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I do not like to complain because I have been given a 2nd chance at life, but this is the hardest thing I have ever been through. I just got out of the hospital on Tuesday everything was good blood count up, blood pressure up. Went for follow up with my oncologist and she is going to make my chemo treatments longer instead of 3 1/2 hrs I will be there for 6 hrs and of course they did blood work & 2 hrs later I got the call my white blood count is down. I do not understand what I am doing I was feeling so good. Is this normal and does this prolong my recovery? All I want is to get better and resume my normal life if that is possible.
Posted on 05/18/12, 12:18 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for Colon Cancer. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 05/18/12  3:17pm
" im sorry to here this i send you my prayer n my love stay positive it will get better . i know this feels like a roller coster but you are stronger please know you have friends here that pray n want you better im here for you. "
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Reply #2 - 05/18/12  9:08pm
" "complain" all you want! Cancer is complete anguish. The treatments are hard and here's the place to share your thoughts and tears and we are here for you! May you have comfort. You are in my prayers. "
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Reply #3 - 05/19/12  12:19am
" Like Kate said complain all you want, treatment sucks! We are all here for you, anytime! Keep your chin up it will get better and remember each treatment is one more treatment closer to being done! "
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Reply #4 - 05/19/12  11:20am
" Thank you all so much!! It is here I do not feel like I am the only one going through this, I am so thankful to have found this support from people you do not even know but care so much for each other. You are all TERRIFIC PEOPLE. Thanks again and I pray for each one of you. "
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Reply #5 - 05/19/12  6:21pm
" The whole thing sucks, cancer, chemo, surgery.....complain all you want...its healthy!! don't get discouraged. When I went thru my chemo, every tx was delayed due to low wbc's. I know it can be disheartening but stay positive....each tx is closer to the end of the tx's....thats what kept me sane thru it all. Once I finished my last tx, I skipped thru the halls of the hospital (really I did, everyone looked at me like I was crazy but I didn't Hang in there, its tough but its saving your life!! "
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Reply #6 - 05/21/12  9:21pm
" They skip 1 wk of treatment for a good reason. Blood count is low because of. Chemo side effects, it's nothing you are doing. They want your body healthy for the next treatment, dont rush it and enjoy the time off chemo.( it's what I'm doing this week :) for the same reason. They'll just try again a week later if you are on every other week and your blood count is back to normal. Enjoy your break from chemo. I feel normal already drinking cold drinks and eating ice cream.:) "
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Reply #7 - 05/22/12  5:06am
" Jameelin:

There are many many times the infusion times are made longer for different reasons. Some are side effects, some the patient may experience effects.
I know several people that have had the infusion rate slowed down. Maybe it even has to do with your blood count?

I don't know if you have a port or not, but sometimes they slow it down if the patient does not have one to protect the arm from getting too much of the toxins (chemo) and causing it severe pain.

I am happy you are feeling good, but am sure there is a good reason for slowing the infusion rate down. I don't think it should effect or prolong your recovery, just make your infusion time longer. Of course having to skip treatments because of the blood count will prolong your treatment, unless they feel they should stop it!
I do wish you all the best, but this longer infusion time is not unusual.

We all want to get better and have our normal lives and a you say "If it is possible"

All the best to you.
graci "

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