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emergency room will not help you
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i have had several therapist and my psychologist tell me when you feel this bad go to the er. i have done this 4 different times 3 different hospitals.. the have told me the same thing. there is nothing wrong with you go home. has this happened to anyone else? i am at a completely at a loss at what to do. am i doing something wrong? it feels like i am brushed off a nobody like i am just annoying or boring them usually i am suicidal at that point. any suggestions ? ideas? where do i go from here? do i have to try to actually commit suicide before they do something to help? i am desperate.
Posted on 11/14/10, 06:18 pm
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Reply #21 - 11/16/10  4:10pm
" I know this is a very different situation, but I just wanted you to know that sometimes it does not matter why you are at the hospital, you can be ignored. It was 2 am, my son was not breathing properly, I didn't know what was wrong with him, we went to ER they took his blood pressure and sent us to the waiting room. In the waiting room were two drunk guys waiting to get stitches from their separate bar fights. I sat there holding my son with my 2 year old beside us listening to Fuck this, Fuck that, What a Fucking Fight that was ha ha ha, blood all over their clothes and my sons terrified. I asked to get into a room as soon as possible but was ignored. When I said it was Bull Shit to leave a 4 year old who wasn't breathing properly unattended I was told that verbal abuse is not tolerated and to take a seat be quiet or be removed. I did not know what was wrong with my son as this had never happened before. I waited another 20 minutes then one guy was taken in ahead of my son. When I questioned that they said "Well if you would have been here at 10 pm the children's ER was still open". My son was breathing fine at 10 pm. After that I left. Turns out my son has asthma and that was his first attack. Going outside into the cool night air helped him to breath better, I stayed up the rest of the night watching him sleep and watching his chest rise and fall. We live in Canada so it doesn't matter where you are, it happens. I once called a crisis number because my BF at the time was on his way home, he was mad and I knew I was in for a terrible beating, I was asked how old I was and then told that number did not apply to me. Sometimes when we are desperate there just doesn't seem to be anyone who cares. Life has been hard for sure, I once OD'd and nearly died, I woke up in a hospital 200km from home with no clothes just a hospital gown, and no money. After nearly dying I was released 1 hour after coming to. They had filled my stomach with charcoal to get rid of the meds I took, they also poured a bunch of it down into my one lung by accident. I was coughing up black stuff for days and my chest was rattling with every breath. I don't know why I am even still here. But don't give up, when you need help keep looking for it, even if you have to go online to find someone to talk to. There are people out there who care, they just might not be working at the ER. Get to see your Dr. as soon as you can and do all that you can to calm yourself in the meantime.
Here you can not just go to a phsychiatric hospital, they have wings in our regular hospital for short term patients, and that is supposed to include those in danger of hurting themselves. Of course you have to actually se a Dr to get admitted. We have the provincial hospital that is a long term care facility and there is NO way that you just walk in there and ask for help. They would however probably call the police to come get you. Not sure what happens from there, our police would probably just put you in a cell for the night, there have been several people die in police cells in the last couple of years. "
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Reply #22 - 11/17/10  6:21am
" beth 36 in reply to your questions ive been to christ hospitol 2 seperate times u c hospitol and the 3 rd one i cant remember it is on clifton ave. so i am courious whay have you asked beth 36? "
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Reply #23 - 11/18/10  5:20am
" beth36 the 3rd hospitol is good sam. also i have u c has one of the best rated psyc hosp. from what i exper. there was quite the opposite.they seemed cold and uncaring.when the dr. came after waiting for almost 3 hours was even worse. he was there in person not in mind. he was looking at the clock more than what i was saying. he rolled his eyes so i stoped in the middle of a sentence to see if he was listening. of coarse he was not listening at all all i got from that clown was go make an appointment with my psy.doc. my psy dr. told me if i feel desperate or ??? to go to the e.r. tell me how this helpful or does anyone have a good answer on this medical school of quackery U C GOOD? THE JOKE WAS ON ME "
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Reply #24 - 11/18/10  5:28am
" i have a similar story here in arizona, told the er nurse i was suicidal, they said have a seat, i waited for a couple hours and just got up and walked out, if a friend hadnt of chanced by while i was walking home i probably would of chewed on some led that day. mental heath isnt an emergency in the er i guess "
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Reply #25 - 11/18/10  7:05am
" Omg Lianna that's awful! I would've gone absolutely fucking mental! I'm on the verge of going mental just thinking about it!

I have asthma and it can kill. I can't believe they did that!! Fuck.They really don't care do they. Jesus. "
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Reply #26 - 11/18/10  8:24am
" It is not because hospitals or the caregivers don't give a shit and I kind of take offense to that. It all depends on how the patient presents. Also depends on what resources are available at the hospital. They may not have psychaitric services available and sometimes it takes many hours to find another hospital that has available space. If a patient is truly suicidal and says the right things they will get the help the need. It really is in how you present the picture to the provider. It is the ER's responsibilty to keep you safe until they can provide suitable options for you. If they do not have psychiatric services available then they can't offer councilling - just keep you safe. "
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Reply #27 - 11/18/10  8:29am
" Oh and let me say this. If you tell someone in a hospitat that you are suicidal and they tell you to have a seat then that is a serious problem. That is NOT keeping you safe. I don't know what the hell kind of hospital does that. Obviously not the kind I know. "
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Reply #28 - 11/18/10  4:44pm
" OK, in spite of everything, I'm going to try again!

