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T4 T5 Heniation
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I have a central disc herniation with nerve impingement at T4 T5 I have also had C6 C7 fused from a rear end collision. The thoracic disc is giving me a fit. Has anyone out there ever had chronic nausea from a disc herniation? I also have abdominal pain and chest pain. My right arm feels somewhat numb with what feels like a burning sensation shooting down into my right hand. I have had the nerve burned and I am on Darvocet, lyrica and Lidocaine Patches. Any suggestions out there, I sure would apppreciate
some I am almost at wits end.
Posted on 09/24/09, 12:56 pm
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Reply #1 - 09/24/09  1:56pm
" I have disc herniation's at c-6-7 l4-5 s1, and the nausea is on going (worse now with the MS contin) I was told I had radiculopothy cervical and lumbar it causes swelling, and some burning in the chest, shoulders and arms, or hips and legs depending on the area...they were worried I was having heart problems b.c my left arm hurt and was swelling, my chest hurt and burned etc...peppermint tea helps, tiger balm works well, ice and heat...therapeutic massage is working well for me... "
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Reply #2 - 09/24/09  2:24pm
" Thank you so much for responding, sometimes I feel like a nut, when all this pain is going on in so many different places. I will definitely try the tea and tiger balm, already doing ice and heat. Is the tiger balm similar to icy hot or biofreeze? Massage I can't do because it is even sensitive to touch around my right shoulder and spine. Thanks again "
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Reply #3 - 09/24/09  3:56pm
" Yes, tiger balm is similar but works better for me personally, swimming is also great btw...if you can find a therapy pool near you it's something to consider. Ginger tea is another good upset tummy option, a couple I like by Yogi tea are called Tummy Tamer or Ginger Aid...very yummy and tummy calming, both can be found at local grocery stores or health food stores. I'm trying to think about what else obviously...somedays hot steam showers help too.
if you need to talk feel free to write. "
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Reply #4 - 09/24/09  4:06pm
" Thank you I really appreciate it and back at ya. Hope you have a really great day today "
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Reply #5 - 09/24/09  7:48pm
" achybrakey- Interesting you asked about nausea and thoracic pain. I don't think I have a herniated disc in my thoracic region however I have extreme pain in that area everyday. I've noticed when I do have pain in this region I tend to get quesy too. I have to have another set of MRI's soon and I'm wondering if the two are related. I think I'm gonna ask my doctor about this. Sorry your in pain. I hope you feel better soon. "
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Reply #6 - 09/25/09  11:21am
" I also had chest pain that at first I thought was acid reflux. At first I didnt put 2 and 2 together, but the back pain increased and so did the nausea and chestpain. Sending good thoughts your way "
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Reply #7 - 09/25/09  6:48pm
" Sounds like me.. I had cervical fusion 8/5/08 3 levels . I went back to work on 1/09 just to herniate 4 disc in my T spine . I have the same pain . I am now going to a pain mang. Dr. who is giving me trigger point injections . They seem to work for a while . I'm also going to new PT more hands on and Yoga work . Good luck we are the lucky ones . "
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Reply #8 - 09/26/09  12:07pm
" I had the same result with trigger point now he want to try epiduiral injections in the thoracic disc. Do you know what the difference is? The ablation he did on the cervical really gave me alot of relief, but it didn't work on the thoracic. "
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Reply #9 - 09/29/09  2:44pm
" Wow, I have wondered for over 8 years why I have this chronic, severe nausea. I have 4 bulging discs in my c-spine with 2 types of stenosis, 2 bulging in L-spine and one herniated with nerve impingement and stenosis. I have awful sciatica and neuralgia flare ups in my low back, butt and legs. There's more but I have forgotten all details. I saw a gastro doc and he did an EGD, Colonoscopy and biopsy of my small intestine. There are some food triggers but half the time I cannot make any connection as to why I am terribly nauseated. Oh, everything was normal from those tests and the abdominal ultrasound. I have treated the nausea with lots of ginger ale and soda crackers, also buttermilk at times. I have tried Zofran without success and now my doc prescribed Phenergan which works maybe half the time. I cannot believe what I have read here. A possibility that the nausea is from DDD and the mess my spine is in.

I plan to try peppermint tea, tummy tamer and ginger aid. Hope I can find them in the grocery store.

Hope you get to feeling better. : )

Sherry "

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