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xarelto and wine???
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Does anyone know if u can have a glass of wine on xarelto. I really need one today. Also does anyone take multi vitamins??
Posted on 09/13/13, 10:29 pm
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Reply #1 - 09/13/13  10:50pm
" I have no clue about xarelto, but I have a glass on warfarin all the time. Well, not ALL the time. Normally no more than one glass a week. "
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Reply #2 - 09/14/13  7:33am
" I suspect there's a risk of GI bleeds if you drink daily, but I'm sure a couple of drinks occasionally shouldn't be an issue. If you google "alcohol and Xarelto" I bet a lot of stuff would come up. "
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Reply #3 - 09/14/13  8:44am
" Currently there is no indications that alcohol affects you negatively on Xarelto as compared to Coumadin. I would still take the stance that as long as taken in moderation. The following Clot Connect article further discusses: "
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Reply #4 - 09/14/13  11:59am
" My hematologist said it was fine as long as in moderation. By moderation she meant 1 or 2 normal glasses (not the mega glasses) 2 or 3 times a week. My primary was not thrilled with it, but I decided to go with my specialist's advice. I drank wine when I was taking 20 mg a day. I would split a bottle with my husband and sometimes have a small glass of port after dinner too. I'm on 15 mg twice a day right now and have decided no drinking for the month I'm on this dose. Not because it will change how Xarelto works, but because on any blood thinner there is an increased risk of gastrointestinal bleeding when drinking. If you are on 20 mg a day I would say go for it and enjoy and don't worry about it.

I really like Xarelto, but I ran into my first reason not to yesterday. I had a blood test on Monday and it showed I had low vitamin D -- only 17.7. Not believed to be caused by the Xarelto. My primary wants me to start taking 2000 iu a day of Vitamin D, but no one -- not even the makers of Xarelto -- can tell me if it is safe or not. The response from all my doctors so far have been we can't advise you to take it or not take it. At this point my primary has told me to eat foods rich in Vitamin D and get more sun (my dermatologist is just going to love that, I get chewed out if she sees a tan on me). Also, because of my age I started having hot flashes about a month ago and those suck more than I ever imagined they would. My primary told me to take Estroven and my Gyno told me to try Peruvian Maca. Well, same thing, no one so far can advise me if I should take either one or not. I have't talked to my hematologist yet, but at this point I'm expecting the same thing. The problem of being a a new drug I guess.

If anyone is on Xarelto and taking any of the three supplements I mentioned above I would love to know. "
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Reply #5 - 09/14/13  12:18pm
" Might be worth calling a pharmacist and asking about. They'd probably have the most current info in their databases regarding known interactions with other meds and even supplements. "
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Reply #6 - 09/14/13  1:09pm
" Discussed that yesterday with the manufacturer of Xarelto. A pharmasict would call the Xarelto medical line for doctors and pharmiscists and be told the same thing my interventional radiologist's nurse practioner was told -- "there have been no studies so we cannot give any advise." Besides, my pharmacist seems to know less about Xarelto than I do -- I found that out when I started taking it. She just wanted to make sure I knew to stop the Warfarin. I was on the phone with the Xarelto medical section for patients almost an hour yesterday, why I know there is no information one way or the other. The thing is, if I had been on the supplements before I started taking Xarelto, they probably would have just given me the Xarelto and let me keep on with the supplements. But since I wasn't now no one wants to tell me it is OK and there will be no interaction. I guess no one wants the liability. By the time I had talked to Xarelto and three doctor's offices I was like Pamela yesterday -- I could have really used a drink. Maybe even two. The whole thing was very frustrating and I was feeling defeated. I no longer feel defeated today. Just frustrated and more than a bit mad about the whole thing. "
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Reply #7 - 09/14/13  7:44pm
" Omg aircirtapi I was insufficient with my vitamin d too. I am taking vitamin d3 now and my good cholesterol was to low so fish oil. I feel ok no problems thus far. I'm having wine too 1 glass. "
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Reply #8 - 09/14/13  11:17pm
" I think they actually have info on their website?? I think I have looked into this before, and found info there, but I may be crazy!! "
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Reply #9 - 09/15/13  9:34am
" Unfortunately, the only supplement information on the Xarelto website has to do with St. John's Wort, which you don't want to take because it may decrease the levels of Xarelto in your blood stream. For all other supplements the answer is they don't know if there is an interaction because no studies have been done so you should consult your doctor or pharmacist. And it seems the medical professionals in my life refuse to advise me to take or not take any of the supplements I have questions about.

I will probably start taking the D3 supplement in a couple of weeks. Especially since Pamela is doing it without issue. I will just live with the hot flashes unless I'm told I can take the other supplements. I don't want to start the vitamin D right now though just in case there could be an interaction because I just had some chronic clots removed from my left leg last week. I actually had the same procedure done in June. In June I had chronic clots removed from my popliteal vein to my iliac. The doctor got really good flow, but for some reason where my stents are in my femoral and iliac area it clogged up. Not something the doctor normally sees if he gets really good flow and the patient has tested negative for genetic reasons to clot. The working theory as to why I clotted up is there may be a subgroup of people that may need more Xarelto - that we are somewhat resistant to it. This one dose fits everyone may not be true. One dose fits most people.

Anyway, after the procedure in June the lower part of my leg looks great both externally and internally - and a major reduction in pain to no pain and the swelling went down too on the whole leg, not just the lower. 99% of the spider veins went away too. If you look at my leg now you would never know I was once clotted from my ankle to my iliac. Right after the procedure in June I was put on 20 mg of Xarelto a day, but since I clotted up again I have been put on 15 mg twice a day this time. If I can stay unclotted the first month after the procedure there is a really high likelihood I will remain so 5 years from now. "
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Reply #10 - 09/15/13  10:31pm
" I am taking 2000 D3 at night. "

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