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Thickening of the small intestinal wall
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I just got the results back from my CT scan and the nurse told me on the phone I have thickening of the small intestinal wall.They seen inflimation of cousre. I have been in so much pain on my right sidei Can't touch that area or if I move the wrong way and the back pain is unreal. I cant eat and I feel like getting sick all the time. They are setting me up for the video capsule. That took a month for my Ins. to approve. Does anyone know or have this? What can be done for the pain? I really want to get a little better and at least function more. Any help would be great.
Posted on 06/30/11, 07:33 pm
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Reply #1 - 07/01/11  4:05pm
" Sorry to hear about the CT results. It makes me angry a nurse has to tell you the results. That is the doctors job. He should explain what is happening and the options you have to have a better quality of life. I don't know your situation but if a doctor did not call me and discuss the results I would find another GI doctor. Back to your question about the camera pill. I had that test two years ago. There is no pain involved. You swallow the pill then you have to wear a hard drive for 24 hours. The hard drive will record the pictures. You have to ask the doctor if there is enough room in your intestine so the pill will not get stuck and create a intestine blockage. Meaning there is not a small narrowing due to scaring. I don't remember if you have to have a special diet. Good luck on your test and I hope you feel better soon. "
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Reply #2 - 07/05/11  10:59pm
" Try not eating ANY refined sugar products and go way easy on your natural sugar intake (fruits/juices) for awhile and see if that helps. Hope you get to feeling better soon! "
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Reply #3 - 08/09/11  10:08am
" That exactly what i went to the ER for in June when I found out I had CD. I thought it was kidney stones. I went for a CT scan and the dr told me the same thing! Thickening in my small intestants. He said it could be anything from an infection to cancer, and the he admitted me to the hospital. They would give me morphine for the pain, but it wouldn't help. Just make me sick. Finally they gave me a dose of Ketorolac. an anti inflammatory that you can't no more than 3 days at a time because it can't kill your liver. I hope you find something that will help! "

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