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anyone living in nashville tn??
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my daughter is in pharm school and needs a doc. prefer an internist. she has cvid and needs a doc with knowledge.

anyone in the nashville area and can recommend a doc?
Posted on 11/15/10, 08:00 pm
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Reply #1 - 11/19/10  1:07pm
" I live close to Nashville, about 30 minutes away. I would recommend Vanderbilt University Medical Center to start. Can't recommend any internists as I only see a pulmonologist who manages my CVID. That's where all the dr.'s in this area told me 'where I belonged', especially since it is a research hospital. "
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Reply #2 - 11/20/10  12:17pm
" she just needs an internist/general doc to treat her familar with cvid to treat her infections/illnesses. her main care is still done in bham with the hemotogist we both see. she sees him several times a yr when she is home for school breaks. she is a full time student there. she found an eye doc (actually her dad and i found one for her she is really busy first yr pharm school is kicking butt) and i am trying to get a jump on it..i dont want to wait until she is really sick and we have to find a doc up there to treat her. it would be nice to have one in place, we just went through this with the eye doc she called us in a mess her eye was infected and we spent the day on the phone with eye docs trying to find one that knew something about cvid since her recurrent eye infections are related to the cvid. they have been really bad the last yr. since she is not on Ig replacement (trying to hold off until she is finished with school) she is on prof anti bs for now. she will get sick and really needs a doc familar with it. at her under grad school she had a doc that learned enough about it to treat her when she got sick. the doc was great.. mel was her first and only cvid patient and she did try to learn about it. considering she was in a very small town it was quite a relief to find one interested in learning about it, it worked for her to treat mel for infections and her overall care was done by our hemo here. and when she went into the hospital or had to have something done, she came home and it was done here... ie hospital for scarlett fever, tonsils out, wisdom teeth out... she had a very eventful undergrad time...
so i am looking for someone to treat her infections not mange her overall care she is there for the next 4 yrs and will more than likely return here after she finishes school. "
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Reply #3 - 12/02/10  1:20pm
" Sorry for taking so long to reply--been busy. Could her dr. in birmingham not refer her to someone up here to take over her care when she's in Nashville? I would highly recommend Vanderbilt. Plus she's so close to Vandy from Belmont. But you have to have a referral to get in to Vandy as a patient. I wouldn't recommend any general docs in the area as many of them are not familiar with cvid. At least that's my experience. Good luck! "
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Reply #4 - 12/02/10  2:03pm
" thanks i go next thursday will ask then... "
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Reply #5 - 12/08/10  5:10pm
" I have a friend in nashville with CVID. He has talked highly of vanderbilt. Good luck! "
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Reply #6 - 12/08/10  10:39pm
" i go for my infusion tomorrow i will ask our doc to recommend an internist in nashville THANKS "

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