn't something you want to rely on. Most days I just deal with it, only when my head is banging through lack of sleep that I do it : ) "
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Reply #8 - 04/12/12  9:56pm
" I've been there...I see it as multiple facets and all can be helpful. My first stop would be a doctor and have a frank discussion. Some anti-anxiety meds could prove helpful. Also, anxiety and sadness could be a function of how you are handling daily stresses.

What is true for any life challenge is that at times we need outside help to get us through it. Don't ever feel you are "less" for doing so. I've had some depression issues and have actually found a free group headed by a psychiatrist. Keep looking...I hope you find the peace you deserve "

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