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alkaline vs. acidic
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I'm sure it is easy to get excited when flare turns into remission. We have waited so long. We tried the steroids. Nothing. We tried the 6mp. Nothing. Life continued to be difficult with pain, fatigue, etc......

Two people then approached us with the suggestion of getting her system more alkaline ph balance. We now get water that is ionized and within a week she has been in remission. Life is getting back to normal.

Has anyone else tried this?
Posted on 03/21/11, 11:55 am
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Reply #1 - 03/21/11  3:03pm
" Doesn't everything become acidic when it hits your stomach? "
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Reply #2 - 03/21/11  6:58pm
" i'd like to hear more about it...i've never heard this before, but it sounds interesting! "
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Reply #3 - 03/21/11  11:00pm
" There are foods that are more base or alkaline than others. Things that are processed are acid creating, which is the perfect thing for disease to thrive in the body. Eating your veggies and real, unprocessed foods are the way to go to keep your body in a state of lower acidity, hence, less chance of diseases.

If you want to know more about more alkaline foods to eat, just google it.

Best wishes for your health,

L "
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Reply #4 - 03/21/11  11:43pm
" Caveat emptor. . . Hate to be a negative nancy and I'd like to believe your intentions are true, but after reading this post and the one about your story immediately raised a red flag with me. The way this was posted sounds like spam and simple self promotion.

Just sharing my concern. . . "
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Reply #5 - 03/22/11  1:00am
" Hey, there are plenty of people out there who prey on those who are desperate and in need. That is why I posted that I hoped your intentions were true. I don't know you from Eve and when I felt like I smelled spam, I had to say something.

I immediately identified with your story because I am in that exact same spot right now and I'm trying to climb my way out. Of course I'd want something that would send me into remission quickly without the use of meds (because I believe in practicing holistic methods) but it was how the messages were posted that simply raised a red flag for me. (BTW, self promotion = your website.)

You're intentions are true, then I have no more to say. :) "
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Reply #6 - 03/22/11  1:30am
" The Kangen water is also how we did it. She started at 7.4 ph and then moved up to 8.2 and we will get to 10.0 ph. It doesn't have to be the Kangen system. It is just that this system was the first one out there. It can't hurt to look into it further. MindyWelch has experience the same relief that we have.

KewIB, yes there is acid in your stomach, however I am talking about our ph balance. Disease thrives in an acidic environment. Alkaline promotes healing. My daughter is off the couch and back to school. We have laughter in our home again. I know it is not a cure, but based on what she has gone through for the last 8 months I still think it is a bit of a miracle. "
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Reply #7 - 03/22/11  1:39am
" one more thing. Water ionizers start at about $500. You don't have to spend a lot. I met someone the other day that had a portable one that was under $100. I am not selling anything. But, I am looking to buy one.

Then, I will hope that this continues to help....... "
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Reply #8 - 03/22/11  7:31am
" I have heard before about an alkaline pH being preferred. In fact, when I was going to alternative med docs several years ago, they put me on "tri-salts" for this very reason. It did not help, but perhaps I did not give it enough time...I will pretty much try anything new... "
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Reply #9 - 03/22/11  8:22am
" When you are talking about body PH are you referring to blood PH?
Because different parts of your body have different PH levels. Blood is slightly alkaline at 7.4 and is highly regulated by the lungs and kidneys. Drinking alkaline water is very unlikely to change your blood PH. As we age, our blood PH naturally PH.
When you get a bladder infection, it's recommended to drink highly acidic cranberry juice to fight off the infection. Changing the PH of your gut and waste stream is one thing and has nothi9ng to do with with your blood PH. "
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Reply #10 - 03/22/11  8:25am
" As we age, our blood PH naturally becomes slightly acidic. Back in the 1970's, some guy made the observation that people with cancer had slightly acidic blood. So OF COURSE, if you make the blood more alkaline, you fight cancer,disease, etc. This is crappy science and has been disproved time and time again. Alkaline water is crappy science too. Just Google "alkaline water myths." "

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