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I was just told I have mrsa. Has anyone else with CF had this? Is it hard to get better? I know you can't get rid of it fully but is it a long term sickness? Please if anyone else has had mrsa let me know how you got threw it!
Posted on 02/04/08, 10:35 pm
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Reply #21 - 05/25/09  5:15am
" I hope that you can manage to get rid of this. MRSA is esily picked up in hospitals along with other 'superbugs'. Well it is here in the UK where hospital cleanliness is sometimes appalling. I recently went into hospital and could see that my room was not clean. Even though I felt ill, I went to the supermarket to get antibacterial wipes and cleaned the room from top to bottom. I payed extra attention to light switches and door handles etc. I shouldn't have had to do this but it's the only way to protect myself. Take care. "
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Reply #22 - 05/25/09  3:29pm
" Greetings and Salutations. My name is Steve. I am 39 years old and was just diagnosed Friday as having MRSA in my lungs. I am taking Zyvox orally for 14 days.

My FEV1 was down from 70% to 52%, and needless to say, I am fatigued and tired a lot. Are any of you going to work/school while being treated for MRSA? I regularly work an 80% schedule and I'm on FMLA (I'm in the USA) for 20% of the week. For CF exacerbations with IV antibiotics, I definitely stay home at least one week and then work half days for the rest of the treatment.

I have a great team of doctors, nurse practitioners, etc. but I can't get a straight answer out of them about time off from work. Any comments you have are appreciated.

Good luck to all of you, and have a wonderful day.

-Steve, 39 y.o. person with CF, CF related diabetes, and now, MRSA. "
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Reply #23 - 08/01/09  1:55pm
" Can anyone comment on MRSA transmition? My daughter is dating a boy with CF. He was in the hospital for the 2 weeks being traeted for pneumonia with MRSA. They are close and are frequently kissing. Does not sound like a good idea to me.

Any comments? Advice? "
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Reply #24 - 04/01/10  1:54pm
" Hi my name is shannon. I am 20 yrs old. I do have MRSA. MRSA stands for multi resistand sudamonus. its bug most of us get. its where u have trouble or do not respond to antbiotics. unfortunately it does not go away in less u have a transplant. depending on ure condition or the strain of bugs in ure lungs it can b controled!! :) the only advice i can give u is that do NOT wait until u are really sick to go and get treated. it will b harder for the antibiotics to treat the ger mor bugs growing in ure chest. hopw i helped!! "
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Reply #25 - 04/23/11  1:25pm
" I am almost 40 and have CF.

I just wanted to post a comment to Shannon - MRSA stands for Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus, not "multi resistand sudamonus".

Pseudomonas is a very different bacteria than Staph.

It's important not to post inaccurate information when dealing with medical conditions.

I have cultured MRSA in my lungs since October, and been treated with Doxycycline four times now (once in the hospital). Usually two to three weeks helps me feel better. MRSA for me starts with a fever (I never get fevers with Pseudomonas), extreme fatigue, increased cough and sputum, chest discomfort, and a general ill feeling.

Good luck to everyone fighting the battle. CF is an ugly disease. "
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Reply #26 - 04/23/11  1:27pm
" PS - according to a 2005 study of CF Patients, about 17% self-reported having colonized MRSA. I don't know how much that has changed since then. "

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