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I have UC and have been on and off steroids & currently taking Apriso. The D is so hard to deal with and I don't get much sleep at all - I am so tired. I have read several blogs from our community about VSL#3 and am wondering how severe UC everyone has. It seems like my pain is no longer in my intestines, but in my stomache. Whenever I eat I get a horrible pain in my stomache and then it is off to the restroom with urgency! This may sound weird but I swear the food skips my stomache! I always check the toilet for blood and notice that the food I ate is in the toilet whole!!! For example, last week I ate a strawberry (apparently didn't chew enough) there it was plain as day except it was no longer red, it was white. Sorry to be gross but I'm desperately looking for answers. Has anyone experienced food skipping their stomache??? If so have you taken VSL#3????
Posted on 03/07/11, 11:46 pm
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Reply #1 - 03/08/11  7:21am
" What you describe is called "dumping." It isost common after abdominal surgery, but another trigger is malnutrition, which is probably the case for many of us w/ intestinal disorders, since it is the intestine that actually absorbs nutrients from food.

This is slightly technical, but readable and informative:

Dumping was one of my most severe symptoms. If I go off my medication for more than a day or two, everything starts coming out whole. I stopped eating out because it wasn't just a chance I'd end up stuck in the bathroom, it was a guarantee.

I don't know how common dumping is in crohn's and ic, buy it is common in people such as myself with eosinophilic gi disorders. The esophagus and stomach are so irritated it's like they just move it Perhaps an endoscopy is in order.

Overall, I wouldn't panic, but do talk to your doctor. The issue is controllable, but knowing why it is happening is important. "
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Reply #2 - 03/08/11  7:35am
" Dumping happens to me when I eat something that my gut won't tolerate (cooked spinach and corn are the worst). I agree with kidlet, talk to your doc about this, malabsorbtion can cause other issues. "
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Reply #3 - 03/08/11  9:26am
" My sister experienced "dumping syndrome" quite often after she had major cancer surgery to remove esophageal cancer. People who undergo gastric bypass surgery also experience dumping symdrome as well. "
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Reply #4 - 03/08/11  11:55am
" My husbands aunt had her large intestines removed due to diverticulitis and has problems with dumping- be careful of the splash back from the tolit can grt back on you and cause uti's for women and other kinds of bacterial infections. I haven't had surgery (besides my gall bladder) and I've had problems with dumping too. It's like immediately after eating I am in the bathroom. "
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Reply #5 - 03/08/11  1:21pm
" As for the VSL#3, I have used it and it helped me at first but then things kinda went back to not so good, so I'm not really sure how effective it is... I'm actually going to stop taking it this week to see if anything changes, as I'm starting the SCD diet and they recommend against it if you are on the diet.

It's worth a shot! But with a severe case my doc told me if it makes a difference it's going to take awhile. You might get some initial relief but then it'll take many more months for real improvement.

If you do get, look into VSL#3 DS (double strength = prescription strength). My doc didn't even know about it, so I made him write me a prescription for VSL# DS (they must write DS!!!). Then I made sure the pharmacy was getting the prescription strength, as they initially ordered the regular strength, which you can get w/o prescription. Anyway, my insurance covered it so it was $55 bucks for 40 days...way better than what you'll pay for the regular stuff.

Hope that helps!

Here is web page that has the National Drug Code for the DS version, as well as the DIN. "
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Reply #6 - 03/08/11  1:21pm
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Reply #7 - 03/08/11  2:26pm
" Thanks to all you wonderful people who now have made my feel like I am NO LONGER CRAZY! What a releif you have given me. I see my doc next Tuesday and am excited to talk to him about this. Hope is all we have besides eachother. Funny how strangers can get you through the toughest times in ones life...bless you all!!!!! "
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Reply #8 - 03/09/11  9:21am
" VSl #3 is not covered by insurance for me and was too expensive to take as recommended. (3 packets a day!) So I haven't tried it...however I have noticed the dumping too. Especially with strawberries, as you mentioned, also with lettuce. I have UC as well. "
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Reply #9 - 03/09/11  9:17pm
" I've recently been researching VSL#3 to possibly help me with recurrent pouchitis. There are a couple of studies out there that I found - one showed positive results and the other did not show any changes. The studies and my research have indicated that VSL#3 won't heal a flare but can possibly prevent flares. As such, they recommend taking it after a flare or course of antibiotics has squelched the flare. I'm currently having a flare and am on antibiotics. The doc wants to put me on maintenance antibiotics for life so I'm grasping at anything I can get my hands on to prevent that scenario. I'm going to start taking them upon completion of my antibiotics. It's going to be expensive for me though because my insurance does not cover it.

I'll let you know if it prevents flare-ups for me. I think it will take several months to know for sure if it works. "
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Reply #10 - 03/10/11  5:16pm
" Just make sure your insurance company is aware you are asking for VSL#3 DOUBLE STRENGTH. When I asked about VSL#3 they told me it wasn't covered, and I really had to fight to get them to search for VSL#3 DS, which for someone reason didn't show up when they just did a general search. So don't give up until they have denied you for the double strength! It is much, much cheaper and more potent! "

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