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I was caught in a lie
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Yesterday, N called to ask if I were home. I told him I would be home in 20 min. Really I was home already but I didn't want him to come over because I didn't want to have sex with him. Well, needless to say he was surprising me by buying a bike I said I wanted for my birthday. He wanted to leave it on my porch for when I arrived home. In process of dropping it off he saw that I was home. The look on his face was so sad for me, because he finally did something outside of his comfort zone and he caught me in a lie.

I feel terrible, because I finally got something that I wanted and he said: you always go over and beyond to do things for other people so I wanted to do something nice for you for a change.

I tried to call him to thank him, and no answer. I called again the next morning and very little response. What should I do?
Posted on 07/11/13, 11:43 am
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Reply #11 - 07/12/13  10:01am
" Did you read your last sentence? REALLY READ IT!
He clearly states he treats you like a crazy person. That's the way he wants it. That is what he is going to do.

The bicycle takes on an entirely different meaning in this light!
Abusers sense when their.victims are backing away and getting tired of being abused. That is when they turn on the charm and do things to real the VI tim back in for more.

An abuser needs a victim!
The abuser is nothing with their victim.
Sizing give their life meaning and fulfillment.
you most likely shared about being surprised and he looked back for something to use as lure. The anger coming from him now is about the plan failing. A real lover would have knocked on the door and written if off as bad timing with nothing more.
It is because he has to rack his brain to find another trick and go thru pretending to get you hooked again that makes him so angry.

He has another victim whom he is grooming now to replace you. They always do. So you are only useful to him until the next one is ready to take over the posistion of crazy person.

Get out now!!!!!
Do what ever it takes but get out. Cut your loses before you end up on the evening news.

You are a. Beautiful human being created by God to bless the world with your special gifts and talents. Stop letting this horses rear end take that away. "
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Reply #12 - 07/12/13  12:17pm
" Emotions have nothing to do with a college education. Please forgive yourself. It's okay. We are all human. "
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Reply #13 - 07/12/13  1:04pm
" He clearly has several other options. I believe now that he had left having sex with me to go have sex with another woman the same day and this is a 56 year old man. I am obsessed over the other women getting the time that I looked forward to. I looked forward to the summer where we would go out on his boat and hang out in his cars and go for drives. All the time, money, energy, emotions, invested and now someone else is going to experience my summer fun.

I don't understand why he bothers to try to win me again and again if he really wants to discard me. I guess the next one is not in position yet. I am sad and lonely and I rolled that damn bike in a closet to never look at it again. Maybe next summer "
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Reply #14 - 07/12/13  1:24pm
" Sell the bike and do something fun for yourself with the money. "

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