1. You were admitted to Christ in early September for depression.
2. Only two trips to the emergency room and I was with you both times! The first time was by ambulance. It was Christ that time. They gave you several tests and could not find something physically wrong with you. I went with you to Dr. Kahn's the next day and she tried to explain that even though the symptoms that panic attacks are very real, there is no physical basis for them.

Remember how I was able to almost completely cure the horrible panic attacks I used to have on steps? I have also been trying to help you understand the nature of panic attacks!

It was also my idea that you see your PCP to see if anything physical might be causing and he tested your (I think) thyroid and adrenal glands as well as prescribing another medicine to help you with your panic attacks!

3. The second trip to the emergency was less than satisfactory and I was amazed because University is normally absolutely wonderful! They were extremely helpful in 2008 the first time you sought help! And you know what wonderful care they took of me when I had to be admitted in March due to pseudoflare of MS caused by an STD!

The doc in the emergency room was absolutely uncaring and was quite obviously bored! I think I even saw him roll his eyes! Jerk!

But I was there for you and Bill and Sam also came the second time for support!

And you are now enrolled in therapy and have an appmnt. for next week! Now that you are back to your normal schedule and will be off on weekends, you can sign up for the support groups you had wanted to join and could not, because they only meet on weekends!

So it looks to me like you are getting a lot of support!

1. Your wife
2. Your son and daughter-in-law
3. Your psy doc
4. Your PCP
5. Your new therapist
6. Daily Strength

Then are the two antidepressants you take, the two meds to help you with your panic attacks, the Seroquel to help to keep you stable. Am I missing anything?

And what was absolutely mind-boggling was the way that Kirk allowed you to change your schedule so you could attend the Intensive Outpatient Therapy at Christ! You said that you got a lot out of it!

They had you go home from Christ because there was nothing physically wrong with you! Remember, they gave you an EKG and a few blood tests. Everybody except the doc at University is doing their very best for you!

And if you have been to another hospital you have not told me. What hospital on Clifton Avenue did you go to? "
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Reply #29 - 11/19/10  12:44pm
" Probably should explain that I am Ken's wife and that was why I posted what I did! I was only trying to help hm sincerely. For whatever reason he does not respect me or my opinions. So to see other people who are basically saying the same kind of things I have been trying to tell him will hopefully make him realize that there limits for what an ER is equipped to do!

His psychiatrist is telling him the same thing. There is only so much that can be done for you. You must do the rest yourself! She also said that I am very proactive and that he is not! And I also agree with that as well!

He did not tell them that he was suicidal when we went to the emergency room, or if he did I was not aware of it!

I have good experiences with ER's because the four times in my life when I went to the ER it was by ambulance and was because of my MS! But I knew that I would not be in the ER for a long time and I knew that they would only take care of the emergency!

The first time he went to the ER it was in October and he was taken by ambulance and they took him right away! The second time he went the police drove us, and told them what the situation was. We did not have to wait very long to get taken back to the psych ER waiting room.

I am aware that mental health issues are different from physical health issues! The human mind is a very murky area and is extremely complex and since mental health issues often produce symptoms that "invisible" it is probably quite difficult to treat them!

As someone who has MS I know all about "invisible symptoms!" One of the main "invisible symptoms" that MS causes is known as MS fatigue! It is very real and extremely debilitating! But you can't tell by looking at me if I am absolutely drained and exhausted!

And I can't tell by looking if someone is depressed! "
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Reply #30 - 11/24/10  1:44am
" The USA - I have said and I will say it again, is s--- if you have very little insurance, like an HMO. These greedy b------- are not there to help people- they are there to disregard your insurance claim. I have congestive heart failire and pulmonary hypertension. These are life threatening diseases. I remember living with chest pains and when I went to the ER, MY CARDIAC ENZYMES WERE UP, MY EKG WAS OFTEN ABNORMAL, but I was sent home. Depression? Yes, one who is on her on like I am gets seriously depressed after a heart attack-and the doctors at the ER and private ones will tell people they are fine. Why? It's the money, HONEY. hOW MANY PEOPLE DO i KNOW WHO WORKED, did not have the money for high cost insurance, or had an HMO AND MEDICAID, and was trapped like an animal in pain with NO HELP. That's the way the government wants it. Medicare-is much better-there one may get a doctor who is truly a doctor. Psychopathic Presidents and leaders, doctors, all in high positions in our government and Healthcare, destroy people because of the fact that everything in this crazy country is to make the rich richer. War is big business. I pity the poor people who lose their houses because the person can't pay their medical bills. God help us all. "

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