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Memories from Medical induced Coma
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I had a heart attack Oct 6th due to complications the Doctors had to put me in a coma. My parents were told that I had a 30% chance of pulling out of it. Now I sit her and think about what I thought was stuff really happening to me was all like a dream. I had a thought of a nurse washing my hair and putting it up in a long braid on top of my head. I was in the coma then, so I was told. I have had many memories of my experience some I was in a state of sleep and some I have no clue...the scariest was waking up at having a man rubbing my head telling me it was ok, he was stranger to me, or at least I thought. I wanted to scream but couldn't. Later to find out it was my Father.
Posted on 11/10/10, 11:24 pm
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Reply #1 - 09/08/11  5:37am
" I was put in a medically-induced coma for 8 days in May for Ludwig's Angina, which is a form of cellulitis on the bottom of your mouth. My mouth swelled up to the point where I couldn't breathe but they were able to get a tube down my nose into my lungs. Good because they didn't have to cut into me, but the downside was that they had to put me in a medically-induced coma. (I was already unconscious and in ER when all of that was going on.) I was told afterwards that I would remember nothing from those 8 days which seemed to be the case.

My concern has been all of the hallucinations I was experiencing for about a week after coming out of the coma. Some of them were out-and-out crazy and I was eventually able to discard, but some of them seemed so vivid and real that I would have bet money that they actually happened.

While in the coma my muscles got extremely weak- almost like a baby's. And I had a very hard time getting my balance back. I think it was more than just being bedridden in ICU- I think it was also a reaction to all of the drugs they had me sedated with. Once I was conscious again I did as much exercising as I could- like doing the mat exercises from the pulmonary rehab program that I participate in.

Bottom line is that I am still spooked out about being so sure that all of that stuff was happening. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Steve "
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Reply #2 - 02/08/12  9:07am
" I think the reson I can remember so much is because Im a dreamer some would say sphic but belive me it is NO blessing a curse of one of the highest form. So in my years I have leaned howw to remember them in my subconscience. "
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Reply #3 - 02/27/12  12:15pm
" hi, i was in a medically induced coma last january, i still find it hard knowing that i missed 2wks of my life, i had 2 hrs to live, and my husband and parents had to say goodbye to me, i was transferred to a london hospital, and they eventually saved my life, thank god as i have 3 young children. i still have flashbacks and know that i was hallucinating now, but at the time, i was absolutely sure that the things i was seeing when i came round from the coma were true. its a horrible place to be in xxx "
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Reply #4 - 03/02/12  10:03am
" I dont know why I remembered so much or did I really at all. I went to bed I wojke up next morning and everybodywas talking backwards. I felt I was sent to the devide or waiting room in the Bible. It was terrible though there wr=ere 3 places I went oh wait let me go back I called ambul;ance I remember the nurses talking backward for a short while musle smashisms and all. thenI went into a coma to where one place was like a huge computer screen in froont of me It hasd like 6 letters and numnmbers that made no sense. It was cold and a sense of loneliness like I have never felt like the lak of God. The secon place I was on top of a mountain could see whatn looked like all four corners of the worle it was also cold and lonely and last was the white room a room where there were no ceilings or walls but you had the knowing that it was small like a jail cell. And to it was bone chilling cold and lonly so lonely you wanted to die but could not. I had no body I remember klooking down and checking. My parents gave me 3 days the third day they took me to a dark room which I could feel I had been before. And I have indeed was there in my teenage years it was where they put you to die so they could wash the room with hosepipes and leave no oder so to speak but I remember I could smell death or maybe that was me I was smelling they put a blanket over me and for some reson there was a like stem pipe that put out stem in my mid section. Has anywho out there had an experience like this????? Noiw Im am terrifyed of God. I have apolitic nightmares almost every night it was everynight for about 6 months this happened about 8 m onths ago. I was woken up ths morning I watch the shepards chapel with Arniold murray because he is the onlky one that makes sense to me anymore. And I am terribly afraid I am or will or or daming my soul to that place of endless cold and loneliness. And thats not even hell I cant even imagine how bad hell must be. My health is going downhill raparly and my mind also slips out of reality sometimes.I see everything as being alive just in a different stage. We could have been anything and I feel the pain in things that are alive like dogs and suirels and I am afraid for them afraid of the pain they are and will have to go though inn death and am terrifyed of dying now. Thw world has gotton so afr away from God we dont even relize it anymore we could be worshipping the wrong God altogether who would know? That is why I now believe that Arnold Murray of The sheppards chapel gospel on tv is right. it all makes sense to me with him. and the 3world ages and stuff. We are in the second one now. The third will be when God comes down with the seventh vial.seal and triumph to renew and live here on earth with the chosen ones that have passsed the test of life the ones who have chosen the real God over the fake one being the anti cg=hrist. I see even a feeling as being from God and ta bad feeling as being from the devil. And I am terrifyed of what I see aroungd me every day. and grow more terrifyed with each day that gowes by. Can anyone help me? has anyone had these type of feelings? Jim "
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Reply #5 - 10/23/12  6:39am
" my partner has been put in an induced coma after being attacked and a bleed on the brain caused a clot, his family are nxt of kin, i do not get on with them and i am not allowed to see him, its agonising as it would have been to those close to you, i am in bed all day and night in tears and now they have closed his facebook account which i was sending messages to him for if and when he wakes up, can you offer me any advice please x "

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