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Does Cirrhosis hurt
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I have had two doctors say that cirrhosis does not hurt.I think I know when I am in pain.Anyone else had this happen.
Posted on 08/26/08, 10:23 pm
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Reply #1 - 08/27/08  1:10am
" I think your doctors need head shrinks!!!! Let them live with the pain and increase their knowledge AND COMPASSION!! Some doctors can say the MOST ABSOLUTE STUPID THINGS!!!ARRUGGGGHHH!! The pains you are suffering from are directly from your body's reactions from cirrhosis damage. I don't know WHY they would tell you such a thing!! We are searching for another dr. for hubby now because of his dr.'s poor patient relationship. ie. no answers to important questions,rude behavior,don't give a darn attitude,temper tantrums ect,ect.Lord,guide us to a good doctor!!!God bless the good ones and God, deal with the bad ones!! Gene,you know your body and it's pain. Don't let them jerk you around to think nothing hurts. Millions suffer pain with this illness,and they are not all wrong. But apparently those 2 doctors are. God bless you my friend,my prayers are with you and your Mrs. "
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Reply #2 - 08/27/08  10:04am
" Cirrhosis does hurt, I am watching my husband get addicted to the only pain medication they can supply him that does process through the liver and he HATES to take any medicine. He was a very strong man ( and still is ) but I watch him cry somedays from the pain he is in. You know your body and YOU HAVE TO BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE WITH THESE DR'S. If you have a family member who can go with you to the DR who can "raise some cain" on your behalf you might have more success with training your DR. That is what we had to do and it worked. Good luck and my prayers "
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Reply #3 - 08/27/08  4:22pm
" As someone who had liver disease for over 25 years prior to transplant I can say that cirrhosis can cause many things. I used to suffer from terrible body aches think flu and multiply by 3. the fluid retention eventially can get so bad it becomes extremely uncomfortable. Theloss of muscle and strength makes one very susceptible to hurting your back and pulling muscles. I just spent 10 weeks in the hospital after transplant and believe me Doctors have no idea what they put us through and how difficult, painful and miserable some thingws are and the mor specilized they are the more likely they are to be singularly focused on that specialty and not see the whole person. "
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Reply #4 - 08/28/08  6:55pm
" Maybe the doctors wording was careless. The liver doesn't feel so much pain but when you have cirrhosis of the liver it affects the rest of you because everything goes through the liver to be metabalized. I know I feel pain in most of my body due to cirrhosis. Some pains worse than others and some just starting. What ever the case both doctors where thougthless or not educated enough to be dealing with cirrhosis. Sorry you had to hear two doctors say that. All the posts here are good but seeking hits it on the doctors. Are you seeing a GI? "
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Reply #5 - 09/01/08  8:22pm
" The actual liver has no nerve endings and so cannot feel pain the pain we all suffer is from the surrrounding tissues when the liver swells. It can be the worst experience a man or woman can know. So when they give meds for pain be grateful. I am forunate to have a good doc. "
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Reply #6 - 09/02/08  10:21pm
" I don,t think its the cirrohsis that actually hurts its what goes with it I can,t say I am in pain from any one particular thing you just have to treat each symptom as it arises "
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Reply #7 - 09/02/08  10:26pm
" I,m sorry I hope you don,t think I was being flip with my answer about pain right now yes everything hurts, all the biopsies with no pain medication, bandings, parencetis,so many tubes down my throat and the other end i can,t remember any more, 4 surgeries 2 to go, dental with no anesthetic maybe I have just become numb, and its not just your drs, they don, want to listen they don,t have time and sometimes i just don,t think care as long as they meet protocol. I love the way they give you little pics of 1 to 10 to rate your pain if i had enough strengh i think i would just strangle them but then again they have you restrained and something down your throat. Oh well my venting for the day hang in there kid. "
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Reply #8 - 09/03/08  7:25pm
" thank you for all of your in put. "
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Reply #9 - 11/24/08  10:43am
" Yes it does hurt! I have a burning, stinging sensation and sometimes a cramping feeling around my liver area.. no the actual liver does not hurt, but the membrane surrounding it does hurt and it does feel like pain is in the actual liver. "
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Reply #10 - 11/25/08  3:06am
" My acites can hurt like hell from the fluid retention pushing against the insides. I can't say the endoscopy hurts when I have had it banded they knock you out and give you a amnesia drug and you don't remember anything. My paracentis only hurts when they inject the paind killer on the injection site and what little if they have to move the tube around isn't bad. I feel so relieved that bit of pain is nothing to what the acites does as you get closer to the drainage time. With liver disease one tends to get gal stones so that area where the gall bladder is by the liver gets bad. Then I have muscle wasting due to my liver not processing protien and my legs get week and achy. I could add some more but liver damage does cause lots of pain depending on the area or organ it effects. "

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